World of Warships- Noob Admiral

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  1. destroyers on the us use guns and smoke the front of bbs and carriers. Bbs
    support anything but at a range. carriers use fighters first then the
    bombers. Crushers stick with bbs and carriers for aa support. destroyers
    use high speed attacks on ships.

  2. give it a chance. you can have some really fun times in this game. my
    advice. watch some videos on how it class of ships is used. the destroyers
    are the most fun.

  3. how can we get all thise ships.

  4. how can we get all those ships.

  5. wow devildog u stink

  6. Please MORE!!!!!!

  7. Well, it is always good to get tips when you are a noob, ask around for
    people like Phly, he is good… I think… Anyway, when using torpedoes you
    only tend to use close spread for less than 3 kilos, any further than 5 you
    need the wider spread unless it is a battleship or carrier because they
    don’t move fast enough to get out of the way. Anyway, I still loved the
    vid, keep them coming!

  8. I’ll still watch the shit out of this game even if you didn’t know how to
    move devil.

  9. mine kaz… I play the American DD line and I still lost a small percentage
    of my soul…

  10. Mee-nay-Ka-zay

  11. Lvcian “TheGuardians” Guardian

    nah not your game DDG

  12. u wernt bad devil

  13. ITS A TRAP!!!!!

  14. 6:10 dat torp launch doh XD

    max range 7km, target range 8.7km and heading away from you. if you want
    one easily rectifiable mistake, learn your weapon ranges. can’t tell you
    how many times i’ve seen wallet warriors launch torps waaaaaaay the fuck
    outta range only to hit friendlies.

  15. noob lol gg

  16. i’d like to see you kick ass bro

  17. you did good ddg!

  18. Grind like the rest of us, only then will you have skill.

  19. Mine Kaz?

  20. warships is most definitely a skill learned game!! if you stop trying to
    hide and no gut no glory the battles it is easier to learn how to control
    the ships into different firing solutions, and tactics. I will caution….
    it is best to start with the cruisers since they have good armor and good
    fire power, and at tier 4 they have torps as well.

  21. It’s alright man. There’s always a game we aren’t good at. It’s all about
    having fun.

  22. More?

  23. u can learn from ply daily

  24. Troy Stucenski (KnightLando)

    Only one word: More.

  25. Steel Ocean is better.

  26. playing this game is a flash back to bootcamp, “battle stations,arm your
    battle stations”

  27. AGAIN pls

  28. 2:15 “Alright, taking out the MINE KAZ…”

    And all the weeaboos cringe at the pronunciation.

    … myself included. :|

  29. Well… at least now we know why you didn’t join the Navy…

  30. You need to keep playing this gamne if you want to be good you cant just
    stop and then start playing again and expect to be good sorry devildog

  31. YES????!!!

  32. you should play world of tanks blitz

  33. you should play world of tanks blitz

  34. Now I don’t feel so bad about being horrible at World of Warships

  35. I stopped playing WoWS a while ago. I was really good at the game, it’s
    just that I got very bored of it. That, and the bugs that WG is too lazy to

  36. every time i watch his videos I get a Chili’s commercial

  37. every time i watch his videos I get a Chili’s commercial

  38. More more more more more!!

  39. I had a Langley during the beta. After the beta I lost all of my ships.

  40. play with baron and slick. they can help you out

  41. Devil I wanted you to play this for so long :)

  42. I am surprised they included Russia, but not the British navy.

  43. That moment when a developer uses you to show off that their game is not
    pay2win by giving you all unlocks showing how you still don’t win xD

  44. DDs aren’t fun, just stick with cruisers. IJN are better as the tiers go
    up, US stops being fun at tier 6.

  45. lol You gone with a jap DD right in front of an Atlanta ! You are lucky to
    have survived !

  46. Z for weapon cam, so you can watch torps

  47. MORE!!!!

  48. If the speed boost icon is green it means you still have the boost. And no
    it can’t be turned off. Also as a DD your job really is scouting as you
    have the speed. scout find them and your allies will be able to plan their

  49. ok first off that little exclamation point means they can see you. if you
    have the perk on your captain, which you did that exclamation point comes
    up, so all you need to do is read your ships concealment range for surface
    and air visibility. Second thing you need to learn is your toep range, you
    fired off vollies of torps that were way out of range with no chance of
    hitting. if you look at your minimap you can see the range of your
    torps/guns, whichever is selected, and you can get a good idea if they will
    hit if the enemy ship is within the circle.

  50. If you press alt you see the time it will take for your shots to get to
    where you are aiming. If it’s 5 seconds, aim 5 lines in front of it. Use
    the vertical lines on the horizontal line when (which you should aim at the
    waterline of enemy ships).

  51. Go play tier 1,2 and 3 so you can learn how to play the game and the roles
    of different ships

  52. you arent wrong about the micro managing but what i found helps is just
    sticking to each class of ships strengths like DDs are good Hit and Run NO
    Continued Engaemanets Cruisers a more support standoff/escort BBs Long Guns
    dont get in among islands and CVs well self explanatory lol. Those are
    basic rules i go off with playing this game and they tend to work

  53. Hard to be terrible/good at a game when *so much* relies on RNG. When I was
    broadside to an identical battleship and saw how we were doing the same
    things, but it was all luck as to what got damaged and what didn’t, I
    called it quits by Tier VI. There is very, VERY little skill involved in
    this game.

  54. why does devildog call himself devildog. devildog doesnt need to refer to
    himself in the third person…. its really anoying

  55. you forgot the British and Polish

  56. you forgot the British and the Polish

  57. you forgot the British and the Polish

  58. Stick with the tanks

  59. I thought Jingles was terrible at pronouncing ship’s names XD Watch some of
    Phly’s vids and you should get better at this game :)

  60. Neil Crandall (DJRaVeS)

    if you need a cv i am just as bad so we will work great together

  61. You probably already know this but if you press “ctrl” then move your mouse
    over the AP/HE and torpedoes at the bottom then it tells you the range so
    you don’t waste torpedoes

  62. Daniel O'Hara (Dannyboy2060)

    Very nice devil, gj getting a PA (also just saying the minekaze is
    pronounce mini-kaze (as in kamikaze)) hope to be saying more :D

  63. Anthony Beaver (BADKARMA)

    sorry for all the copy posts I deleted them my phone was,not posting in

  64. Min-E-Kah-Zee, btw. I’d like to see more. Maybe you could do a “Devil
    Learns to Play…” series, lol.

  65. Tbh you’re not bad, bit more practice and I think you’ll get there.. I’ve
    seen worse. :D

  66. Learn some tricks from your friend baronvongamez

  67. I thought you were done with this game.

  68. Need to look at your range a bit more man….

  69. whattttt all navire why?????

  70. Squad up with Baron, Phly and Slick.

  71. PVE matches will help you learn your ship capabilities before jumping into
    PvP matches.

  72. great vid but you get a press account, unlock all the most badass
    battleships from every nation…and you play some dinky looking Japanese
    torpedo boat.

  73. I used to be good at the game until I realized I was playing with bots

  74. I’ve played one match in Warships, and had the same thoughts as you. Well
    done to Wargaming on its development. However, I’m more of a Dayz player.
    GG on the vid Devil, and Semper Fi.

  75. Devil is bad at ship commitment

  76. I seriously just want to be good at this game not even a press acount can
    help :(

  77. love your vids man keep up the good work

  78. love your vids man keep up the good work

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