World of Warships- No More Early Access Ships In Random Bundles, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Hey guys! Today we look at what is hopefully the trend going forward with these early access events, and some other news from the patch notes. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. It’s great to see a genuinely good thing from we ge for once hopefully we get more in the future.

  2. A step in the right direction.

  3. Could be a genuine change for the better.
    Could be a temporary reaction to the current clusterfuck.
    Time will tell.

    • Indeed. Many of us are waiting to see if this is a true change in direction, by WG as a company and backed by top management – or simply an alcoholic’s morning-after promise that he’ll never drink again, for the umpteenth time, just to keep his wife from filing divorce papers.

  4. I was fully expecting them to make the t8 still behind a paywall by making you buy the random bundles that guarantee tokens with each bundle to buy her, which I would be ok with as long as there’s no random chance involved, but this is a surprise to me.

    • The tier 8 is behind pay wall according to the update website. You can get the tier 8 camo but not the ship same as with the Dutch cruisers event. Tbh chances are there’s no random bundle ship because there’s no tier 9 carrier.

    • I would never buy a free ship man people made them do it

  5. Interesting decision on weegees part
    If they keep up these positive changes, I MIGHT get Tirpitz B when she’s available again-

  6. I like where this is going, keep it up Wargaming

  7. I’m curious what they will do with Satan crates this year, lol

  8. Time to heal WG…. Thank you for your awesome videos/content

  9. Wargaming has long eroded all the goodwill from their players so what only remains is anger. If you treat your players like spent radioactive fuel bars all you get is toxic waste.

    • They didn’t at all. You either like the game and play it. Or don’t like it and don’t play it. You can go watch a movie or play Tetris for all I care. Do I need to hear whiney toxic neckbeards every other match cry about every aspect of the game? Go do something else.

    • @D Gray I beg to differ. I believe I do have the right to voice my opinion as everyone else. I also think all what I said is true to the last letter even if it is harsh towards Wargaming. Are you their employee by chance?

  10. Personally I never went through the “Random bundle” but I liked to complete mission to get T4 to T7-8 for free (save credits on buying ships and upgrades) and you can even sell some afterward. And later on when fully released you can grind to higher Tier. If some don’t want to go through grinding or missions up to them and good for them (if they have the money to spend and/or don’t have the time to wait/grind).

  11. What I want back is the free flags we got for Achievements.

  12. Bubba the lone Potato

    This is good. When they restore the signal flags for achievements then I will be back towards enjoying the game again. Those rewards were what attracted me to playing better. I switched to warships from tanks because of the rewards. So anyway, the jury is still out but this is a start.

    • The problem was people were solely playing for those rewards, which made certain ships behave differently in the game. Resulting in your loss because this 1 dude lets his ship blow up. Or other just camps behind a rock and farm AA kills. We already have enough players that are clueless, to begin with. Don’t need to add to the fire.

    • @D Gray
      1. You dont just “let” your ship blow up, its really random, it seems to me it happens more if i play destroyers, but theres no real way to farm det flags. You would have to be really stupidly lucky (or unlucky) in order to get them, and why not just play the game normally if the more you get shot at the higher chance you will get det? You can’t get shot during downtime like in the port or in queue

      2. The only people that could possibly be farming aa kills in the current game with good aa are the people less likely to be farming them, because even if they are idiotic, if you wipe out one of their squadrons they probably wont ever attack you again until you are the last one left or threatening them. Think about it – if all your planes get wrecked, would you want to experience it again? Also, CVs, for all their faults, really do help a lot against island camping in the first place.
      (don’t forget, smart cvs can use those islands to their advantage with bombers, because even though radar and hyrdo go through islands bc WG magic, shells and aa do not)

      3. Many of these flags actually require skill. The economic flags come only from things like kraken, high caliber, confed, etc, which, although it can happen to clueless players, they actually have to play the game at a bare minimum, and will only be getting them in most cases if they have skill

      In reality, the main reason why many players are clueless is because they really just want to come home from work, turn on their PC, and shoot at botes, and not tryhard. That is kind of why people play ranked other than the rewards.

  13. We love the potential of the game, the core mechanics of the game. We hate everything around it, CVs, OP ships, Pay to Win flags, terrible grind even with paying for premium time, no matchmaking, BIas to certain tech trees (soviets ahem), RNG lootboxes, predatory marketing strategies, lack of proper balance, subs, weather effects on the map, automated systems like AA and secondaries, …

  14. you are defenitely my favoreite content creator, brings good vibes and not just raging out about anything WG does. Keep up the good work man!

  15. So, first they give the 30% buff to Missouri within 24 hours of announcing it, and now this? It’s a real start. Let’s not relax our vigilance.

  16. Many people (including myself) don’t care about the random bundles for tech line ships. If people are dumb enough to spend money on this game for early access…that’s on them. As far as why I; and many others; want the game to burn…because of blowout matches, unbalanced ships, premium ships being changed (after they created the problem), the ridiculous sniper meta (they created), and the games economy being run into the ground (flags, credits, etc etc). These are the major problems they will not fix and why I’m not spending a penny anymore. If they fixed all that….maybe even just the sniper meta. I would consider. But the last 3 years of ships and changes? Noway

  17. Unlike the German Aircraft Carrier early access (where the tier IV, VI and VIII could drop from a random bundle), Wargaming appears to be using a similar event to the Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier early access event from patch 0.8.1 (2019) where premium bundles dropped a new currency (Florins) and said currency could be used to purchase early access ships in sequential order.

  18. +Battle Boats with Captain Spud
    I take it on a face value, I am not convinced of WG’s ‘turn for the good’, but I have got premium time for well into 2022, so no need to spend money for a while giving me some time on making the decision to keep investing or turning away.
    In the end, I am keenly aware I am not always playing WoWs and having fun at the same time. And if I notice I am wasting time not relaxing or enjoying myself, I have no issue ripping the bandage off completely. It’s just as a toxic relationship… it’s not only about what it could be, but how you are experiencing it in real time. And tbh, I am not convinced WoWS isn’t a bit of a toxic element in my life.
    However, raging about it is a childish way to deal with the fact that other people make other decisions. Being a well behaved adult means you can make decisions on your own, understanding what personally works best for you and make a decision without needing vindication from others that made the same choice.

  19. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Ok so I misinterpreted the article, the tier 4 and 6 will be unlockable via the tokens from the Event and Daily Shipments. The Pobeda will likely need additional tokens from either community tokens or tokens from the Random Bundles. How much? We will have to see when the update is released. I still consider this much better than having the Pobeda be shoved into the Random Bundles. After all this is an early access event and this line will be free to grind once the line fully releases. As always with these early access events, I highly encourage you guys to NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON IT. All these ships will be out for free in 2 more updates. I apologize for my misunderstanding.

    • I think this is rather exception than a rule, because CV lines do have only even tier number ships as you said. This is the exception case, do not throw a bone the very instant they do something. We will only see if they do something once we get next normal tech tree ship line.

    • Hope your correct brother . This is a nice next step

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Want to tell you this, for the Missouri campaign, you need 19,500 doubloons in your account and finished all the campaign before you can redeem the Missouri. Its not free, I’m a player from the Asian server and I just found out as soon as I finished the campaign. Its NOT Free! Please spread the word!

    • i do these more for the permanent camos for the research bureau maybe if i have extra gold but now i have enough that i will be finishing out my prem account which i got new years 1/2off and still got 240+ days left with all the free days they give out . no more money for at least a year

    • dockyards xcluded only payed for the 3 this last one and all 12 for the German dd cause i needed a prem for my fatherland

  20. Remember when a new tech line was introduced and it was just there? No screwing around with early access. It was just there for everyone to start working on the new ships.

  21. Who’s acting tough? Lol. Most people hold the opinion that it’s a great game under a greedy company.

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