World of Warships – No war crimes here, move along move along

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I was looking at X mark the spot…I swear…okey?
Anyway I started playing with Zao recently as I’m sure you’ve noticed and seems like we don’t hate each other any more JEEEEEJ
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Unistalling 2016

    *Geneva Convention has Joined the Chat

  2. Hahaha! I love how you rant on about one of your fav ships Flambass! 😀

  3. yo yo its that was so funny yesterday. gg again

  4. 14:50? Zao/Seattle………. Love your vids and streams Flambass ALWAYS entertaining!!!!!

  5. Richard Hutchings

    That Iowa was your little piggie that you BBQed

  6. Aww Flambass it was just a Mino doing Mino things . . Why You ave to be mad . . . lool loool
    So Glad your Internet is now sorted Flambass .
    I think we were all starting to get FlambaRage with it .
    Big Flambahugs to you and Mrs Citadel .

  7. when someone said “no war crime here, move along”
    it definitely means the opposite

  8. it was actually satisfying watching that mino spam you ;D sweet poetic justice haha


      i dont understand why Flambass would go out there like that. Broad side to whatever would be sitting inside the smokescreen

    • Otto von Bismarck

      Same thought here … he never cries that much when playing Mino himself or while troll-divisioning with his clan-mates …

  9. shooting HE from Zao is already a war crime

  10. ‘He almost ruined my game’ he says and continues to cook the Iowa XD That poor Iowa did nothing that game except run from you Flambass

  11. The same people that complain about HE spammers are the same people that see no problem with 18 inch guns being put into lower tier games where they can overmatch 90% of ships there 😛

  12. You are dirty flambass, burning poor bb down.

  13. Here in Australia our clocks are going back an hour. Which is great for people working during the day, they get to sleep in. Meanwhile I’m working the graveyard shift, which has gone from 9 – 10 hours… not happy.

  14. *Shhhhh! It’s only a warcrime when you are on the losing side.* 😉

  15. Can you play the gallant in your next stream?

  16. The croatian telling me “no warcrimes here” LUL ^^

  17. Flambass how can you play the Zao
    *Meanwhile on my account*
    Almost at the Lion :U

  18. How can you complain about the Mino? You play that ship ALL the time and do the EXACT same thing to other players and laugh about it and make jokes. O.o

  19. notice theirs no CVs in game, play the Zoa with two CVs and you find yourself ready to run in front off a bus.

  20. Stalin is tankiest t10 then maybe hindy
    Seeing azuma games then this I’d rather have zao
    Don’t u need like 20% damage for Confederate
    12:37 should do a character on South park

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