World of Warships – NO Carriers Allowed

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Clan Wars are coming in 0.6.12…but oh wait…CVs aren’t allowed to play. Guess 2017 really is the year of the CV /sarcasm.


  1. Meh games going to die they insist on making there game worse and worse… best way to improve the game is roll back time to open beta and remove all the crap changes they have done and the game will be 100% better over night.

  2. I say Boycott clan wars until CVS are returned to clan wars.

  3. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. This is going to be another cluster fuck since SirFoch and Ichase being booted from community contributor club.

  4. I stopped playing the game, it went to shit. Hope somebody else makes a better version someday…

  5. I still remember in Closed Beta, I was in a game with you. I was in my CV, you were in yours with another person. At the time, CV was my main, and I loved it. Learned a lot about playing the game from watching your CV videos.

    It utterly breaks my heart to see what this game turned into after I have spent so much money on it.

  6. I heard u live in Toronto Ichase, It happens i live in Toronto too It feels like is hooter than summer rightnow which shouldnt be right due to the fact we are in Canada

  7. WG couldn’t make everyone happy if they put all hands on deck to do it. People complained about CV’s in random, they complained about them being used in Ranked when you went above Rank 10. Now you complain they are being excluded from Clan Battles. Then you have iChase who still makes videos about the ships and games, but not as a CC. I don’t know whether to take them seriously or are they an attempt to get back at WG as a vendetta for what they did, which by the way, he was partly responsible for. Seriously, go to your job and demand your employer to fire some people, see how will that goes over for you. Granted, he wasn’t a paid employee but still he represented WG and they allowed him to. And to top that off, WG has to ask you to apologize for what you said about their employees. You can’t complain about CV’s and then when WG decides to not bring them to Clan Battles, you go ape shit crazy, as if they took away your ability to complain that they are in Clan Battles. Deal with it, or play another game. Some of you people are talk about how WG is losing it’s player base, what’s a few more complainers that are gone. Don’t let the door hit you where the Lord split you.

  8. IChaseGaming save your self the agro and dont play wargamming products they could have been the greatest games in their genre but the company decided no its better to make game slowly more and more like casino scams that only cause more and more agro for the player and the community then providing a fun game try cold waters been watching Jingles have fun with that one

  9. Further proving Chase’s statement that someone really really needs to be fired from Wargaming.

  10. Well said Ichase…….WG do not listen to their community at all, even though they say they do! Thier player base is slowly bleeding out, this is the main reason for PvP play being so poor, static and passive. Its like they are on a self-destruct path ……going down.hill fast.

  11. >says CV limit DD torp abilities
    >but every CA, some DDs and maybe the BB taking Hydro doesn’t limit torp abilities

    Seems legit

  12. half decent high tier cv player: “oh you have your AA boat in AA configuration with AA perks and AA boost active? cute!” *proceeds to rape and sink*

  13. Leonardo Ladron de Guevara Diaz

    I need to say something, i been watching your videos quite long time , and i have to say THIS :
    Even tho your style of “always saying what you think” is kinda the reason you have followers, sometimes
    you are way to negative. And i can see the reason why world of warships didnt want to work with you after that video.

    I play all and im not a great or perfect player , but i do play all decently at today date. Have all tier 10 except montana,
    so i feel what you say a slap in the face for those who like carriers and beat their asses to become good at them . In fact im the learning curve on them still at today date.

    But you need to understand something, when you have such a small community which turns into a small profit to keep things rolling and i say this because i know , i own a drone company , 2 restaurants and 1 hotel, YOU CANNOT have everyone happy all the time.

    Sometimes is better to say we sorry , we havent been able to find a way to fix this etc . Than sending everyone out there with an unbalanced match . That eventually will be more fkn catastrophic than taking the other position . And i know you can be saying right now that why keep bringing new stuff and doing other things instead of fixing what is out there already . There is a reason for that : KEEP the game alive. And if you dont own a company you cannot understand what im talking about and i wont explain here … is very long.

    So my suggestion will be, try to see things with different eyes if you doing reviews (putting yourself in players and company shoes) and if you have great ideas to balance something, take a plane go with them learn how to program and do it ,because obviously just telling them will help, but will not fix the things right away because as a company MONEY is always what matters or game IS OVER for everyone and they have priorities.

    I hope you take this opinion as a positive and different perspective and keep doing great reviews !. Sorry for my english is not my natal language,.

  14. iChaseGaming this is going on in world of tanks as well. Wargaming just are not listening anymore and don’t care what players say! I hope war gaming change there way of doing things before most quite and go to a game where there herd and respected, since we the players are what pay for the games!

  15. WG just copied the CV play style from the BATTLESTATION game series (Midway and Pacific) and thats why they do not know how to integrate them better in WOW

  16. Best decision to ban CV’s!

  17. Clarification: Year of the CV – 100% true, they released 3 premium carriers – thats it. Cashgrab confirmed.

  18. I disagree mostly. To take CV’s out was necessary. Yes CV’s are messed up. But your conclusion to ask the best cv-players is wrong. These people are the only ones that never can solve the issue. Why? Actually cv’s are WAAY to strong. I guesss CV=three ships or more. That’s the reason why a better cv dominates the whole game without issues. The good cv-players can control the whole map, can destroy the game of 6 dd’s at the same time, can sink nearly all ships with one strike and so on. WG has to lower the cv strength to all other ships. We need to have: CV=DD=BB=CR. Then a better player can’t mess up the whole game anymore… How? Any cv has only one squad of each type. So not 9 squads that control the whole map, just three. But make these 3 squads more interesting (laying smoke and such things). If WG could make such changes we could have a game with 3 cv’s on each side without messing up. CV’s would get easier to play and most important: They get easier to balance… (I exxagerated here to make a point)

  19. welp, at least we know no one on the team will be eating crayons during the match.

  20. no they are not telling them all their effort is for nothing Ichase chose your words more carefully. good tier 10 cv’s can go play randoms and get a 70 percent win rate do they really need clan battles. Yesterday I was against a 70 percent win rate cv with a div of missouris and we had a 30 percent win rate carrier. well you know how the battle went. it is not fuckiing fair. we had no chance,the battle was over before it even started. we could play that battle 100 times and they would win all 100 of them.

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