World of Warships – Normandie First Impression

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Checking out the Normandie, 12 gun French Battleship that feels very similar to the Lyon’s layout. I’m bottom tier and just try to exploit enemies who vulnerable. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI French Battleship Normandie Replay


  1. Frist

  2. Spoiler alert I died first. ? Having a YouTubed in a match really doesn’t help with concentration.

  3. Bjørn Thorvaldsen

    Almost first

  4. american and french battleships is fun to play

  5. Entire line seems amazing VS DD and CA…..just what game needs IMO…..

    • I’m really hoping both of you are being really sarcastic lol.

    • Dunno Hunter but I was really sarcastic.
      IMO we don’t need more power BBs VS CAs, maybe we need weaker BBs VS CAs
      And leave alone imbaracing AP full pens on DDs. BS !!

    • Follow Rita Vrataski’s advice: Keep your eyes open.

    • +Hunter McNeer
      Oh all the lazor BB guns at high tier you say? Well…
      Mebe just salty that high tier CA’s actually get armour that can deal with BB shellfire, and that unicum CA’s don’t get nuked by camping BB’s at the start of games.

    • +Krikkio1982
      I feel that if they add Lyon in, they’ll have to make her susceptible to 203mm and/ (or even) 155mm AP, but that may be a bit too far. There’s not much CA’s can do to counter Lyon, just saying. Or, alternatively up armouring CA’s like the T10’s are, as most CA players have to learn how to utilise their new- found armour once they get there, and I dislike how it is only T10 CA’s that get this armour. However, if they do up armour the T7’s, Scharnhorst would be very ineffective against CA’s.

      IMO, full AP pens are BS for DD’s, but I feel like they should keep them for Khabarovsk though, because there’s got to be that weakness against those 50mm plates.

  6. I can’t figure for the life of me why they didn’t put the Strasbourg at tier VI, the sistership of the Dunkerque, like what they did with gneisenau and scharnhorst.

    • Because some premium warships are not meant to be powerful. But they are meant to be playable and for those who really want to. also dunkerque can be enhanced bycommander skills, camos, flags, and upgrades.

    • i know that, but Strasbourg won’t have been that much stronger than Dunkerque, she just would have more armor (283 mm sides, 115 to 125 mm deck, 360 mm turrets).
      It would have made her a bit more capable to tank certain shells and thus less frustrating.

    • Okay i just make a research on google and it make sense now. Dunkerque class BB main turret are horrible
      in her tier it’s only 2×4 330 mm. while normandie has 3×4 340mm. That’s why WG didn’t implement strasbourg. Also she’s not popular in world war.

    • That’s why Strasbourg should have been the premium instead of Dunkerque

    • Just because of armors.

  7. ハンセンウェスリー

    I detest the french but their bbs look fun to play :/ …im so conflicted…

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    French Penetration is something to not joke about… France’s 431mm guns – has better penetration than Yamato’s at all except long ranges… 
    The French seem to love 340s and 380s at short 45 calibers long… But the shells leave the barrel at very high velocities as opposed to British and American 45cal standardS. Secondly the shells are very VERY heavy – and have a high weight to caliber ratio – like Super Heavy USN shells. 

    Despite the Germans that carry longer barrelled 38cm guns at 52 calibers, they have very light shells, that also travel at high railgun flat arc velocities… But the Light Shells result in much lower penetrations compared to French 38cm 45cal guns. 

    Lastly British AP penetration – is comparable to USN… THE only thing that makes British AP shells to seem to have poor penetration, is their National Gimmick. All shells fired from British ships have fast-arming shells. Most shells arm at 0.033s – but all British Shells arm at 0.016s.

    Fast arming shells – are effective against lightly armoured ships – as they are less likely to overpen.
    But against large heavily armoured targets,  – the shells detonate early before they can reach the citadel – or before even penetrating the main belt – and you will likely see “shatters” even at point blank targets…

    • Next time you’re in a British BB treat all other BBs like a German BB and fire at or just below the deck with AP and then please come back and tell me you have shatters and they aren’t very good.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well of course that works too… Aiming below deck – has thinner armour – plus its less likely to ovepen due to the fast arming shells, meaning massive dmg…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      The 450-millimeter French cannon they tested in the 1920s proved to be superior to all other built naval rifles other than those of the Yamato class in terms of pure penetration at all distances and had almost the same AP shell weight that the AP shell of the Yamato class… In other words, that French AP shell of 450 millimeters laughs at all the other known naval guns that are NOT those of the Yamato class … 457 millimeter Anglo-American rifles ??? The 17.7 inch French AP laugh at that in terms of pentracion at all distances Penetrate ammor plates of 520 millimeters to only 10 kilometers, only the Yamato does that better and the fictional cannon of 431 millimeters only dreams of doing that sadly….

  9. Oh wow can’t wait 🙂

  10. Does it come with Commander Shepard?

  11. How could tell the torps in video were deep water torps as opposed to regular?

  12. “In two years when CVs resurge” damn, i didnt remember notser to be that much of a jokester xD

  13. t6 worst bb well to me is queen elizabeth

    ship is slow, turret is yamato level slow and one of the worst dispersion ever

    • Armor is Shit

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      well the dispersion is easily the best, and still good even though i use the turret traverse mod to compensate it’s slowness, reload loss isn’t a big deal since 30 sec compared to 31.5 sec is nothing when you can’t aim your guns in time (with the traverse mod the rotation speed is on par with the new mex and arizona so not bad at all), and since it’s armor is quite bad you have to angle back as soon as possible. 80k avg dmg and 61% winrate to see i’m not an idiot 😀 Also 23.5 kts speed is not bad either it’s basically fuso level, and much better than the garbage 21 of NM and Ari………oh i forgot only use AP, don’t even touch that garbage HE

    • Ofc, it’s a worse Warspite. It is the nightmare of the British BB line. I’m stuck there too, almost lost the will to grind that line, will probably do the double when I get to play and in half a year I’ll get over it.
      I’d venture to say it is worse than the Colorado.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      nighmare? really? it’s the only ship in the line which is not a braindead HE spammer….It has the best guns out of any t6 ship, but since it’s armor is weak you have play it carefully, that’s all…I really don’t get it how people can say that it’s bad, and worse than the colorado? xD i can’t even comment on that #lul

    • Tamás Kerecsényi you can lul all day long. I’m glad you enjoy it, I don’t, that’s how people are, they like different things.
      What I don’t like is the speed (at this tier, with so much grind ahead, another line with a slow ass bb), the crap AA, the HE damage it takes and the fires, and the awful turret traverse.
      Yes, good AP. Yes, nice dispersion (when rng doesn’t make fun of you), yes, you can somewhat angle it. I still hate it tho. I guess I’m tired of the same recipe for each line/nation. I also hated the Colo, but at least it bounced more and it had the AA going for it. No ifhe or magical firestarter abilities back then either. Different times.

  14. When “shoot the new ship and Notser” element is mitigated by the “I’ll be seen on YouTube and be famous!” suicide factor

  15. i dont get how this old, fat dreadnought can be such fast. it is as old design and it has same dimensions as new mexico. what miraculous technology unknown to americans did french possessed? it just looks wrong – literally same thing as to let her sail sideways

    • General Cartman Lee

      WG released an article about how they created the French BBs. There they explain what changes they made to the original design.
      The Normandie received the bow of the aircraft carrier Béarn (which was started as a Normandie class BB but was converted to a CV in the 20s) and they extended the hull and put the engine of the Dunkerque into the ship.
      The problem with the US BBs is that they still existed in WW2 so they were modernized. But the US never made drastic changes to the ships like Italy did (just compare the WW2 Giulio Cesare to the WW1 ship).
      WG could change the US BBs but then people would complain about them not being historically accurate.
      But with ships that were never finished, never built (Lyon) or not existed anymre (Bayern) they can easily creat “what if” versions for balancing reasons.

    • i realize that this isnt normandie’s 1912 design, but even refitted, ship hull’s have a limit of what speed you can get from certain shape. good that you mentioned giulio cesare because that ship has literally exact same dimensions as normandie and italians were able to squeeze from them only 27 knots and as you said they rebuilt them from top to the bottom…i just cant believe that normandie would be able to go over 30 knots with any refit possible with 1930’s technology (but even today)

    • General Cartman Lee

      I’m no expert but I assume even if the shape is a bit thicker with enough engine power you can gain speed. And WG increased the length of the Normandie.
      The Normandie in game goes 29.5 knots with 112000 HP, the Giulio Cesare 27 knots with only 75000 HP.
      Maybe compared to the Dunkerque the Normandie is a bit too fast.
      On the other hand, the H39 design (Friedrich) should have been as fast as the Tirpitz with about the same engine power. So even in reality some calculations were very optimistic.

    • cesare’s bow was also lengthen. and that horspower is also puzzling. how can you fit so much more hp into normandie and not into cesare? italians even removed middle turret of cesare to fit there the new machinery…and indeed, normandie shouldnt be as fast as dunkerque. not just from realistic point of view, but also from a game point of view. now dunkerque is straight up worse… i would be ok if wg would reduce normandie’s speed at least by 2 knots.

    • General Cartman Lee

      WG explained that they lengthened the whole hull of the Normandie to fit the engines of the Dunkerque.
      The plans of the Lyon (and other ships like the original Giulio Cesare layout) show that it is possible to split the boiler rooms and turbine rooms to fit turrets between them.
      The problem with the Giulio Cesare is that she has 4 turrets, this takes up more space than the 3 turrets on the Normandie.
      Apart from the question if this WG modernization is realistic I doubt that making the Normandie 2 knots slower would make a big difference. OK, then you could ask why not make her a bit slower if it does not make a big difference. 😉

  16. “If you play the french bow on, your missing the point,” good pun there notser 🙂

  17. I honestly find it interesting that one of the Perks for French BB’s is the Turret traverse. I would think they they move slower with having more guns and i think more armor. I still wish we got the Cruiser Speed Boost.

  18. Compared to the early USN BBs, the balance is probably going to depend on the armor differences. The USN BBs aren’t impregnable, but, angled properly, they do have enough armor to handle front-line fights, meaning they don’t especially need to worry about keeping-up with cruisers. Their speed is only really an issue when either the point that they commit to turns out to only ave a small few enemies there or the chosen point has been won, but the friendly team has more-or-less buckled everywhere else.

    I don’t know about the current build, but I’ve previously been given the impression that French BBs tend to have weaker armor and likely can’t be relied on as much to fight things out up-front. As for the tier six, the smaller caliber will mean it has a lighter broadside than the New Mexico or Fuso, although it looks substantially more accurate. However, I don’t think it’s going to be able to overthrow the Fuso’s DPM, nor will its guns be able to compete with the New Mexico in terms of penetration, and these should easily compensate for the difference in mobility.

  19. “I like this area with the islands” you don’t say..!
    *What is it* with you and islands man? The start of this game looks like a game of pinball!

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