World of Warships – No Such Thing As An Easy Win

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“Our victory is in sight!” says the in-game announcer. Don’t believe him. He tells lies. Great big smelly ones.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I haven’t even watched the video but it’s jingles so it must be good.

  2. keep up the great videos jingles 😀

  3. This video has been up for less then 60 seconds and it already has over 150 views

  4. oh right mega zao, for a second i though you said megazord

  5. In a day and age where we have no option whatsoever but to watch 10 minute videos jampacked with ads, i believe all of us can rally behind jingles as a beacon of hope with his amazing content!

  6. The Zao shells are way more than adequate, while they don’t have the same pen angles as the USN shells, they have super high pen and are extremely fast. They are really good for sniping cruiser citadels at range.

    Edit: also the rpf skill doesn’t point directly at the enemy ship. It points towards the map square the enemy ship is in

    Edit edit: I’m pretty sure the Musashi at 8:30 just ate citadels through the bow from the Yamato.

    • You might find some use for Hindenburg AP but its way worse than any other 203 mm or higher caliber cruiser AP at tier 10

    • i used almost only AP with hipper+ and i was very happy with the results, even at long range.
      u cant expect many citadels but the raw AP dmg is more than enough.
      i even got citadels on T8 BBs a 10-12km!

    • Just a heads up iirc RPF doesn’t point to the square. Its a circle around the ship broken up into sectors/sections. (I don’t remember how many degrees) A ship is shown to be in a sector so the further away they are the less accurate it is. Could be within multiple squares for example at range.

      Also thanks for pointing out the Zao stuff I was literally just about to point it out. Though I enjoy people who think Zao AP is just adequate or bad. Means my Zao will eat them when they go broadside at mid range.

    • +Daniel Erb ah right, I remember reading sth like that in the patch notes a long time again, to complicated haha, I always just thought of it as the square. Interesting note tho

    • i did 12k AP d mg on Yamato when it showed a bit too much broadside to my Zao at shorter range

  7. Captain Flambass has signaled a message to Rear Admiral Jingles. — ‘ ALL Potato Guns at the ready’

  8. 1 dislike is 1 salty montana player

  9. 6:45 Jingles takes his memes to a whole new level

    I had to listen three time very very carefully to not get mind blown by what he just said xD
    Altho’ I still feel a bit confused

  10. You forgot the “Kraken Unleashed” animation

  11. The Great Mighty Jingles, please, I beg you, go back to Cold Waters. It is your Destiny to sink all enemy warships.

  12. Actually Jingles, it’s not BB players like that are the only ones complaining about HE spam. It’s all of them. A BB player’s worst nightmare is getting caught in HE spam that they cannot escape, which happens even to the best of BB players. In these cases, you get set on 3 fires, burn the damage control and THE MOMENT it’s done you get another 3 perma fires that will basically burn you down no matter what. Do not attempt to tell me this doesn’t happen because I have seen the average number of fires I get set on in my BBs and that’s around 5 fires per game. On some cases I gotten set on fires 12 times per game. Yeah, that’s fun.

    • wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my insta kill machine has a counter wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • ^ Found the brainless HE spammer. Git gud and use AP

    • Really? You just “pull out” like it’s no big deal and easy to do. Come on man. Once a BB is in range of cruiser He spam you aren’t outrunning it. The only way you survive is if you have good teammates that happen to pull your arse out of the fire. Cruisers are definitely not the hardest to play. BB’s are. Not only do you have to think like a grand champion chess player you also have to aim well and have loads of luck. A cruiser? Just spam walls of HE and your done. Doesn’t even matter if you get deleted because 9 times out of ten you have done 5 to 10 times the fire damage on your opponent before you go down. Cruisers are easy by comparison. It is the one major point that I highly disagree with Jingles about. He seems to equate HE wall spam as a sign of a good player. Me? I think someone who has to think about positioning, how to aim the most to get the highest hit chance while having to load for a good 30 seconds or more between salvos and armour layout. Cruiser doesn’t have to do squat. Just run really fast zigging and zagging while firing a million HE rounds a minute all over the map. Cruisers do from time to time get deleted on a opening salvo from BB’s but the chances of it happening are almost zero. I have only EVER deleted ONE cruiser once with my BB on an opening salvo and I have played this game for quite some time. Which ever way you slice it cruisers do need some small nerf to their HE spam. It is ridiculous as it currently stands. As to managing fires that does nothing. You could have a million heals and repair party consumables and as long as they have long cooldowns like they do you will never out heal a cruisers HE spam. (minus the conqueror of cause). As he said, The moment your repair is off you are instantly set on fire again. INSTANTLY!!!!! You wait for 3 fires, put it out then BAM! On fire again. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Hardly the sign of a good player who relies of unending HE spam. I couldn’t beat them, so I joined them. I’m a cruiser player now and am now having so much more fun and kicking arse. BB’s don’t stand a chance. I burn them down so fast and those big lumbering useless behemoths can’t hit me if their life depended on it. Actually I’m surprised there are still BB players in the game. Nothing but damage spunges.

    • I feel your pain. Same happened to me, CONSTANTLY. Switched to cruiser play. So much better for the stress levels and you will have fun doing it. Cheaper too.

    • ち匚丹尺ㄚ 爪口れち匕モ尺

      Lord Kek found the toDDler

  13. where was the kraken unleashed clip?

  14. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    I have a feeling nowdays there are many players in the game who are truely not just bad, but they play bad to ruin the gameplay of other players.
    Seriously, who can grind up a BB line to T10 and not learn how to counter fire during the process? Maybe a premium noob, who just free xp the line, but still, I saw lot of people, who not premium players, their most played ships are a T9 they have 45% win rate 0.7 KDR and 700 avg xp and they play with their most played T9 ship so damn bad as someone who just started the game and don’t know how to use his T1 ship. These people just ruin the game of their team with no reason. 🙁
    But still, this Zao game is realy good, maybe I learn something from it. At least I know now it’s not stupid idea to use that Radio Location on my Zao too so I will do it as I planned. 😀

    • Last night we had a division in sprint ranked of 2 BBs: they’ve both lost against a 50% HP Kongo… guess what win rate they had: 39% and 42%. Both of them with over 4700 games…

  15. The Yamato probably scored multiple citadels on the Musashi by hitting its weakspot in the bow cheeks

    • it is also MUCH more accurate that Musashi, which could help to explain yamato surviving the encounter

    • Yeah the Yamato 100% just overmatched the bows of the Musashi and smashed his citadel, because that’s what the Yamato does.

    • Jermy Vanauken, That’s what the Yamato does, true, but no very often against the beast GK. GK has 60mm plates which cannot be overmatched. There is still, however, a small chance of overmatching the 32mm nose which you should pray to RNGesus to hit.

    • If you spot lonely underage Musashi, you kiss her on the cheeks.
      (Oh my how lewd!)
      Tirallalla, tirallalla!

  16. Wow, what a match! Well played, Sir!

  17. That Montana does not even run Fire prevention and uses damage control on 1 single fire… Please tell me this was on weekend…

    BTW, the problem with HE spam, is not HE spam, is IFHE being ridiculous now with ships like Worcester and Harugumo. The game evolves and so things have to be reviewed, it is time to nerf IFHE to 120% instead of 130% HE pen (check the numbers). Because right now these small guns, not only set fires non stop, but deal raw damage without any need for aiming for superstructure and makes this skill a must, hence, once again, reduces build variety (and decreases relevance of the different platting levels).

    Also, this whole light cruiser + IFHE meta is another reason for ships like Kutuzov not being available anymore and quite frankly, makes BBs scared from these CLs: if you are in your Yamato trying to tank for your team at a cap and a Worcester appears 12 km to your side, you are doomed, he can melt you before you can even turn the guns, in general players are OK with being defeated, but are not OK with not having any counterplay: if you get citadelled on your BB, you potatoed and gave too much broadside (or at least that used to be before RN BB biassed the whole perception of citadelling BBs), but against high dpm, high pen, high fire per minute HE spam… there is nothing to do (and no, a perfect management of damage control is not enough, 10/15 or 20 secs after using it you’ll get new fires if you actively try to tank, otherwise you have to go back and “snipe”)

    Reducing the HE pen buff in this way, the 30 mm or more threshold becomes useful (High tier BBs + tanky cruisers like Hindenburg) and makes skill and being able to aim relevant rather than holding Mouse 1 and obliterating Montanas with your Worcester… Also, this change would make very relevant IFHE on future 139 mm guns on french destroyer leaders (138.6 actually => 138.6 / 6 * 1.2 > 27.5, hence able to pen 27 mm of platting)

  18. You know, that Edinburgh? I have a little story.

    I woke up on Monday morning, took a shower, grabbed some G Fuel and decided to play a game of World of Warships. Saw my Atago and I was like, sure why not? Fired her up, found out I got to be toptier and made me giggle oh so very devilishly. Epicenter. Charged up East and saw an Edinburgh about to meet me and get behind an island. OOOHOHOH! I thought to myself, GONNA ONE SHOT HIM!

    Loaded the PAKA PAN rounds, went full broadside and waited for him. He came out, FULL BROADSIDE as well and pumped 10 shells into her beautiful sides at 4KM. Shells in the air and like the Musashi in this video… yeah you can already guess.

    All ten of my PAKA PAN shells slammed into her broadside and let me add I was aiming *below* the waterline and I did see a majority of my shells slamdunk into her citadel. But guess what? I didn’t see no DEVASTATING STRIKE on my screen, no wicked explosion or even yet, I didn’t even see her health pool go down to damn near nothing, OHHH NO! I SAW 9 OVERPANS!

    -Then I got eviscerated 40 seconds later by the Edinburgh, Bayern and 2 HE spamming faggots-

    • That’s no surprise whatsoever. I have an Edinburgh which I play almost only in CO-OP (I eat crisps a lot, and therefore my heart’s too weak to play high tier light cruisers). However, I played one PvP in her today (because, like our Most Merciful Overlord here I’m old and crap, and forgot to change the battle type). No premium consumables, no flags, no camo. Yes, I did die, but I took well over 1.5 milion potential damage before that. Edinburghs are like Bovril. Apparently there’s some beef there somewhere, but, since it’s actually mostly water you can’t chew it.

  19. I got 2 questions for you

    1 – 3:25, the Yugumo stay spotted allthough he is behind an island. Now I know that hydro is up, but would the island not block absorb and return the pulses ?

    2 – end game scenario, would it be a good idea to fire the guns just before the spotter plane returns in a 1v1 situation ?
    Say, if you fire and do not get spotted, enemy far away. If you fire, get spotted, plane returns, no longer spotted, enemy still far away. If you fire, get spotted, plane returns, still spotted, so the enemy is near. Ot would it entirely be better not to fire ?


  20. Giddy like a little girl to see my gameplay up! ?

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