World of Warships: Not So Mighty Montana

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But she’s not quite as bad as I make her out to be.

0:00 Montana Match
18:15 End Screen
19:45 Captain Skills & Upgrades
20:35 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Montana.


  1. Triple layer spaced armour? Did you know, that soviet CVs are coming, right? 😛

  2. This is a ship that needs a buff, a huge buff.
    It no longer has a nechi. It is out tanked by the kremlin, if you just want a lot of american bb shells you should use vermont, if you like the armor scheme you should go for the ohio cause of its bigger guns and secondaries.
    I don’t know how you could fix her honestly. Improve her accuracy and secondaries? Yes they are only 16 inch guns, but they will hit like a truck out to very far ranges.
    Wargaming won’t do it though cause you see her a lot in clans cause she kinda is a jack of all trades bb, so she can be a budget version of any other bb.

    • @Rilsterc2689 yeah but most players don’t realise they’re getting citadel overpens when they get overpens on the middle part of a Smolensk. Most will assume they aimed too high or will assume that lag showed them hitting a citadel but actually they didn’t. If the game tells them “yes you hit a citadel, so aimed perfectly, but you overpenned”, people would get pissed off (and would assume just more RNG has entered the game).

      Realistically, Wargamming should introduce a mechanic where if you pen a citadel, it simply can’t overpen. (Rather than introduce “citadel overpens”).

      I understand your argument and your reasoning, and I think it is a good middle ground, but at the end of the day, there are only a few ships where BBs can consistently overpen a citadel (smolensk, Worcester… etc) and these are the ships where that definitely *should not* occur (because of their insane damage output). These ships are so powerful that if they do make a mistake, it should be game over.

    • @Zachary Jones Here’s another proposition, get rid of BB HE and replace it with a short fuse AP. You keep the ammo type selection but you need to think whether or not you need the heavy “long” fuse shell or the lighter “short” fuse shell. Wargaming has let a small problem get out of hand and if they won’t want to fix it properly because it would be way too much work. As for cruiser HE spam there needs to be a rework where all ships get fire saturated.

    • @Rilsterc2689 yeah I can see that would work. I think ultimately this discussion just shows that wargamming need to listen to their community a bit more, because it seems like a lot of issues are fixable.

      And yeah agree on your HE point as well.

    • being a jack of all trades master of none isnt nearly a bad thing. sure she isnt grate at anything but that also means she has no serious weakness.

    • Montana is the only ship in the game that blasted my fully angled petro for 28k.

  3. The reason to pick monty over Ohio is monty ain’t research bureau

  4. So far she’s my only Tier X, so I don’t have a ton to compare her too, but I really like my Montana. She can take punches, give as good as she gets, she’s fast enough to get around the map and she has a pretty good heal. As long as you keep about 17 -21 km away from the enemy she’s going to win most fights with other BBs, in my experience. She also has the accuracy and firepower to delete cruisers at long range that aren’t watching for shells.

    • @Zachary Jackson Im actually confident that montana could take on a kurfurst pretty easily, at around 13-ish km?

    • Alexander Shugaev

      @PaperBag can take out every T10 BB exept Conqueror/Thunderer and maybe Republique (i’ld say its a tie here) tbh.
      Kurfurst? Cannot use broadside safely, cannot be overpenned, has EVEN BIGGER superstructure, will be outhealed, cannot hit. Are the guy serious?
      Yamato? Not really a problem if you are moving and angled because 38 mm deck/upper belt will bounce her shells, can be burned to death because IJN BB DCP is awful
      Kremlin? Will miss your superstructure almost every salvo if you angled/bow tanking because her guns is AWFUL against angled targets, while Monty can land shots reliably to superstructures from around 10-12 km (if there are any -Yamato- ). Same goes for Colombo, exept you has to bow-tank now.

    • @Alexander Shugaev Yeah, I’d say basically what you said. Against GK and Kremlin, hold the range open and laugh at their terrible dispersion outside 13km. Same thing against Colombo, really, talk all you out want about Smoke Rush but Colombo isn’t faster than Montana and she’s a lot squishier from what I’ve seen. Angle against Yamato, use your heals and burn her down. You outspot Republique by quite a bit, and your just as fast when the speed boost isn’t on. Try to get on her broadside. Conqueror is the biggest problem on this list, cause it can outspot you, it’s dispersion isn’t terrible at range and it’s the only tech tree Tier X with a heal better than Monty’s. Gotta hope for Citadels, fortunately Conqueror’s armor isn’t as good. You outspeed and outspot Vermont, close in, HE spam and whatever you do, stay angled. Bourgogne, Thunderer and Ohio are tough customers, as you’d expect from being premiums. Thunderer is squishy, try to close the range and catch her broadside. Aim for Bourgogne’s turrets, if you can knock one out you’ll have the Dpm advantage. You outspeed Ohio, stay out of secondary range and try to catch her broadside. Of all of these, the ones I see the most in Randoms are GKs, Yamatos, and of course Thunderers. Of course, you also see quite a few Montanas running around…

    • @Alexander Shugaev yep I agree, although dealing damage to a Kremlin takes so much time that you’re probably better off doing anything else (unless you really have to kill that kremlin)

    • Well, I think Montana should go all-main-batteries instead of touching the secondaries (Monty’s guns can be very accurate)

  5. Its About To Be Legendary

    Hi, watched the whole video and it was a pretty good game so GG I guess (even if I think that you don’t seem to be that much used to the Monty shell velocity hahaha, that Yoshino can testify).
    I think the Montana is THE MOST versatile T10 battleship.
    You can do asbolutely everything with a Montana, it’s not as good as the specialised ships on specific situation, but Monty’s better than them on every other situation.
    I prefer the heal that gives more HP rather than the short cooldown version, and I prefer as well to have more guns.
    It has suffered from the powercreep, there’s no denial of that.
    But everytime I take out my Yamato, my République, my Slava, my Thundy or whatever I really miss the versatility that Monty gives (and the associated opportunities in battles).

    • Its About To Be Legendary

      @Twinky Octopus not sure that DM is as versatile as Gearing and Monty tho
      I agree with the CVs, Midway seems very interesting, unfortunately I don’t like the gameplay of that class

    • Its About To Be Legendary

      @Arman Sagmanligil I definitely agree

    • @Its About To Be Legendary well it’s not as versatile as those two, but it’s certainly more versatile than, say a hindi or petro

    • Its About To Be Legendary

      @Twinky Octopus indeed

    • @Twinky Octopus yes indeed petro relies on broadside too much to punish anything really. If anything turns broadside to you, nom nom nom. If they (especially BB’s and CA’s) angle properly, and please note *properly*, it’s very hard to do consistent damage. It still tanks insanely though either way.

  6. You’re complaining in game about how long that Yoshi lasted, all the while you’re racking up 3.7M potential. xD

  7. USN 406s just seem really trolly right now, I seem to either get shatters/bounces or overpens. The only are she is decent is on full survival build and legendary module you can tank a surprising amount of HE damage if you can manage to drop of detection to repair on occasion.

  8. Problem with picking Ohio is that it’s really hard to get compared to Montana.

    • I finally got Ohio. I don’t have the Montana but Ohio is very good. With the accuracy mod on the last slot it is very accurate.

  9. Montana has been screaming for a buff for a long time, somewhat survival but the guns.. oh men. Btw nice Optimus Prime camo bro.

  10. Monty shells are most of elusive ammo’s in entire game, fully maneuverability cruisers can laugh you and keep spamming HE freely

  11. I had not played my Montana in a good while. A soon as I was spotted I was focused even though other BB’s around me were closer to enemy. This happened numerous times during the game. Other teams seem to feel she is a weak point as far as Bb’s go. Didn’t used to be that way.

    • I can nor possibly relate more. I may have 5 teammates way in front of me being stupid, and me at the complete opposite flank and they still shoot at me even if they don’t have the range they just shoot. ignore my teammates shoot the bb at the opposite end of the map cause why not

  12. Mackenzie Ouellette

    Ohio may be a better ship but if you’re looking for your first tier 10 it’s completely unattainable. Thats one thing Monty has over Ohio

    • Montana is good for one thing and that’s getting Halsey and even then that can be done without it. There are other lines with a better grind then the US BBs that you can farm for research bureau points

    • Mackenzie Ouellette

      @Zachary Jackson I wouldn’t go that far, I have absolutely no problem with what Montana brings to the table. I find it to be a good ship with plenty of upside. Along with rarely getting overmatch citadelled from the front or rear. Plus I’ve made my fair share of Ohios look pretty silly when they try to roll up on me in battle. That being said it is annoying not being able to overmuch 30mm of armour but it’s not the only ship that can’t do it. Also I didn’t find the grind all that annoying, sure up to Colorado can be painful since you have no ability to change flanks, but as soon as you hit NC and get the superheavy 16’s ots like a breath of fresh air.

  13. I still play my Monty just to still see those 12 monster shells flying towards a broadside scrub…other than that she can’t so anything…it’s so sad to see what has happened to her

  14. That was a nail biter! Thanks Aeroon- very enjoyable.

  15. Really hope Monty can get some improved pen angle, like 2.5 or 5 extra degrees. It makes the guns more friendly to beginners and Hood has proven that such feature won’t make a ship instantly op.

    • i would make that to iowa too. Its faking best canon, heavy shells, US BBs ever had.. even that 5 degress would rly be apreciated

  16. funfact use damagecon upgrade on slot 1 and u get 30s of Damagecon

  17. Ohio cant overmatch 32mm, but I think you ment to say 30mm. 🙂

  18. There was a time where I really wanted Montana, but then I got Des Moines
    and started literally Dunking on Montanas so that’s something xD

  19. The Montana has one major problem.
    It’s not that bad. And the problem with being not that bad is that it won’t get a buff from wargaming.
    So it is going to remain outclassed by the competitive BBs in the game.

  20. Never played this ship again for a long time, I don’t like the shell arc, her armor is nothing when enemy just HE spam, if you want armor then choose GK, fun fact about GK it is second only to thunderer and conqueror for spamming fire, while low dmg it can pen almost anything.

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