World of Warships – Nothing Harder (featuring Yuro)

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What’s the hardest thing to do in World of Warships? Take a cap? Score a Kraken? Nope.

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  1. Us here in the salt mine appreciate the video commander Jingles!

  2. Memory pills for The jingles. Yuro the torpedo beater………. I see Jingles I see

  3. Good morning Jingles. ^^
    ARP KONGO!!! Wohoooo!

  4. The Mighty Jingles

    Yes, I know, it’s a Rhein. Why are you surprised?

    • @Che Guevara that one actually pissed me off a bit, see I am one of the few that actually got the Takao through the event.. and EU version was fucked as fuck, win and survive in 100 battles in a t8 or higher xD so I expected, they could do a simillar thing with the Yamato :/

    • @Patrick Mundhenk-Koch Yeah no wonder germany had no steal left for their tanks if they were building ships that long 😛

    • Arend van Splunter

      Rhein says Nein! Its my Rhein actually, I am probably the worst aircraft carrier playing in world of warships and got a Rhein during the event, its my only carrier. I only play it when I am in a very masochistic mood. But its definitly worth it to “star” and be (wrongly) mentioned as a Weser by the Mighty Jingles. Bucketlist achievement completed: Be in a Jingles video!

    • I’m not surprised, just disappointed.

  5. “Thunderer are ass cancer” yup that’s Yuro beat to you

  6. Strangely, that ship looks like it has very modern lines to it.

  7. “not that i have any interest in the anime” says the lord of salty weebs

  8. Seeing 2 CVs bunched up together and having free reign to do whatever you want with them is such a dream come true

  9. I’m happy to see Yuro’s video featured again

  10. Best meta defining nickname ever.

  11. It’s like hearing a zoomer read legal documents out loud.

  12. NGL thought you were going to call yourself “Uncle Jingles” again at the start..

  13. Yuro’s last shells hit at 997 points… a single point tick would have won the game…

    • Yeah that was potentially the closest game I’ve ever seen.

    • @Purplefood You’d have to scour Jingle’s channel, but I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a vid he featured where the shells landed ON the final tick to 1000, and resulted in a win for the guy who fired the shots. I think it’s called Nailbiter? But yeah, this was a seriously close game.

  14. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Yuro kills Rhein.
    Jingles: “He finally takes the Weser down”.
    Well, both are rivers in Germany. That’s close enough for me.

  15. “Give that men a medal, for his name” German BB captain

  16. Sound’s like a private activity when “no one is looking”

  17. It’s like they were getting in a KONGO line to die by his guns

  18. I feel so bad for EB that he had to carry that hard but i feel even worse for the enemy team seeing the win being literally given away

  19. “Not that I have any interest in anime…” Hiding kancolle shipgirl figure in his gnome cave…

    • Technically Jingles could mean just that one anime since he said: “in the anime” 😀 But I guess we will not know 😀

  20. Δημήτρης Πολάλης


  21. Wargaming: you’re not supposed to be able to sink carriers!

    The battle of Midway enters the chat.

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