World of Warships – Nothing Harder II (Featuring ClydeThaMonkey)

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Is it a Battleship? Is it an Aircraft carrier? Well since it didn’t receive it’s flight deck until 1942, for now it’s very definitely a Battleship and today it’s being sailed by an angry Norwegian ape.

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  1. woo, power related interruptions havent started yet

  2. I was so hyped when I saw Hyuga in the team list until it turned out that Hyuga in WoWS doesn’t actually have a flight deck 🙁 gotta wait for the Ise I guess

  3. iirc Ise and Hyuga were rebuilt as half-carriers because the admirals on the battleship team told the carrier admirals to f*ck off when they were told to hand over two battleships

  4. Looking forward to the next cooking stream _giggle

  5. Good morning Jingles. Hope you were able to cook your breakfast without any issues. ^-^

  6. I find myself at a loose end, with every which way to go….

  7. Rather ironic that the player featured in this replay plays both War Thunder and World of Warships since the ship he’s commanding here is now playable in both games.

  8. It’s kind of embarrassing. I cant even remember watching that Clint Eastwood movie.
    Name is actually from “Shaun of The Dead”, which referred to that movie I guess.
    Got the name back when I was drunk and had to come up with a username for my PlayStation 2 online user.
    I just happened to see Shaun of The Dead the same day…

  9. So you ARE allowed to show this video now then Jingles?

  10. Is this that NDA video? How did I miss this and way the low views? It must be that NDA video. Interesting ship so far. I saw a Tone sailing around earlier tonight. I sorta geeked out, she looked good.

  11. Clyde Turned Every Which Way in that match But just never got Loose.

  12. Jingles, good to know our master of the Salt mines was kind enough to show us a WoW match where skill mattered!

  13. Jingles – why is there a delay in recent months, in both WoT and WoWS’s replays where the sound in game is a second or two behind the footage? The guns fire, the shells get 200m away, and THEN you hear the bang

  14. Wow this video didn’t even come up in my subscriptions list. WTF Youtube???

  15. Hyuga the current bully in Warthunder naval forces

  16. “All they have to do is nothing…”
    It’s as if I’ve heard of that somewhere before…
    It’s almost as if Jingles said the exact same thing in a video that I featured in…

  17. It was. He had to take it down for NDA reasons

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