World of Warships – No Average Potato

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Today sees the return of Below Average Potato, and this time he’s brought friends.

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  1. Fantastic..a jingles video to ring in my Friday 👍

  2. Been a minute Jingle’s. Ive gotten out of the Marine Corps last year, now im finishing my degree in aerospace engineering. How have you been?

    • Congratulations and thank you for your service. How many years of service? I retired in 2002 .

    • @David Weyant 6, 4 active and 2 reserve. I’m planning on going back as officer once I finish college, should be going to the first half of OCS for the PLC program this coming summer if all goes to plan. Hopefully I’ll end up flying c130s if I do well and they’re available.

    • @Darius Brown I wish you well with your future. I served 24 1/2 years. E1 through E7 and then commissioned to CWO2 and CWO3. Then I promoted to O3E. Retired as a Lieutenant. I served in the U. S. Coast Guard.

    • @David Weyant Rah sir, hope you got that 100% disability claim as well. Never too late to put in a claim if you haven’t yet. 😅🤙

  3. Thanks again for the feature Jingles!! One of my best games as a div ever!

  4. Unicum divs are brutal given the current state of the average playerbase.

    • It is quite sad actually. Looking at belowaverage_potato’s stats, he is certainly not an unicum – he has barely blue stats and 56-57% WR. In divisions however, there’s a force multiplier in action, as such guys have a trace of brain and can easily cover each other and voila – you have ”unicums” in droves and droves ruining the game even further with their never ending packs of three. I mean, I do understand their position – game is very frustrating to play by yourself (I know this because, well, I am a solo unicum player, EU server st_dasa), but it is just like with CVs and subs – by playing in such a way you are making the gaming experience even worse for the REAL average potato out there, as having one of these divs by rule ends in a steamroll. I am really not sure why Jingles features such boring games, maybe the vids he gets are just getting more uneventful and there’s not much to choose from?

    • @Goran Radosevic Yeah if you are a “blunicum” divisioning is super attractive because you can force multiply with other good players and get a winrate boost of 10-15% which is a highly attractive proposition in and of itself. Also fun to play in good company 😉

    • @Equal1zer I do agree with you. it is fun and all, but there’s an elephant in the room we should discuss – skill based matchmaking WG categorically does not want to implement. It is beyond boring to have these divs either at yours or on the opposing side, as the outcome is obvious. I hate the steamrolls in randoms or ranked, they are not fun and are a waste of time. However, from time to time game will pitch on the opposing sides similar divisions such is this one, and THAT should be the norm. Otherwise, I can easily hold my own if against blunicums if (BIG IF) I get the same side spawn as them. However, if the blunicums are pitched against the noob flank, there is literally nothing you can do but watch one side crumble and the enemy flank closing in on you.

  5. Always good fun with Jingles. 21mins is record time, and im glad.

  6. That result is rather impressive.

  7. those 4 guns hit hard and fast. it’s the mike tyson of dd’s.

  8. Nigel DeForrest-Pearce

    Excellent and Outstanding Battle!!!

  9. Looking at the matchmaking and BOY that was not kind. Looking just at the clan and solo ranks, this was not even remotely a fair fight. Wiping out the whole enemy team still is an impressive feat, though.

  10. When you are casually causing 171k damage on a Yamato. Beautiful arms race.

  11. Lol, if they’d just waited a few more seconds before finishing off the Yamato, they could have scored the victory trifecta: friendly team hits 1000 points, enemy team hits 0 points, *and* killing the last enemy ship all at the same time.

  12. A spud _and_ a potato in one team? The enemy team would have loved to make fries out of them. Pity 😅

    edit: O wait, there’s an Irish potato in the friendly team as well 😆

  13. BelowAveragePotato certainly chose violence in that battle.
    “I’m in open water with no cover and 4 enemy ships able to shoot at me… MOAR DAKKA!”

  14. Regarding Kleber being sunk by Shima in a gunfight: one thing I’ve learned as a DD captain, and then also as a Shima captain, is — do not underestimate the Shima’s guns. They may be slow-firing, and Shima may be a _torpedo_ destroyer, but those guns can still wreck your day if used properly. Wrecked many a gun-DD with those bad bois. Shame many Shima drivers actively choose to ignore them.

  15. I’m starting to think this Below Average Potato fellow isn’t actually a below average potato.

  16. Are there still no awards for divisions in WoWS like there are in WoT? Its a crime that there is no recognition (aside from this excellent YouTube presentation, thank you Jingles) for doing that well in a match.

  17. I realized when there were 6 dead enemies, that the division had all the kills at that point, and asked myself “Are they about to get ALL the kills? Is that why Jingles put this one up?” I guess I have been watching for too many years lol

  18. Actually Jingles, with the Haarlem having its air strike consumable thing, it could be argued that there was a hybrid carrier.

  19. 5.8 conceal is pretty good to me.

  20. Lowkey I wanna see the Yamato’s PoV because Spuds had a MONSTER game too

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