World Of Warships – Nostalgia’s Grind [Episode 2] Nicholas’ Dilemma

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We’re back for the second episode of our USN DDs line review, this time featuring the Tier 5 Nicholas. Get ready for a tense fight!

Don’t forget to add the end battle results and share your !

Cheers, captains!


  1. Ain’t no Clem chowder but still a good ship

  2. Wait, they removed Nicholas’ option for DFAA? She used to be able to switch the Engine Boost for DFAA on the upgraded hull. Are you sure you didn’t forget to check?

  3. Well played though. Sometimes you just can’t predict how the team or the ennemy will perform.

  4. Nicholas was my favorite DD ever and i have my dmg record with her (210k) and never topped it

  5. Terry Hollenbaugh

    I think it was a great try Robin, your team could of tried to organize a better attack strategy but again it is a tier 5 game with many players still learning.

  6. You are strong!!!!

  7. Top class presented from intro-describe the ship-strategic using the ships and making the video…im really very enjoyed every your vid..please make it more…

  8. Really enjoying this. Hope you’ll continue with this! Well done man

  9. Le_guépard_perdu

    it’s a good video
    I’m waiting for the battle in my belfast ( i love your comment for this replay )

  10. I mean this Robin: your content, not only the videos but also the drama, creativity and other things of your own you pour into this are, very much, TOP TIER. Love it!

  11. CVs are so OP Tanky now! why? CV hunting is just frustrating now. WHY WARGAMING? i dont understand it

  12. But by capping A, you probably wouldn’t have encountered Kamikaze, and by the time you cap A to C, they could’ve capped A back again anyway…
    Lots of possibilities, hard dilemma; don’t criticize yourself too much !

  13. Milos Dimitrijevic

    Nice stuff Robin, it was really enjoying to watch the video! brings up the good memory of good old american low tier dds. o7

  14. New video,bring them baby,sadly i abused Nicholas the last days to farm some easy air kills,
    Feels bad man,???
    And actually You can get the AA consumable and getting easy air kills

  15. Thanks for the video – however you are mistaken about the DFAA – it’s available for the B hull.

  16. I enjoyed this ships speed. Mahan felt like a step down compared to it even though it is two tiers higher. It’s low speed a what felt like a larger turning circle made it more frustrating to play for me compared to Nicolas and Farragut.

  17. Wow I accidentally had my speed still at x2. Tbh I didn’t realise till robin started talking ?

  18. Nice vid Robin, I’m hoping a Somers class destroyer is added at some point to Warships.

  19. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Damn I’m happy to see 2 vids back to back..

  20. The British CV Hermes is pronounced like the Greek Messenger God – “HER – meez”

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