World of Warships – North Carolina’s Crazy Game

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North Carolina on North starts out headed toward the western side of the map. In transit, we spot a enemy Pensacola and open up on the enemy. After a engagement, we change our tactic and head for the 5 line. Multiple enemy ships are spotted and we attempt to eliminate them all. A pretty insane engagement occurs and some really enjoyable moments. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Battleship North Carolina Replay


  1. Notser – long, long ago, in an Ocean far, far away – you had a North
    Carolina battle…

    …Still, it WAS fun to watch!

  2. I could only dream of a game like that in my Carolina. Great game and nice
    that you didn’t hit the rocks.

  3. WG making the US BB guns as bad as they are is completely out of line. It
    was the Japanese BB guns that were bad. They didn’t have the advanced gun
    fire control radar the US BBs had. This is why it is not worth going beyond
    the New Mexico in this game. Every IJN BB in this game has outrageously
    accurate guns because their dispersion compared to the US BBs. Amagi with
    the FC mod has a 211 dispersion at max range while the NC is 293 and cannot
    be modified. The worse of them all is the Montana at 297 meters. This isn’t
    about balance.

    Players, especially those who have an in-depth knowledge of naval warfare
    history should be asking why. WG cannot defend their reasoning and using
    game balance is in fact a cop-out. There is no balance between IJN and US
    BBs as all IJN BBs from tier 5 and up are far an above better overall. The
    only saving grace for the US BB line is the New Mexico/New York but both of
    them suffer from lack of speed and maneuverability compared to Fuso/Kongo

  4. Good video Notser. What’s your favorite Battleship out of the whole game

  5. gg…. how are you notser?

  6. I had big hope for NC and i can say it is nice ship..can tell also i make
    some record kills with her (One battle 7 kills) but last month have big
    issue to play with NC..just that guns not accurate i dont now is it some
    bug or what! And big costs after battle are just to big..must have Premium
    to *Handle* the *Garage*! Amagi recks me very often just armor on NC wont
    work for some reson! But i like NC she is beauty! :)

  7. wth!!! George missed an island? hehe nice vid again Notser. Happy hols my
    friend, stay safe.

  8. Great game Notser loved watching it.

  9. Hey Notser you do know the premium damage control can also be bought with
    credits instead of doubleloons? Not sure if you know that but just

  10. Remarkably good illustration of what you can do in a BB if you’re prepared
    to go in heavy.
    Also a very good illustration of just how gutless, and frequently useless,
    a lot of players are. Did you notice just how many of your team were miles
    away from anything useful, let alone the enemy? Sadly, rather typical,
    particularly on the Asia server where they were largely the same with tanks
    until I got sick of that and quit it.

  11. Do this ship again. I finally got it but no luck :<

  12. Old but still good and you managed not to beach yourself! But you forgot
    one thing, that would have given the second DD a much harder life if you
    would have switched the secondaries earlier. But a good fight and you went
    down with blazing guns.

  13. The secondaries are so weak, does this ship not carry many DD guns on it?

  14. Have to get through the Colorado before I get to this beast :(

  15. This was a rocking game. Getting surrounded like that. Been there in my
    Nagato :D

  16. Hey Notser, the video the other day about rank 1 made me want it so bad! I
    was already rank 8 had been using the New Orleans, but it wasn’t the best.
    Couldn’t get a Mogami quick enough, so on your high recommendations got an
    Atago; 130 games and 3 days later… RANK 1. Thanks for giving me the drive
    to get it done. Cheers!

    Also would you be able to have a graphic or something, even just a small
    screen shot, for the commander skills like the modulus?

  17. Nyaaaah! I have been using ONLY NARROW SPREAD SINCE LATE CBT! OG Torper!

  18. The commander skill for DC seems to be a waste right now. Im getting the
    same cooldown with the skill as without it and have been for the last 2
    updates to the game.

  19. omg dat solo 2 DDs @@ – monster you are

  20. If I get Hull B, can I guarantee more success battles in North Carolina?
    Matchmaking really gives me a lot of loses -_-

  21. This, the tirpitz or the amagi? What would you say for tier 8 bb?

  22. Notser-san I need to sleep, why must you keep me awake with your uploads
    ~w~ oh and I love this replay, after all I practically only play
    Battleships. ^-^

  23. That’s a brawl – great stuff!

  24. no tashkent video :(

  25. hey notser how does one sent you replay? :)

  26. love your vids. keep it up

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