World of Warships – Not again please

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This match gave me flashbacks from one of the recent matches I played xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. DD HE Spam pissing you off?

    Remember that next time your in your’s doing the exact same thing.


  3. i fell sorry for BB players … i played just two games and that is it NO MORE

  4. Don’t you love being perma spotted? 🙂

  5. 15:00 There was a warning to pay attention to I and J lines, I’m guessing no-one did, and the dd had plenty of room to get by undetected.

    18:00 Wow, were those dd’s actually working together for a pincer maneuver? If they were, that’s some good teamwork.

  6. There’s something weird going on with the ribbons on the right I think, it has always been weird but I scored like 10k damage with 3 overpens yesterday. Makes no damn sense anymore.

  7. In the super container that I got, I got Battleship Kii

  8. Commander Nightingale

    Hello Flambass, quick question, what is the captain that u run on Monty? I’m grinding up the line and while I love my Captain setup I would love to hear yours 🙂

  9. 3:05 Nickalreadytaken, once more THX ! Schneider here ! 😉

  10. Flambass will you upload the sound effect for the subscribe notification somewhere? i wanna have it as my ringtone

  11. Do you have any footage from your Lyon replay yesterday…that was Han’s at his finest…lolz!

  12. I don’t think you have two weeks left to get the anniversary benefits because it would seem they cease with the next update, which is _this Thursday._ At least for the 333 mission it says 14-21 of September and there is no different deadline mentioned later in the news post?

    (Which is incidentally the same deadline by which you need to spend your Anniversary tokens or they get converted into a measly 15 K credits each.)

    Personally, I wouldn’t blow 70K free xp on (effectively) one supercontainer, which in all probability might then give you something like 100 Zulu flags . I find the credit(!) discount a lot more interesting which is why I’ve been using the 200% anniversary daily win bonus to unlock as many remaining ships as possible until Thursday. I have a _Missouri_ on a Premium account but even in that thing it will take me one to two dozen games to grind the credits for a typical Tier VIII ship. So 15% discount can save a LOT of time if you are buying a half a dozen ships or so.

    And also the Premium ships you can buy from the tech tree are discounted and there are some very nice sealclubbers among them.

  13. Irritates me so, when a team of mine lets a dd get through and come in behind us because they don’t know how to play right.

  14. Seriously, what is the T10 Alsace?!?! Jean Bart? Isnt that T9?

  15. lol welcome at my average game :°D

  16. The super containers were only for tier 10 right :(:( only got up to tier 9

  17. Have gotten maybe 10 sc. 1 repair module, 100 heal flags, 1500 steel, 3 15k coal, 2 weeks premium, and then the rest flags I can’t remember.
    Would love a premium especially since when wg robbed me of kutozov

  18. BB AP is not what it used to be. I had Yama AP bounce off a broadside Desmoines, Missouri AP bounce off the broadside of a Worcester at 8km then overpen a Massachusetts at 18 km. After all the drama over the Brit BB line it’s now almost like we are forced to use HE more and more.

  19. By the way, you break detection, not stealth.

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