World of Warships – Nobody Expects A Radar Minotaur

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In which we find that most rare and mythical of unicorns – a Minotaur without a smokescreen.

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  1. I’m half expecting this to be Yuro


  2. Sat down with my dinner and this drops. Impeccable timing..

  3. Trenlass viewers surprised that you can play Mino with something different than radar.

  4. Our chief weapon is Radar, Radar and a citadel…Our top two weapons are radar and a citadel, radar and a citadel and torpedoes…Our top _three_ weapons are Radar, a citadel, torpedoes and…

  5. It’s chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and great rate of fire. Oh bugger, we need to start over!

  6. Wow, just WOW! And definitely a +100 for the Monty Python Refs!!!

  7. Alright. Now that I’ve finished watching the video.
    Good night from Canada Jingles!

  8. @watercannonscollaboration2281

    4:18 as Yuro would say, early game adrenaline rush

  9. The minotaur is just made of citadels, it’s my favourite cruiser to shoot at in any BB

  10. As radar Mino is my go to ship for fun, this warms my heart.

  11. Yeah I would be lying if I said I haven’t been got caught with my ass flapping in the wind a couple times by a radar mino. That is always a hell of a surprise. I always make sure I’ve seen him smoke up before I get too wild now

  12. Ah yes. The “you either die a noob or live long enough to be called a cheater” game. 🙂

    • @locomotiveAlex1996

      Genuine WOWS proverb right their XD

    • And so easily could have died a noob in this game… lucky for the paid actors in red.

    • That is when you say “Yes, I admit I am cheating… I am using the infinite money cheat during this battle” or “Infinite ammo cheat” 😀

    • @beastgaminghd7575

      I feel like the skill lvl of players has dropped significantly over the past couple of years, maybe they’ve succeeded in bringing in new players. I hadn’t played for over 3 months, logged in the other day, proceded to have a 6hr win session, in ranked, t6, without even one game coming even close, to being a loss. I myself have gotten rather rusty, over these 3 months, and didn’t even play that well, occasionally I’d be top scoring, but mostly middle of the pack. Idk, I’ve got a feeling, skill lvl has dropped.

    • @@beastgaminghd7575 Most good people quit, so the dregs and whales are left, that’s basically it.

  13. @brettreformation3526

    “And now for something completely different…” Thanks Jingles, entertaining as always

  14. @mustrumridcully3853

    The Brisbane doesnt get a choice, no smoke to swap out, just radar. You learn to duck regularly.

    • …or have a terrible win rate, like me 🙁

    • It’s a very tricky ship to learn. You need to be able to control your engagements and be prepared to lose 1/2 your health in one shot. Use Islands, kitting away and your throttle/rudder to dodge.
      Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually very fun!

  15. @TheFamilyWoodworker

    I feel sad for those who didn’t grow up with Monty Python, or who don’t watch your videos. Well done. Carry on.

  16. For a DD player, radar Minotaur is like natural disaster: 1% chance for it to happen, absolutely devastating when it does. It was the type of risk that insurance usually cover, and if there’s any out there I’m gonna buy it.

  17. If you’re a DD, always ask your friendly Mino if he’s radar or smoke and work with him. It’s a match made in hell if you do it right. I always appreciate the smoke in trade for radar and anti DD services.

    • Same goes for Brisbane… we Brisvegans really appreciate a smokescreen share, and you know you’ll get radar and a bunch of HE support for it.

    • You don’t even need to ask anymore, if you hover your mouse of an ally in the scoreboard it’ll show you the consumables they’re currently using (for enemies it shows all possible options & best stats, but for allies it shows current setup).

  18. I’d call that mino game “the luckiest mino in history to not get bitch slapped by all those BBs”. Any of us who played that recklessly would’ve been smoked within the first 5 mins. With that said it was an immense pleasure to watch!

  19. Hey there, The_Cool_Kids20 here. One fact about my division mate Wolf in this battle: he got 10 achievements as well. He got the same achievements as me, except he earned a High Caliber and AA Defense Expert in place of my Kraken and Double Strike. Props to him, he’s a beast in Montana.

    Lovely as always to be featured here old man, last time was Game of Throws: Season 2 Episode 3! Thankfully this game didn’t get places into that playlist.

    Much love from the USA.

  20. The “sweaty tryhard” insult has always made me laugh. The best part is that I have only ever been called such while roflstomping, leaning back, fully relaxed and joking about how easy the game is 😛
    _No one ever acknowledges when I’m actually trying-hard and breaking my back trying to carry. Feelsbadman_

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