World of Warships – North Carolina 0.5.6

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on Islands of Ice moves to try and set up a capture on B. We catch a enemy showing too much broadside, a enemy is spotted and I attempt to flush him out. The enemy team takes C and tries to steamroll our spawn. I get a chance to move forward and attempt to stop the enemies advance. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII North Carolina Replay


  1. Quin USS Requin

    Thank you for the amazing gameplay, Notser! I just got NC and this is
    really inspiring me to play more effectively c:

    I’m a major fan of yours!

  2. 100 aa?! what the fuck

  3. Do Nürnberg game pls

  4. wow so carry
    so amaze

  5. … I have the exact same build

  6. Good stuff Notser! Have you ever noticed that stringing out your turret
    salvos by a 1/2 sec or so really helps in the case of a close, fast, hard
    turning DD? The eyeball is pretty quick at detecting trajectory and lead
    error which can then be accounted for with the following turret. Was just
    curious if you use that technique.

  7. 3:41 — Holy smokes, man, what a nice shot!

  8. Speaking of that pink CV, I think the new rules with CVs are a bit too
    strict. I had a game where two of my bombers were being chased down by two
    enemy fighter squadrons. I decided to sack them by moving the bombers to
    give a perfect angle to strafe with my fighters. They were going to die
    anyway, so why not take as many enemy fighters with me as possible? They
    were even my own bombers!

    It flagged me pink. In all my 1,600 games, I have never been pink before. I
    haven’t TKed anyone accidentally in easily 600 to 800 games. Sack two
    bombers for a great strafe attack on two enemy fighter squadrons? Instant

  9. this was a great us bb fight. thanks. seems like they have really got a
    hardon for us bbs.

  10. The North Carolina is my favorite ship, when I’m playing fubuki. so often
    they just slow down and go backwards thinking…. bow on, I’m safe. except
    I just dropped my torps from 6km away and they have no idea…. muuuhahah!

  11. 16:38 haha…. doo doo…

  12. OMG i met Notser driving his hippo

  13. did Aslains bring back the minimap detection mod? I couldnt seem to find it
    pre 5.6

  14. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Great battle and yes… I would buy and wear a Notser tshirt.

  15. DANG LT_JFK was in your match!! I must have just missed getting in your
    match. I’ll get in one of yours one day Mr Notser!

  16. Great game. Keep them coming.

  17. play the Furutaka with its new C hull ! heard its great!

  18. “Grab your island” Noster you dirty gypsy xD

  19. Why would the Germans have been really concerned about fitting their ships
    through the Panama canal…?

  20. Hipper!

  21. safe to say the Germans never ever expected to have use of the Panama

    You do realise you are telling people to be aggressive when your hiding
    behind concealment limiting your shots to keep concealment?

    Hate your play style in a BB…oh well

  22. Really is a beautiful ship.. Glad they kept her around.

  23. Why are you saying the AA defence rating now? You used to say how many AA
    guns it had. Kind of fits better, because you say ‘9 406mm guns’, not ’75
    artillery rating’ or whatever it is

  24. +Notser could you do the indianapolis premium cuiser please

  25. Justin Crawford

    You should do more North Carolina.

  26. notser goes through puberty in a few seconds whenever he gets a devastating
    strike or a citadel.

  27. i like that map in my DD’s, i was bird doggin a pair of Yamato’s in my
    Fletcher earlier and they were quite peeved about it.

  28. Yup, WG games where you get to carry all the clueless fks and they get to
    float to tier 10 like turds rising to the top in a septic tank.
    A significant part of your team did everything they could to lose that
    match; I got so sick of the stupidity I simply quit WoWS and WoT as nothing
    is ever going to change that aspect.
    Extremely well played.

  29. at 3:45… I want kool aid….but I dont have any

  30. Hitler..thinking…logically? I think you overestimate him good sir. Like
    you said the Tirpitz was already too fat to get through the Panama canal,
    and the beams of the H-series proposals only went up, and drastically so,
    from there. But more to the point yes, the American late tier BBs, or at
    least the Montana as that is the only one I have played, feel like
    completely new ships. Love my Montana so much now!

  31. I for one would be very interested in seeing a video where you die in the
    first 5 mins. I’d appreciate hearing your views on what you did that was
    wrong, or what didn’t work out the way you intended. Maybe a one off video
    of battles that just didn’t work out. Just a thought :)

  32. It drive me nuts to see the DD’s sitting back! Notser if I get into a
    battle with you and I’m in my Fletcher your going to have a screen out
    front all the time.

  33. what server is this? eu or na?

  34. One of your best, toughest matches Notser, congratulations.

  35. Great game! btw I just had an idea for a new series. NOTSER VS. CHASE! 1 on
    1,same ships, any build you like. I think it would be a great collaboration
    ,would help both channels,and help all of us that watch and learn from
    you both.Whatta you think?

  36. Notser is lukewarm on an ice map, sounds like it’s pretty cool to me!

  37. Notser do you play on Eu or NA

  38. Christopher DiCesare

    I was a little surprised you held your fire so many times on broadside
    battleships. You had that tirpitz at a full broadside at least 3 times at
    the beginning but held your fire to shoot the German crusier. I would have
    thought you being in a battleship knowing how devastating they can be would
    have prioritized taking that out instead of a lighter ship that already had
    4 people shooting at it.

  39. Heberth Thaylon

    You just made me want my NC back! o7

  40. The enemy aircraft carrier was thinking: wait notser? NOTSER! gotta take
    him out or he’s going to wreck my team

  41. Kerspaprog Balceram

    The Tirpitz and Bismarck had to be thin enough to fit in the Kiel canal,
    which they were, i dont think Hitler was concerned with the panama canal.

  42. They unnecesarily buffed the aa on this thing ;/ Gun dispersion buff is
    good but aa shouldn’t get a buff as it already was powerfull. Now the ship
    is too strong imo.

  43. Really good game, thanks for the vids!

  44. 15:17 he lit you up with .3 seconds left :O

  45. I know they left the dispersion the same but they supposedly changed some
    other hidden stats. Does the NC feel more accurate to you? That is the
    first USN BB that I have really struggled with is the NC and it is all
    because I just had real problems hitting stuff at any range at all.

  46. creepycreeper099 ,

    The best world of warships video as always Notser ? your the best!!!!!!!

  47. I hate CV’s in this game

  48. jared angel nolasco angeles

    helpp no se porque pero despues de la actualiacion, cuando abro el juego
    completo pulso cualquier cosa(como un barco ) y se pone la pagina en negro
    y ya no me responde el juego ¿¿que hago?? helppp

  49. The new angle for the back turret…so good.
    Before was just useless

  50. The concealment seems to work really well except for the fact that you
    don’t seems to want to fire your guns most the time so as not too loose
    concealment so you have good shots meany times and don’t take them, I’m not
    a great player by any stretch of the imagination but i think having to hold
    your fire as a Main DPS ship on your team is as bad as any BB that stays
    back out of combat and skims the edge of the map !!

  51. North Carolina’s dispersion is much better, Tirpitz definitely needs the
    same dispersion buff.

  52. show us the “new” hipper please :)

  53. Print “Notser Fan” t-shirts and sell them!

  54. Cool fight!

  55. How about the Kawachi in 0.5.6?
    Or any other low-tier ship you have?

  56. Dominick Dougan

    you should have seen one of my battles in the Atago. i shot at a Tirpitz
    and he had 8 hp left!!

  57. I just got the NC on patch day. It was a good time to pick it up. So much
    nicer than Colorado. So much. Once I got used to it, it’s really a
    wonderful ship. Look forward to seeing the racecar Iowa soon, preferably
    with some speed flags so you can outrun everything.

  58. 16:35 do-do lol

  59. I wanted north carolina so bad that i freeXPd over the colorado. I have it
    now for a month and i played 10 games in it. I hated it. The dispersion was
    too much for me and I couldnt hit anything even on broadside. All I seen
    was splashes… now they buffed it abit it and its actually fun to play.

  60. because of this update 0.5.6, CV is now a danger species! hahaha 😀 wonder
    why people want to nerf CV and they dont know that in real life CV is OP…

  61. great game and well presented..keep up the great work.

  62. Ultimate Shifter

    btw how’s the accuracy of her guns? is the dispersion became slightly
    better or really good?

  63. So what phase of the match should we be ‘magically grab your island’ again?

  64. Finally North Carolina 😀 nice game!

  65. chillerkiller 00

    Notser Mikasa is now avivable! Gameplay?

  66. You made a mistake chasing the Fubuki at the start. You could save 50% of
    your health and focus on battleships. Everytime I play nobody understand
    why cruisers should kill DDs first. Everyone want to escort CV. Clear
    stupidity. Back to your vid, nice game! NC is my favourite one so far.

  67. Ultimate Shifter

    Finally! She’s back!

  68. Notser deletes a cruiser and I shout “Oh yeah!” in his voice before he
    does. I think I’m watching too many of these videos.

  69. TheHardstyleMusicz

    11.8K detect, is this real life?

  70. I would watch an hour video from you xD maybe you should try it and see how
    people like it personally i like those types of videos

  71. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    I want some of the new Furious Taco guns!

  72. Frost Zeustastic

    Hmmmm… :/ How wonder CV is super duper rare these days…

  73. Sweet video. Thanks.

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