World of Warships – Ninja Zao and Sleepy Hindenburg

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Was originally gonna explore an interesting concept in training rooms but a bug derailed my plans. So here’s a Zao and Hindenburg battle.


  1. 2nd!? omg im late sorry!

  2. Southern Pacific Lines

    Considering how much I’ve been playing my Asashio lately, I’m surprised I haven’t ran into you in a battle yet

  3. I got a Julio Cesare in a crate

  4. Well I personally love german cruisers. But i play dd support with hydro so im more aggressive.

    • Huh, I find them too bad stealth and clumsy, and boring, sold my Hinden. I liked Königsberg though. Prefer Minotaur with radar to do DD support, and it’s much more fun and intense.

  5. Chase, you a fan of the Harugumo?

  6. Didn’t do too bad in the supercontainers. ShipJesus did his opening and got a bunch of flags/camos, only 7 days premium in several of his containers and no steel.

  7. There is allmost no end to the havoc one single IJN cruiser can cause if played right. Nice game! 👍

  8. Wait.. I thought Zao was the passive one and hindy is a front line cruiser…

  9. German cruiers borring ? Son – you doing it wrong 😀

  10. Regarding the anniversary shenannigans: Did you notice that they pulled the x-mas move and increased price on everything prior putting it on sale?

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    For me at least, I find that the German and IJN cruiser lines are the most fun of them all, either cause the overall versatility of the KMS and the overall good and smooth gameplay of the IJN The fact that the tier 8 premiums, Atago and Eugen, are great ships and quite similar to the tier Xs, i find that this 2 lines are the safest bet for novice cruiser players

  12. I’ve been stuck on rank 8 for a week now. Does anyone know if I even have a chance for rank 1 anymore?

  13. A Hindenburg without Hydro!?

    • Yup, I get focused really hard if there’s ever a CV in the game. I can live without hydro but if a CV gets a hardon for me, must have DFAA

  14. If you find the Hindenburg boring, you clearly are not playing it right!

  15. I use zao with spotter airplane on, and it chews dds when it’s needed, and BBQ cruisers and bbs. The only ships that I’m scared it’s the moskva and it’s premium sibling, the new t10 jap dd, sometimes yamato as it always pens and to damage, and the t10 CVs. Other than those, zao can troll any cruiser, even the minotaur.

    • Pretty much this, Zao has been real fun lately for me

    • And in terms of fire resistance, I think conqueror has the most resistance of all ships, I always struggle to set him on fire, even if he can regain tons of health back it doesn’t, matter, damage is damage and it ads to the final score.

  16. Radar minotaur has been my go to this ranked season. So far it’s been treating me well. DM and Zao are on my list as my next t10s. Probably Worcester and Hindy next.

  17. In terms of SC’s, ive got crap flags and camo, only worthwhile was 25 dragon flags.

  18. I started with playing in th Zao on rank but due to poor BBs supporting (not following their cruisers) I could not make Zao work. So I changed to Yamato, only then I was able to get a string of wins and get all the way to rank 10.

  19. Talking about not getting shot – immediately get’s shot by EVERYONE… XD
    Man, they REALLY wanted you dead.

  20. Your third attempt at “Worcester” was spot-on – nailed it. Trust me, I live 20 miles from the city the ship is named after and am very familiar with it. The best way I can phonetics it out is,
    wuh-ster, 2 syllables, wuh-ster, not woo-ster, not wor-ster, not worchester, just wuh-ster.

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