World Of Warships – Nostalgia’s Grind [Episode 1] Good Old Clemson’s Brawls

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Hello peeps! Today we’re starting our new line review this time for the (almost) entire USN DDs . Clemson is at the honnors for the first episode!




  1. Lovely vídeo, im come from Brazil qnd your Channel is the best?

  2. Hahahaha. Clemson. I love it. My clem chowder video is my favorite vid I have made

  3. U Post new Video

  4. The world doesn’t deserve you, Robin??

  5. A great video Robin! I am looking forward to the rest of the series. But I so long for watching your live streams . . . .

  6. It’s like eating food with fingers! Good job Robin!

  7. It is my third most played ship, first is the New Mexico followed by the Monty

  8. TheSailingRobin: *uploads new video*
    Every subscriber: omgomgOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG…….

  9. You bring back memories,nice man ???,
    And a question if you can answer,what about the new Clan,can we expect something???

  10. Clemson = best tier 4 DD.
    Also my favorite seal clubbed.

  11. *thumbs up*
    Also gave you a vote up in Dissenter 🙂

  12. Dang Robin, missed ya’ and is sooo good to see you again. Also, your vids are TOP quality man. Keep it up!

  13. Well played. I also find low tier games pretty wild sometimes. You need to react and anticipate fast.

  14. something new to learn even after 3 years in the game. thanks Robin.

  15. When I play my clemson, BBs try to hide from me.

  16. I’m trying to figure out a new dd line to grind, thanks for helping me make that decision ?

    P.S. love you vids, you turn every ship into a kraken, that’s just foul.

  17. The only wows commentator that i can enjoy watching with morning coffee. Thanks robin!

  18. Clemson, the good old buddy to cure the salt you have suffered in higher tiers

  19. What are those things on ether side of the back end of the ship for? They don’t look like that would be for splash guards or safety nets…

  20. I like this idea of a series as we get to see a broader spectrum of ships, even your commentaries are so smooth and your editing makes it feel like a movie, well done, keep up the good work!

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