World of warships – Normandie WiP

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Normandie is a tier 6 FR BB and it’s not bad.

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  1. Man its early

  2. What, no mid rush? Sad Hanspanda…

    • It’s a test ship so we tested it, but that’s why there is another video you can watch after this one and guess what that one is about 😉

  3. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    The gunners get on the champagne after the gneisenau die?

  4. 12 x 340 mm guns and 30 s reload
    12 x 356 mm guns and 28 s reload – Fuso
    8 x 380 mm guns and 30 s reload – Bayern
    Fuck logic.

  5. Looks like a good ship 🙂

  6. You forgot a letter in the titel of the vid bro 🤣

  7. Song name at the start?

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