World of Warships – Not Completely Terrible

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So those new-ish Japanese light cruisers were a bit of a disappointment. One of them’s not completely terrible though, although there is a catch…

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  1. Shot out to my fellow Jingle enjoyers who cant sleep

  2. now i want jingless to commentate his own replays

  3. Actually Jingles, the tier 10 Yodo has 18 guns, not 15

  4. The thing with the Colorado is that you really can’t change your mind as it takes forever to do anything in it.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      US BB was first like I played in wows , as I got free Texas , bb to New York where super borring to play , and my first battle first 3 min on New Mexico 20 km dev strike snipe on enemy BB … awsome I loved that , and I had good time on her , then I unlocked Colorado , and ship is not bad , guns are actually very good , issue with her is speed and turning , and I rember I grinded her and my 2nd game was on Fault Line , 2nd & 3rd too , that map is hell for Colorado , islands block way , so your choice is go side and often you come too late to make any difference or enemies are allrady dead , or you can go middle and you are pray for dd , so yeah after 4 battles on her I quit that line and to be honnest whole wows for 3 months , and when I have returned I saved free xp and spend that to go past her … WG have annouced that they introduce new BB line bougt times , I did what ever was needed to unlock T8 in event , I did not played Colorado since 28.02.2018 and I will never doo !

    • @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk You are damn what ever you do in the Colorado. 🤣

      I only recall having one great game in Colorado and so so many boring games.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski By the time Texas was in game Colorado had already been buffed A. LOT. from the old days. She used to be woefully bad, now she’s perfectly usable, if horribly slow.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      @ainumahtar I like play Vermont , and she work good with 2p Brisk skill , there was some acceleration buff to all 3 alternative bb and now they are very playable , but I dunno if that apply to Colorado , I have 2 camos for Coloardo and eco perma bonus , but for me playing Colorado would be like have sex with ex Karen that you hate and she now weight 130kg and is 156cm tall … nope , oh tho I have prive if WG put 1.000.000db on the table , I could play battle on Colorado … in co op on auto pilot … I would at that time be somwhere else .

    • American BB line is different then all the others, but when you know what these ships can do your prety good in winning games. Same goes for the Royal Navy DD’s once you know how to play them …

  5. Speaking of being high on team list when you are playing badly… I had once a game on two brothers where both teams were just cruisers and maybe just 2 or 3 BB:s. I decided that I would play a DD in my T7 *french* cruiser and got immediately clapped for something like 95% of my health. In my defence, I did that because no-one else was doing anything. Our entire team just folded and sailed towards A line. I then sailed through the middle to cap red base (standard battle) just so that I could at least be a distraction while rest of the team finds their man-pants. I made 5 shell hits in entire game. Not even pens. 5 hits to enemy ship. I finished 3rd on the team.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Ok I was clapped too few times , cruisers are best to experience that , I remember when I have grinded Cleaveland one of my first battles on her , I have taken best camo I had best eco signals , I went close to cap I got spoted , I turned to run away …

  6. Agreed about the IJN light cruisers Gnome Overlord – playing last night on the PTS and got the Tier 8 turret rotation (180 degrees) down to 7.5 secs – sadly, nothing I could do about the 10 second reload… complaints from the Baltimore that sank me while I waited. And waited….

  7. Actually Jingles…. I really enjoyed the video. Your deviously overlord laughter sounds like it’s nearly back to its normal self. Akazuki seems to notice too. Good to hear!

  8. Hi Jingles, I am sitting across the pond on the east coast slowly healing from burst appendix surgery. I eagerly await your videos each week which has helped to break the boredom and discomfort of the healing process. I know it’s your job, but thx for posting and being entertaining.

  9. Anybody remember Fighting Steel? In night battles the 6″ Mogami was so much better than the 8″ cruisers. But Alaskas were terrifying.

  10. Akizuki with the impeccable timing at the end.

  11. Actually, tier X Yodo has 18 guns.

  12. I found that when you are in a ‘Standard’ U.S. BB you want to aim up the middle and hope your gun range lets you hit what is not yet tucked up against an Island to shield plunging fire. We knew as WWII kicked off that the new ‘Fast BB’s’ were the new building blocks of the surface fleets. As for going down the middle in a BB on ‘Two Brothers’ You need Flambass with you to make it have a fair chance it will work or draw some back to cover the mouth of your end of that channel and hope, your team will see this and push accordingly. ( I said ‘accordingly’ ) WEEGEE did not add that to the algorithm so I added it to the list of things that just PUTMFO !!!.
    I have this question for all of the ‘Viewers’, Who are we going to get to commentate Jingles battles so we get a full dialog with all the trimmings as Jingles gets to blush like a school girl when we hear a JWITMF was that ? LOL. ( I vote for the man, the myth, the legend ) ‘ MrGibbins ‘. so we get a full dose of sarcasm to fill in the gaps between the last description to the next one. What say you all ?.

  13. On the note of playing badly while still being high on the scoreboard…
    It also matters how long you survived.
    If you swallow a handful of random torps (you never were spotted) and get devstruck early in battle you will score on the bottom.
    But if you survive until you are in the last 1/3 of your team (like that colorado) you will naturally score relatively high.
    So the colorado should’ve been placed on the scoreboard at least 2 places higher, at least judging from how long he survived

  14. Great video as always! I really enjoyed it (and I don’t even play WOW). Is there a way to increase the mini-map size here like in WOT? It would help me understand the battle quite a bit.

  15. When I was just starting out in Warships seven plus years ago I started watching tons of videos, mostly yours, looking at how good and bad people played. I was still a noob for the first thousand games at least but finally got my WR over 56%; not great but getting better. So thank you for your videos and advice.

  16. Colorado went south to support the rest of his team, he was alone at B by that point and would just be Sub food. He wasn’t broadsiding, he only has 49k health (he has the A hull) and Colorado tends to eats pens at all angles. He allowed the 2 cruisers extra damage and to disengage at the cost of being focused by 2 BBs.

  17. About the aircraft carrier on 3men2destroyer’s team: it is pronounced like “bean” – just with an R after the A. So I tend to just call it bean.

  18. Actually Jingles, that Colorado wasn’t broadside to those two battleships at all, he remained bow on and started reversing to also use the islands as cover. While he should have stayed in the North to defend that cap point, that wasn’t *that* bad of a play.

  19. I personally liked the Omono(the tier 7). It didn’t feel all that bad to me. I haven’t had enough games in the Shimanto to say how it feels but I’ve enjoyed the few games that I’ve put into it.

  20. Genevieve.Annabelle

    I grinded to get the Yodo cause I think its the best looking cruiser ive ever seen. Its so much fun to.

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