World of Warships – Nothing can stop this RU BB

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There will be plenty more replays of this ship because this one is probably the biggest wonder of them all.
It is a tech tree tier 8 RU BB – Vladivostok
It can pretty much tank anything in any tier.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Tank Commander

    Don’t forget that you can say that for any ship, Flambass! And then afterwards, you get sunk! This is the cycle of things! Best of luck, me boyo! The Tank Commander

  2. joshua alejandro

    They need to rework cvs again. Just had a game where there was three CBS

  3. When i see all this i’m glad i dropped this Game. I do enjoy the content from Flambass but it feels like the Game just gets worse and worse.

    • Never said that I think that they are OP its just the whole game that gets worse to me.. I enjoyed it more when there wasn’t so much radar etc and now the reworking of CV.. I liked CV and how they were before.. Now those are also way more Noob friendly IMO. Playing a DD now makes UR Team cry that you should cap but you don’t rly can often with every 2-3 ships having a radar. Ofc one could wait it out but explain that to the (mostly) super stupid teammates. didn’t play now for over 1 1/2 year pretty much and from what u see in recent videos (not just this one) that it got Even worse sadly..

    • same here. I never got a hold of the game after I got to tier 5-6 and the constant uptier amd going back down for a break only to get sealclubbed by Nikolais and the like. I uninstalled the game and am not looking back at any WarGaming title

    • +Goran Radosevic ANY SHIP GOES DOWN FROM HE SPAM AND WELL PLACED CITADEL SHOTS…..dumbest comment of the day

    • +The Infidel I bow to your superior mind. Now go and read my comment again, then go to wows wiki and go from ship to ship. Your enlightened mind should discern why.

    • Good job man, I also feel so much better after uninstalling this shit.

  4. I know these are work in progress still but these really seem like the Japanese heavies in tanks…silly tough, large amount of damage, all fake ships

    • +ainumahtar so what’s your opinion on 90% of the Russian line then?

    • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them just because they never existed, I hate them because they break the game by being silly tough while still doing damage to everything, you don’t need a shred of skill to play the jap heavies, kind of like the British BB in wows except those can still be hurt with AP.

      By the look of at least Flambass’ streams these things are extremely tough, have basically no counter but HE spam (which counters everything so imo doesn’t really count as a counter and it is only marked as effective because it has limited damage cons) VERY accurate at mid and short ranges (up to 15km or so which happens to also be their radar range…) and extremely hard hitting, so that’s pretty similar to how the jap heavies work in wot. They aren’t great snipers or secondary monsters but everything else is either good or great.

    • +ainumahtar I’ve run against a few in my japanese carriers and they literally implode to ap bombs.

      4 citadels is juicy to hit

    • Must be a haku then because all other tiers their planes vaporize before they can drop as their AA is also very solid.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      A bit off topic but I just have to:

      Tier III type 91 – a few built, deemed as to slow. Based on the first indigenous Japanese tank, the Type 87 Chi-I.
      Tier IV type 95 – further development of the multi turret lineage. Also too slow and hard to mantain. 4 built.
      Tier V O-I Exp. – there was only one O-I prototype ever built. The tank was too heavy to be transported to the test grounds (150t) so they decided to remove some of the bolted 75mm armour plates (Japan could not produce good 150mm armour plates so they bolted two 75mm ones together), which lowered weight to roughly 100t. WG, knowing this, divided O-I in two tanks. The “lighter” one is ther tier V.
      Tier VI O-I – the fully assembled O-I, pretty much the most historically accurate tank in the line.
      Tier VII and VIII – Kind of a mess. These two tanks were descriptions of Japanese POWs of what O-I could have looked like. They draw the images in the 70s. Official documentation of the O-I was only found in 2015 and released to the public in 2016. Then, O-Ni and O-Ho were then discovered to have never existed. They are fake, but not purposely fake, it was not WG fault since they released the heavy line before the documentation was made known.
      Tier IX Type 4 heavy – little is known, it was meant to be a heavy breaktrough tank. The only surviving documents are designs of the cooling system and a rough sketch, but they are actually from type 5. The design shows the reduced engine compartment, in comparison with type 4. Nothing specifically from type 4 survives as of now, expect an image of Russian troops standing near a (supposed) captured type 4 turret.
      Tier X Type 5 heavy – see above. It is worth of mention that the tank in game differs significantly from the sketch. It is not known why WG took such liberty.

  5. Da, Glorious Soviet Balance, comrade.
    Working entirely as expected.

  6. That DD towards the start hehe, comes around the corner to find 3 BB’s at close range… I bet hes glad they re balanced BB AP against DD’s otherwise he could have been in trouble lol

  7. +1 to the North Carolina that stayed and fought the whole game outgunned and outnumbered while that Deuce of York left him and Cheapayev couldn’t buy better drugs…

  8. Russian devs are making their products less enjoyable just so they can beat their chest about how awesome Russian/Soviet equipment is. Doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

    • Implying it ever made sense? I’d love an American or hell even a western european dev to release a game like this but we all know EA would somehow be involved… in that case everyone would rather a russian dev takes to lead.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      Well, they are making it more enjoyable to their core audience: Russians. Working as intended, tovarish!

    • except funny enough these things were never built, and the Russians have never been known to really be good at the entire navy thing; from Tsushima to Kursk…

  9. I saw the armour on Aerroon’s stream this Friday, it is quite impressive. Thanks, Flambass.

  10. 5656DMG on 5 overpens. Poor T6 Fubuki

  11. World of Warships – Nothing can stop the player exodus!

    …fixed that title for ya (Facts over fiction mate)

  12. Is it just me or should you have gotten the “first blood” medal?

  13. At the end, Flambass does what I instinctively do when a sneeze come. I try to hold it and let it out slowly and gently but 50%+ times a second one comes more faster and forcefully since the first failed.
    I don’t know if I explained that properly.

  14. I wanna have those Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya’s in muy port.

  15. It’s a tie r 8 though so it will only get tier 10 games. I get tier 10 games 9/10 times

  16. British invented sonar and radar – RN BBs do not get.
    British had the best quality hardened steel armour – not reflected in game.
    Soviets decades behind in design and technology – get radar and ‘Stalinium’ armour ?
    Can’t make this shit up.

    • Pau Herrero Tejedor

      Best quality hardened steel armour…proved in the Denmark strait battle

    • +Pau Herrero Tejedor armor quality had nothing to do with Hood detonating

    • +Pau Herrero Tejedor Someone else who has no idea what they are talking about – but makes stupid comments nonetheless….
      Hood was made from WW1 era Krupp. I said post 1930 onwards if you bothered to read. Also Hoods demise was due to an obsolete horizontal armour scheme. Nothing wrong with the quality of her armour at the time of construction.

    • Hood proved the best quality armor yes XD

    • Just because they invented it does not mean they made good use of it, Hood practically ran head first into Bismarck because of her poor surface ship detection systems, if you want to say made the best use of said systems, it would be the USN hands down, their radar assisted gunnery systems gave them the best theoretical accuracy of any battleship in history, Iowa had no need for her spotter due to how good her Radar system was.

      But you’re right about the rest, in real life post WW2 the soviets could not forge modern face hardened steel armor thicker then 220MM , because A. they never could to start with. B, they sort of purged all their good scientists in the 20s and 30s.

      as for IJN armor as you posted earlier, it depends on what ship you have in question, Yamato is still the most heavily armored by weight ship ever built, even though her steel is sub optimal it was made up for with good armor design and raw thickness.

  17. Is anyone even remotely surprised that WG made Russian BBs the most overpowered?

  18. Russian Bias:
    The Game

    For real though these ships will be the final nail in the coffin for KM BBs

  19. The enemy were just stupid xD
    The ship isnt bad though

  20. Fubuki did her best…
    It was not enough against glorious Russian balance

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