World of Warships – No cap, kill all?

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No cap, kill all?, it is amazing how often that statement can bite you in the a$$, but still at the end of the I'd rather have a good fight then crappy win. Sometimes crappy win is all you can get but sometimes I want to take it to the end.

Enjoy have watching 😉

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  1. ahhh yeah , breakfast with Flambass before I go to work … living the dream

    (lol @ the joke about being ugly 1:50 now it all makes sense , all these years 😀 )

  2. I can confirm that Sims indeed has 10.5km torps

  3. So Flambino, why dont we see Flambina play wows…..

  4. “No cap, kill all” – the famous phrase before the group goes onto throw the game….

  5. I wish he would focus his secondarys on cv instead of overpen it with 406mm

  6. Eugen provoking, than running… I would say it’s the way we Germans always do it ;D

  7. What for a nice Video thanks Flambino ?

  8. wonder if wargaming is checking out the Norwegian navy… seeing how we got ALOT off blueprints for ships sienc 1900… but they are all shit (reason they never got built) so would be good ships in this game i guess ^^

  9. My friend and I would regularly go Saipan/Alabama, never get Tier 10 games, win about 4/5ths of the matches:)))))

  10. Do you play T-3 ships, or T-4 ship. try a review on the kongo battle ship please. need help on how to use it. thanks bud

  11. My favorite game mode or as I like to call it the auto-loss mode. 9 out of 10 games my team splits goes into separate corners and watches themselves get capped out.

  12. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    always shot cvs with full salvo flambass 😀

  13. If you’re always handed the camera, just take a selfie and make sure you’re face is really big lol

  14. all respec leander, is best dd tier 8

  15. You think they will ever introduce mine layer/sweepers

  16. Better than ” No kill, cap all” 🙂

  17. Flambass was aiming too far forward on the ranger… Her citadel is in the rear near the funnels

  18. Is IFHE worthwhile on secondary builds? Is Demolition Expert more or less important? I’ve been trying to weigh the options for days and can’t decide. Any advice would be welcome.

  19. Looks like you need a Nomogram crosshair.

  20. Fan from Massachusetts! Thank you for playing our ship!
    My great grandfather helped build that ship! His name was James J Kilroy! You might have heard of the meme, Kilroy was here. That was him!

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