World of Warships – Normandie – Magnifique

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The Normandie is probably one of the best T6 BBs for random battles in World of Warships right now. An excellent combination of speed, armour and firepower makes her one scary ship. Just be sure not to meet a CV on a mission to focus you 😛


  1. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    so many people complaining about BB AP hitting their DD, yet I keep seeing people in their DDs getting way to damn close to a ship with several times their armament. And again WG is gonna cater to this issue instead of getting people to play smarter. *rolls eyes*

    • Why be a “anything” main. Just play all the ships bro.

    • I do play all the ships. I just said that because the second you disagree with something concerning DDs everyone’s quick to call you a BBaby. Me saying I’m becoming a DD main just means as time goes by it’s my favorite type.

    • but then when they try to keep their distance to those big guys and make use of long range armament people complain about either them being selfish/not doing their job, or about those logn range armanent being “too OP”….

      bottomline people will always complain about *something*

    • General Cartman Lee

      Anyone remembers the 90K torpedo damage in one battle mission?
      There were people trying to do that mission that had more than 300 Shimakaze battles and their top score was not 90K damage in one battle. Do they think they will suddenly achieve something they did not in the last 300 battles?

    • Rick B umm BB’s are by far the easiest class to play in the game and you can’t just “become a DD main” you have to learn a completely different play style or you’ll end up hurting your team

  2. French BBs, especially T6/7 = powercreep.
    Especially the T7 is OP in my eyes.

    • I’d still say it’s the weakest of the t7 BBS, and would pick any of the others in a 1v1.

      Extra guns just mean people get extra rolls in the citadel a t5/6 cruiser lottery. A few Dev strikes on Omaha’s and people think it wrecks but is easier to play around than the other t7s that can overmatch. It’s just another addition to the death to cruisers meta.

      Cannot wait to never have to play Lyon again but I want to try Alsace.

    • the weakest of T7 BBs… stopped reading there, sorry mate.
      i bet your stats are as weak as your excuse.

    • 55-65% win rate depending on the ship line. Around +50% damage over average numbers on every ship I play. WTR 1200-1600 depending on the ship.

      But take the server numbers if you’d rather, even with it being a new ship it’s still only 3rd in damage and holding same win rate as scharnhorst. As what happens with every ship line the numbers will drop as more players get into the line.

      Have fun with your 340mm guns, crappy armour and handling.

    • yet you havent told me your ingame name, to check your stats…

  3. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    agreed, iChase. I really like the normadie. Very fast, very fun. Inconsistent guns, but when they do find the cruiser citadel…BOOM

  4. Great result, I only have the tier 3 French BB currently, but have had some amazing games already, think they will suit my play style.

  5. iChase confirmed likes to lewd smol loli DD before everything else

    Jaillllllllllll XD

  6. Get better flu is real bad this year

  7. If you run aground, would that be a “Normandy landing”?

    I’ll see myself out.

  8. One point adding on the “NOPE, I’m running away” situation
    You need SPEED for that and make sure your ship is at full speed before commencing a retreat turn, and BB needs time to build up speed. I hate people just keep their ship at 1/4 and be a floating target and just lock dead there because they cannot get enough speed to bail out. Even when i am playing my Musashi I would always stay above 3/4, you can wiggle left and right to bleed speed but you need to keep your engine warm all time.

    • Warner Moczulski

      Yeah, i tend to do the opposite, at T8/9 unless I’m German I get stupid and stop dead (I’m always in T10 matches :/) but at T6, my favourite tier with NM/Arizona, Bayern if they they don’t have more than 2-3 ships I will go in and fight closing range to less than 10km and start firing all guns.

  9. my luck with this bb is so terrible, i couldnt hit anything with its guns and everything did tons of damage to me even while angled

    • lyon is amazing

    • Also – you get uptiered a lot. Against tier 8 it’s goodnight Vienna.

    • There really couldn’t be a better description of this ship. Most the time I can’t hit anything, and alot of the time I’ve hit broadside targets and only get 950 damage

    • there are match i couldnt land any shell to a target 10KM away showing full broadside, then another match i could citadel a nagato 15km away

      ship like normandie need alot of luck

    • My first few games were quite alright, but it’s not a consistent ship. I’d take Fuso over Normandie any day. The mobility is quite nice, but it doesn’t make up for its low survivability ihmo.

  10. Now do that in tier 8…

  11. Nice video ^^ and very good game 😮
    but just a little mistake in the title:
    “World of Warships – Normandie – Très Magnifique” must be “World of Warships – Normandie – Magnifique” Magnifique is already a superlative so you say “magnifique” or “excellent”

    just a little comment from France 😉

    See you next video !

    • Ahah no problem !
      Ask me on discord (on your server & same login) for French title 😉

    • Well I liked “très magnifique” because a lot of English speaking persons say that when speaking French. It was very “glamour” 😀 I find this cute ^^

    • AllSkillNoLuck you would say très bien, right? I am currently learning French!

    • GarrettGSF “très bien” is correct, it means “very well”.

    • yep you can say that too ^^
      in french we have many possibilities to say something (like english) and “magnifique” is maybe more for an object/person and “très bien” is more for an act, something you do.

      C’est très bien d’apprendre le français -> this is very good to learn french
      Cette personne est magnifique -> this person is so beautiful

  12. You get up after 12 hours in bed. brew cup of tea. now I’m exhausted again. Time to go back to bed for another 12 hours. Yup, sounds like flu to me. Get better soon, iChase.

  13. Your DD on your team could have capped A ages ago. He was not a good player.

  14. Warner Moczulski

    Yeah I need to turn around more, I generally don’t stop dead, however I notice I do it more at T8+. What I normally do at T6 and this is my preferred play style and Tier, I just go screw it, sail head on and blast as many ships as possible, it oddly works.

    Now I will modulate speed between full and 1/2 while turning my ship like you did in the video basically treating my BBs like Big F*** Off Cruisers with my maneuvers. I hate the sit at 15km sail at 1/2 speed firing. I wanna be 6-10km away full speed fire full broadsides and turn away, its more fun and way more enagaging because then secondaries are going and I love watching secondaries fire off in battle, way more guns, way more exciting and you actually feel powerful trow in some AA, now we are in a war. I should play a 17/18th century sailing ship game, with pirates, Man O’War and Galleons; ships of the line type.

    Especially with NM/Arizona Bayern, Warspite, Nikolai sometimes even Scharn, Bismarck and Gneis. Probably my favourite ships in the game, also really like the Kongo

  15. I once shot at a Mogami 12 km away with this thing. 10 hits out of 12 shells. 10 overpens…
    This thing does too many overpens for it’s caliber.

  16. it’s kinda weird having a new BB line that don’t have virtually immune citadels

  17. Ichase i have a question why didn’t ship try to angle a bit in real life ? I mean still put all guns on target but also keeping a smaller profile to return fire?

  18. “Citadels are not as common” try turning in a yamato and feel the cit.

  19. Is anyone else finding that they are over-penning more than it feels you should be with the French BB’s?

  20. I’ve been replaced! D:

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