World of Warships – No Manual Discussion

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Tiers 4 and 5 will have manual drop removed from aircraft carriers and I wanted to talk about it. I’m also interested in what could do to improve the . I’ve also thought about improving the visual for carriers to see their squadrons attacking. Hope this was interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Carrier Replay


  1. I hate aircrafts 🙂

  2. Having no manual drop for lower tiered carriers is like having no AP for lower tiered battleships.

    P.S. If I wanted to seal club, I can use my Hiryu. Or my Imperator. 😛

  3. i think they should keep the manual drops/straves in t4/5. New players need the opportunity to learn it at low tiers. But maybe they should increase the time it takes for the torps to arm/ decrease the precision buff on dive bombers and reduce the avg dmg on straves. SO it would still be better then auto dropping but not as effective as it is right now. And they bufdf all this from tier to tier so that on t7 or t6 you reach the point where it is right now.

  4. Anyone else think this was going to discuss the fact that there is no instructive in-game manual?

    Just me then! 😀

  5. vs ship tier that dont have AA, i think it fair enuf to take away manual drop at T4-5
    im totally disagree with you

    10:08 WG already said it [ship tier that dont have AA], its you that just cant accept it
    its not ridicules at all

  6. The manual drop change is moronic. Cant wait to have those tier 6/7/8 CV that have no idea how to manual drop on my teams…

  7. to me nikolay is much bigger problem but WG do want they want and pretend that they get that from feedback

  8. CVs aren’t the only clubbers. There are clubbers of every class. Why are they yet again nerfing CVs? Limit the damn captain skills. T6 CV going to rock T5 cv. T7 cruisers are going to own T5 CV. What TF is WGing thinking?

  9. Instead of making CV play miserable for everybody, why don’t they introduce penalties for using experienced captains in lower tier ships, or cap certain captain skills so they won’t apply below certain tiers.

  10. I think that this is going to totally ruin aircraft carriers in NA at these tiers. Not like there were that many to begin with. Hell the only time I actually play a CV is tiers 4-5 because I really don’t want to be bothered to put any XP into a line since carrier play is still shit no matter which tier you’re on. And anybody who thinks that there isn’t enough AA in Tier 5 has never ran up against a Texas in AA config.

  11. I used to love CV play, until WG added the strafe feature. As a casual player who simply wanted to blow things up, I found dealing with the extra stress not something I enjoyed. I think we’ll see more casual and new players trying CV’s post patch, though allowing a tier 5 and a tier 6 into the same match seems irrational and poorly planned. That will be a mess.

  12. GG Wargayming, and oh, I forgot… FU!!!

  13. This sounds like a great way to dissuade anyone from trying (or continuing down) the carrier lines.

    Automatic drops are boring and not fun at all. They’re so limited and ineffectual.

    The real reasons sealclubbing with Tier 4 carriers works is because of three things:
    1) Carriers are brand-new at Tier 4, whereas battleships and destroyers are introduced at Tiers 2 and 3. AA also sucks at Tier 4, so even the ones who know how to deal with it still has trouble with it. This is compounded by the lack of tutorials for players, so they have no fucking clue what carriers are capable of, or what a good carrier player can do versus a bad one.
    2) Carriers getting manual drop raises the skill ceiling in ways that battleships and cruisers don’t have, because shitty gun dispersion means that perfect aim still won’t get you consistent results, whereas they will on carriers. Thus, great carrier players in low tiers can do profoundly well, just like battleship players could if their guns were accurate enough to hit a mountain with all of their shots at 12km.
    3) Captain skills for carriers make such a MASSIVE difference–having one
    more fighter or bomber per squadron is huge for the 3-plane squadrons of
    the Japanese. This is further compounded by the fact that Hoshos get two torpedo and one fighter squadron loadouts, while also having good speed for the ship itself.

    With an addendum:
    1) Dive bombers suck at lower tiers. Guess who is stuck with them, at the expense of torpedo bombers? Americans.
    2) The Bogue has a stupid loadout. First off, it has a 2-fighter-squadron loadout, which screws over the enemy team unless they also have an AS Bogue. But it also has a two-DB and one TB loadout, which screws its own team over unless it has an AS Bogue and the enemy team does not.

  14. With Aslain’s Modpack installer – you can EASILY Enable Training Room! Which you can THEN choose EXACTLY what ships you are facing as bots – and even whether you want said bots ACTIVE or if you just want them to sit still like target dummies! You can put as many as 12 different ships against you alone, or you can add in teammate bots if you really want. I find using it as a testing range tells me a LOT about how to use different armaments!

    I have spent a LOT of time in training rooms with MANY ships – testing out the BEST AMMO for any given angle in any given ship versus any given ship! I have tested Atago, Kutuzov, Molotov, Leningrad, Mahan/Sims, and MANY more! Basically EVERY ship I play at ALL – I have tried out in a training room to find out when it is generally best to use what ammo type against different targets. This has helped me become FAR FAR MORE Efficient and skilled than I USED to be, relative to the amount of actual Random games I have played since doing many many training rounds to figure out how to most effectively use any given armament against what target and when! But then I ALSO have watched many videos from Notser, Flamu, Aeroon and many more in between – and I have also learned A LOT by observing them play as well!

  15. 1:25 , pretry much why they remove manual drop
    Most of the game mechanism change were to please those incompetent

  16. The problem with the manual drops is that it’s completely OP in the good hands (as the first 45sec of your Video confirms).
    Instead of removing it, I would’ve increased the “Commit circle” threefold (bear with me), but keep it as OP as it is now.
    Extending the circle fixes 2 things : Players that “Dances with their planes” until they can finally nail a battleship on the side from 100m out, and gives players more chance to evade said drop. It’s fair game. It also allow to keep it around in low-tier.

    But WG went with sledge-hammer. Since they are SHORTENING the commit circle from Auto-drop, Auto drop just got a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE boost in power (especially with Torpedo acceleration).
    Pretty sure it’s going to be quite good now, but will depend by how much they shorten the commit circle by. That, right here, is the absolute balance factor and can fix many frustrations by the CV class, on both side of the equation.

    My 2 cents.

  17. In my opinion they should nerf aa a little bit but allow player to aim with AA and try to take down planes from a 1st person perspective

  18. They need to get rid of manual drops at low tiers because the only way to survive them was to whittle the squadron down enough via AA that you werent eating a full load, or to pop defensive cool downs. since nobody at that tier HAS the AA to make the first option possible and very few ships have the second option, CV’s just rick roll everything at that tier. Thats why tiers V-VII are INFESTED with CV’s but you hardly see them at VIII and IX. people dont want to have to use skill. they want to rape everyone with as little cost to themselves and feel ‘pro’ about it.

  19. Why WG y u remove manual drop from my zuiho

  20. They should make carrier Gameplay like Navyfield, Problem solved

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