World of Warships – North Carolina 0.5.9

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North on Land Fire moves out to support the assault on the A point. We find a couple enemy cruisers showing just a touch too much side. I continue forward and press the on the enemy, we make good use of concealment and islands for protection. The game really shows off just how well the North Carolina works in 0.5.9. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Battleship North Carolina Replay


  1. I got a good game in NC right after I watched this. My best NC game
    actually 😀 enemy team decides to show me their beautiful side

    Missed a devastating strike on enemy Nagato by 226 HP -_- I took off like
    40K and RNGesus was like nope

  2. Guys, do you think that on a North Carolina the 5 points skill Jack of all
    trades is good?
    I don’t like concealment build so i was searching for other skills :-)

  3. Nothing wrong with the North Carolina.. except most of its drivers are
    incompetent campers :)

  4. Why dont you have Manual AA fire control on your NC captain Notser? Insteed
    of AFT.

    The DPS on the NC’s high caliber AA’s is over 300+ with that captain skill.
    Other then that iam going for the exact same build on my future NC!

  5. I love the NC, its probably because I played her before they added the
    feature where the mass affects a ships rudder shift. Its an massive upgrade
    from the Colorado, I just dont see why people complain about it so much.

  6. I use to not like the NC, but after the change to the Sigma value. Now I
    have no complaints about the ship anymore, now I really like it.

  7. I play north carolina and everytime i press the fire button i pray so hard
    to the RNG-god but still the dispersion hit me really hard my shells just
    go everywhere although i aim carefully

  8. I just got my NC yesterday and am still having trouble leading other ships.
    Any tips?

  9. welcome to my weekly NC video

  10. 11:28 Wow! It APPEARS that maybe, WG buffed the shell penetration on the
    USN 406mm guns, FINALLY!

    I mean I know the Colorado does not have the best armor, but to citadel it
    while angled even that much – well I feel like I have not seen a North
    Carolina, Iowa or Montana not only penetrate, but penetrate deep enough to
    go into the heavily armored Citadel from that kind of angle!

    Please do another Montana video soon Notser! I would LOVE to see how well
    her guns perform in 0.5.9 versus behemoths like Yamato, Izumo, Iowa, and of
    course other Montana!

  11. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    i like Colorado more

  12. 11:00 -NOOOOOOOO KUTUZOV! You dishonor Mikhail, giving massive broadside to
    a North Carolina while spotted – whyyyyyy?!

    Mikhail Kutuzov Uber Alles! Mikhail Kutuzov fur dem Vaterland!

    Lol, lately, I have been REALLY LOVING my Kutuzov! I mean, I am almost to
    the point where I could say I MIGHT favor the Kutuzov over my Atago!

    The ONLY “problem” with the Mikhail Kutuzov is the gun reveal, even with
    the free camouflage and the concealment module, bringing surface detection
    to a manageable 12.7km, but when the guns are fired, that puts detection to
    19.2km, 0.1km farther than she can SHOOT!

    But that is what the smoke is For! Also, she would be MASSIVELY OP if she
    had the same gun reveal as the Chapayev which is the same as the Cleveland
    and every other 152.4mm gun in the game.

    IMHO, that reveal is MORE THAN worth it! Having an amazing 19.1km gun range
    with 12 of the BEST 152mm guns in the game, with a shell travel time to
    that 19.1km of ONLY 12.95 seconds! Which is quite insane given the shell
    weight – but also still realistic as the travel time is dictated by real
    life figures such as drag coefficients, and MANY other factors for which I
    cannot currently remember the technical name.

    But TL:DR it’s the difference between that MASSIVE rainbow arc of the
    German 150mm L60 guns – which have 960 meter/sec velocity but take far
    longer to get to target compared to the Soviet 152 L57 guns.

    I personally, could NOT STAND the Konigsberg or Nurnberg when I played
    about 25 games in a row in them on that test server where you could win
    flags and premium time for playing enough games and sinking enough DDs. I
    just COULDN’T aim the shells for the life of me, and I don’t know if it is
    the case; BUT to me, it SEEMS LIKE the German 150mm L60 guns have the
    second worst arc I have seen, only beaten by the USN 127mm L38s!

    Obviously shell travel time is WORLD’S better than the 127mm guns, but that
    arc feels almost as bad!

  13. тwιlιgнт “ʀєν.ɢʀ.ƒɑℓℓs” ѕcι-ғι_vocαloιd

    NC is not a sniper but I did 30k damage 2 citadel on a Amagi from 20km away

  14. My Arkansas has the -11% dispersion ;)

  15. 2:38 dat spread. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to hit a BB 10KM away with my

  16. I still want USS Washington (North Carolina’s sister ship) as a premium.
    The NC class ships were the first built by the US after the Washington
    Naval Treaty, so the limitations were off. USS Washington was the only US
    BB to sink an IJN BB in a direct confrontation during WWII. She sunk
    Kirishima and an escorting DD Ayanami in September of ’42.

  17. Dear Notser … When did you Said that Germans BB Will arive in this
    Augusti ???
    Pz make the first review the Regular T 7 BB and the new premium T 7 German

    PS they Will become My favorite BB in the game.. Not T 10 where all snipe
    an Camp at more than 25 km away.
    The T 7 Will be the Tirpitz smaller syster with higer Rate of fire an
    Toooorrrps !!!

  18. Guillermo Fischer

    yeah, I copied your build and is great with that concealment =D

  19. The Hipper lives to fight another day!
    I’m mainly a cruiser skipper and I hate it when a Battleship damages me so
    badly at the beginning of a battle.
    So now I just constantly keep changing direction as soon as I am spotted.
    WASD hacks!

  20. Notser
    as long as some 1 pulls Notser in the video
    everything is fin☺

  21. Any incoming Notser streaming info? 10/10 would watch a Notser stream. :)

  22. That was awesome! I barked out loud when the game ended with salvo in
    flight… was really into it I guess. Thx Notser

  23. I agree, i dont have any prob with my N.Carolina…its a good ship. i
    prefer this US tier 8 Battleship rather than the Jap counterpart.

  24. This is why i just don’t play past tier 7 in anything but DDs. the ranges
    of engagements are stupid far and i still cant hit anything past 17km even
    practising since closed beta.

  25. You are correct, they North Carolina should have the same accuracy module
    that the Iowa and Montana have. They’ve given it to the Amagi and the
    Tirpitz, presumably they’ll give it to the Bismarck too. Why then is the
    North Carolina not allowed to have the exact same thing? While Sigma value
    is important, it still relies on dispersion to improve its chances. They
    improved the Sigma value for the Iowa and Montana too; however, they can
    reduce their dispersion. This is the main issue. There is no balance
    between the Amagi and Tirpitz with the North Carolina when one ship is
    denied the ability to reduce its dispersion. Spin all you want, but for the
    average player this is a major factor that causes them to have less fun
    when their shots are raining all around enemy targets while receiving far
    more accurate fire from ships who have, in some cases, extremely low
    dispersion values in comparison.

  26. Wellinton Goulart

    Tirpitz no have citadel ?

  27. I visited this ship in March. It really is a beauty.

  28. great game in a great ship.

  29. NC is my favorite ship in the game. But after it, the Iowa and Montana,
    majestic and beautiful though they may be, deserve some ill will.

    The Iowa is not that much of an improvement over NC tbh – slightly better
    speed, HP and ability to mount last module, but the sigma is worse and –
    most damningly – the protection level is just appalling (MUCH worse rudder
    and turning, hurting your WASD-fu, plus the citadel is enormous and thinly
    armored). I have long maintained that the T8 and T9 battleships are all
    about equal in power – if I have to rate them, I would personally put them
    NC, Iowa, Amagi, Izumo, but they are so similar that they are more or less
    interchangeable (haven’t tried Tirpitz). Iowa and Izumo have tougher MM
    though, so they lose out big in relative power.

    The Montana, at least, provides some improvements in the DPM departement,
    but while I think it is the strongest USN BB in absolute power, it is
    plagued by the same maladies that made me dislike the Iowa by an even
    larger amount. Maneuverability is cripplingly bad – you cannot dodge a shot
    even at 17km, much less a torpedo. Turning is so bad in fact that it even
    hurts your ability to react to targets of opportunity. Moving forward takes
    careful planning lest you become focused and die before you can pull back.
    Oh, and you have 19mm deck armor. All other BBs of T7+ have at least 25.
    Good luck negating HE. Remember also that DOTs are % effects, so your extra
    HP means jack all to them. Imo, DDs and CVs are clearly stronger than BBs
    at T10 bc of both power and flex. Comparing to cruisers, Zao is clearly
    much stronger – probably the strongest non-carrier ship at T10 – and Moskva
    isn’t that far behind it. I haven’t tried any of the other ones, but I hear
    people saying mixed things about DM and Hind with some praising them and
    some hating them. So with the possible exception of those two, BBs are
    bottom of the pecking order at T10. And Monty is the weakest BB.

    What annoys me most of all is that I played the Montana before the rudder
    nerf half a year ago. It wasn’t a bad ship at all back then. None of the
    more recent buffs – even accuracy – made up for that loss.

  30. NIce vid Notser – I’m on the Colorado now and can’t wait to get my N.
    Carolina. I even considered free exping up to her but decided to see how
    the Colorado goes

  31. The top tier US BBs are fantastic, the only one I don’t like is the monty,
    but let’s face it monty vs yammy, yammy has an advantage is its ridiculous
    guns that punch through even the bow armour of its US counterpart, i feel
    the monty isn’t at an equal level to the yammy

  32. fantastic game

  33. I actually haven’t seen many people complain about the North Carolina after
    they buffed it.

  34. Seeing this makes me want to go up the US BB line.

    But I’m still only at Nagato for the IJN :c

  35. Would really like an extra five seconds after the game ends like World of
    Tanks where any actions won’t contribute to winning the game, but you can
    still get the extra points for yourself

  36. It seems like few people actually shoot t you, during your great games.

  37. I want this ship as well, but I just don’t like low tier USN BBs. I need to
    play them more to love them I guess .

  38. Dang, and i was here feeling smug about my 169k damage and 2343 base xp
    North Carolina game i just had :

  39. Great GAME IN AN American BEAUTY. Keep them coming.

  40. Id imagine that a lot of the hate still exists from the pre-buff North
    Carolina, which not only had crazy bad shell velocity, but their gun arcs
    were higher the accuracy was bad, and the turret traverse angles on number
    3 turret were hot garbage. It was less than good before they buffed it.

  41. Wow that was a lot of damage… fun to watch.

  42. The yorck that got one shotted is bitching when he gave full broad to a
    tier 8 bb

  43. Just got my Iowa a couple days ago, sad to see my North Carolina go but
    Iowa seems better in almost every respect stock than North Carolina, the
    rudder shift is killing me though.

  44. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    I sacrificed superintendent for vigilance to help detect torpedoes. Im not
    going to use all my healing in one single match.

  45. could you play the new york

  46. I love the north carlonina, sadly enough I am far from getting her :(

  47. OMG dat damage output! Notser what sacrifice did you bring to RNGsus?

  48. There is a way for you to tell what speed a ship is going. The smoke from
    the smoke stack has 4 different states. At 1/4 speed, the smoke looks like
    it is going straight up, but it has a slight angle to it. At 1/2 speed, it
    is more at an angel, but it is obvious that it is not parallel to the ship.
    3/4 speed it is close to parallel with the deck, but not quite. Then full
    speed, the smoke is pretty much parallel to the deck of the ship.

  49. Love the video ,Notser North Carolina is a favourite of mine as well.I’m
    just curious as to why you don’t take Vigilence as your third skill instead
    of superintendent.Do you not fear torps or do you feel you still have
    enough time to dodge most if not all of the torps once you detect them ?

  50. Shots in the air when the timer runs out or the points hit 1000 should be
    allowed to hit and count. Buzzer beaters basically.

  51. The key to the NC is closing that range to ideally sub 12 km so the weak
    dispersion doesn’t matter. Granted you still had very good RNG in this
    game, but you were doing everything right by closing in on isolated ships
    and taking opportunistic shots wen available. Anyone that sits at 14 km+
    thinking NC is a sniper just because it can get 23 km range is gonna have a
    bad time. The stealth build and faster turret rotation benefits that get
    close gameplay. I had a game last week where I didn’t fire for the first
    five minutes or so to close in on a Zao and one shot him then retreat back
    out of detectability before all his buddies could focus me down. One of the
    few cases where holding fire was beneficial, as I doubt a tier 10 would
    present a broadside if a BB was known to be anywhere close.

  52. I want the NC class ship as it was the type that had my home state’s name
    as the only other ship of the class besides North Carolina, and sadly the
    ships post war fate was like many others, she was scrapped. R.I.P USS

  53. The Montana has the NC torpedo belt. Iowa might have it in later mods

  54. NC is a great ship. Now working on her in getting the iowa ?

  55. NC is a great ship. Now working on her in getting the iowa ?

  56. Notser is that the skin by tanz?

  57. Notser, do you sacrifice virgins to rngesus? it’s the only explanation I
    can come up with

  58. Can’t wait for the NC! Currently on the New Mex – loving it too!

    I asked on yesterday’s video – it was a late comment though – but I was
    wondering if you could talk about long range accuracy in a future video
    with the spotting aircraft now that the blinking circle is doesn’t work
    anymore. I’m having a hell of a time landing shots with the aircraft up due
    to the angle. I dunno if its just repetition and instinct or what but any
    tips you might have would be appreciated.

  59. I would like to have the North Carolina but the Colorado is so crap.

  60. I like my NC, but since I don’t run premium – you have to have a
    “poster-game” in order to not go negative with credits.

  61. +Notser, very surprised at increased turret traverse, would be interested
    in why you would choose that and receive ROF nerf.

  62. You could’ve let loose a salvo at that steam shovel working in the
    background. It was about half way up a mountain.

  63. Why turret traverse????

  64. Thanks for the vids Notser, really look forward to them. My game has
    improved a lot since i found your channel. Please keep them coming, I still
    have a lot of improving to accomplish.

  65. I luv the NC. So much so that it made the grind through the slow US
    Dreadnoughts/Super Dreadnoughts totally worth while.
    The NY and NM were good ships, but pitifully slow. The Colorado hits well,
    but was a bit of a painful grind as your opponents in all the other classes
    could easily out maneuver and out speed you.
    Iv only got the A hull so far, but upgraded the engine of the NC, so still
    have a way to go to have her fully kitted out, but even in stock form she
    does well. She is a keeper for me, even once Iv gone onto the Iowa.

  66. And thus why I hate the points system

  67. +Notser i think that the hate on the NC has to be on her AP shell velocity
    that it is about 700 m/s so, when you fire with AP you must give, specially
    in targets in execess of 15km, a much bigger lead than you would
    normally….and im having issues with that but…other than that i can’t
    see why…

  68. I can imagine ppl playing trough the new mexico and colorado, when they get
    to tier 8 they probably expect a mini iowa! but this vid just shows: i u
    dont perform in the nc… ure doin it wrong :)

  69. Benjamin The player

    pls South carolina :D

  70. Thank you so much!

  71. *still waiting for tashkent play*

  72. another awesome video. thanks for sharing!

  73. I was watching an iChase video yesterday… he ran into an island. I was
    expecting “and… i pull a notser” I’m so conditioned to hearing it! lmbo

  74. I love my NC. Took some time to adjust to the slow shell speed but once you
    do, it’s great

  75. holy shit the NC is accurate, so much more accurate than my amagi.

  76. Great game! Tsk tsk for the kills teal though 😉 I tend to groan inwardly
    when I see NCs on my team, as most of their captains will set at 23k
    hitting nothing and then call the team noobs when there’s been no one to
    tank for them.

  77. I love NC :D

  78. Notser – that first salvo – you can see the two rounds going downrange that
    handed you those citadels… that’s the accuracy everyone wants :-)

  79. +Notser did you notice the changes in armor that 0.5.9 brings to US BB’s

  80. The only thing i really really hate about playing the NC is the horrificly
    slow shell ballistics…I just can’t make the main guns work properly which
    is a shame cuz the first 3 or 4 games i played in it I managed to score
    ~150k+ dmg in it, now i struggle to get even 100k

  81. Wait, people are complainign about the NC? That ship is such a menace…and
    not just in your hands.

  82. Does your video must have an obligatory ‘notser’ moments? either you or
    enemies xD

  83. well i hoped for a scharnhorst replay…

  84. I can recommand you the NC with manual AA skill and AA build. U won’t have
    any problems with airplanes anymore. It’s my favorite build. I love it. Got
    a 3,5 k XP game with this build without CAPPING! 😀 Just 200k DMG and 54
    airplanes :D

  85. Dunno why you have so few subs…!

  86. I’ve been having difficult time to shoot enemies with my North Carolina.
    Damn 3 skill points here, need more 2. :(

  87. torpedoes commander!!!

  88. Daan Suddaby (Pagan)

    You teased with it yesterday, yet delay putting it on! (It was later, not?)
    You, you.. pull a notser, wil you? ;)

  89. Notser, you gonna get Twitter at any time?

  90. I notice, that you’ve increased the black outlines on the modules and
    skills. They do make some elements more clear, but then again on some
    thinner elements of some icons they are not too flattering.

  91. I sent you my Montana game <(") I hope you've received my email ;)

  92. Цветослав Цачев

    I had a bad experience with this ship few patches away. But now Iowa is
    just fantastic despite the relatively weaker armor. Both are very
    beautiful. Just have in mind that this accuracy is not granted.

  93. notser ur gr8 m8

  94. first

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