World of Warships – Nothing To See Here, Folks!

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Is it a Cruiser? Is it a Destroyer? It’s a Soviet cruiser with an identity crisis! And it’s back on sale on the EU server so that’s all the excuse for a video I need.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. DoriDori | Airsoft

    Although I can’t play this game, I really love to watch it!! So please
    Jingles, more! 😀 (I play WOT on Xb360 for 2yrs now)

  2. lol, farragut instantly reminded me of elite

  3. Cleveland can only fire upto 14.6klm you can’t extend it due to perk bing
    maxed to 139mm guns.

  4. Wish this was available on the Asian server. We never seem to get anything

  5. Adwcleaner by Xplode will seek out and destroy any hijacker/adware or pups
    hiding on your system yw :)

  6. I want this on ps4?

  7. Again timed purchases? I’m still waiting for the Tirpitz. No wonder i’m
    more psiqued for the Merkava IIB on AW. I know i know it’s not your fault
    or business Jingles but this really ticks me off so i’m venting a bit…

  8. Happy birthday Mr. Jingles!!!

  9. World of Russian Fantasy Warships

  10. AP has become more and more the go to for cruisers. HE does terrible to no
    damage and slinging AP shells into cruiser citadels, and battleship
    superstructures is the way to go now. Landed 6000-8000 damage hits on North
    Carolina superstructures while using Cleveland AP, albeit this was from
    very close range.

  11. Kitakami has smoke too jingles ;)

  12. IF only we could get that much credits and xp in a tier 10 world of tanks
    match… best we’ve obtained was around 200k :/

  13. Happy Birthday, Jingles^^

  14. Jingles… You keep leading me up to disappointment. It’s not you directly
    but it reminds me of watching Faxmonkey’s videos( a frost mage troll in
    vanilla wow he was awesome at aoeing tons of mobs and soloing elites and
    honestly he was so good normal mages couldn’t hope to do what he did… so
    they nerfed ALL mages- which didn’t stop him anyway and he was just so good
    he could always find a way to make the game’s mechanics his bitch) while
    even in wows and wot, I doubt you are as good as that guy, you are still
    pretty good and you are informative.

    The issue is that the game devs seem intently watch what you do and when
    you find out something cool and inform people about it the devs nerf it
    into the fucking ground. I suppose it’s not really your fault but it’s
    super frustrating.

    I believe your information WAS correct but the devs are like “PEOPLE ARE

    What am I talking about? Mostly in this context-The Cleveland. I was
    looking forward to getting that ship so badly and by the time I got to it
    the devs must have saw your videos and decided people were having too much
    fun. I could almost never hit a damned thing in that ship due to their
    idiotic nerf of the gun velocity- it’s slowly than the damned omaha! I
    could do better in the omaha or murmansk than I could in the cleveland.

    The second thing that annoyed me after you going on about it was the
    mathilda in wot. While part of it is most likely due to me being crap I
    have a feeling the devs buffed the pen greatly after you made those videos-
    even when I was top tier I was being penned right,left, and center.

  15. Me like!! Too bad their prices are not that great. And Jingles is
    absolutely right, the Cleveland is far more than a high explosive spam
    machine. I use AP a ton in mine to great effect against other cruisers and
    even sometimes against certain battleships.

  16. And if you want high tier battleship range, add the appropriate captain
    skill and you can boost it over 20km :P.

  17. hmmm how did u break ur old bed Mr J?

  18. yeah iv noticed that when firing with clevelands guns at max distance 14.7
    i think it was, you need to lead like country miles since the shell arc and
    velocity are just so shitty.

  19. Jesse Morris (Flomsy)

    Intense battle. Here on the NA server everyone camps or torp shotguns and

  20. New Bed. Jingles breeding program reinstated.

  21. That thing gets a smoke screen but the Atlanta doesn’t? Wtf?

  22. This ship looks OP as hell ._.

  23. So it has a heap of KV-2 guns???

  24. “I’m pretty sure these guns fire shells at a higher velocity than the
    Cleveland”. Well, yeah. But the Mutsuki’s 10km Torps move faster than the
    Crapland’s shells. After the myriad of nerfs the Cleveland’s received,
    outperforming the thing isn’t impressive anymore.

  25. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Any news on when the RN tree will launch? I just can’t play a WWII warship
    game without the British fleet…just does’nt seem right

  26. A 20 minute video with nothing to see, eh? Oh Jingles, you so silly.

  27. Nothing to see, more like nothing to SEA, get it because there on the
    ocean… Ill shut up now

  28. what should we do if we have a world of warships video to share with you

  29. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    Jingles, are you gonna cover Naval action anytime soon?

  30. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    now that’s what i call a battle!

  31. Richard Lorenz Nues

    Does Mikhail Kutozuv still has 19km range even with the changes on Captain

  32. This game is the reason why WG won’t fully integrate the exp and credit
    system with their three games. IE Credits, Gold, and EXP earned in WoWS can
    be used in WoT or WoWP.

  33. You have to cool it on telling players not to show their beams Jingles. I
    understand why you do and it is valid to a point but I have been seeing
    players so paranoid about showing their beams because “Jingles says to
    never show your sides or you get a paddling” that they have been doing
    silly things. About a week ago I saw a NM stopped in a bad position that
    was getting worse when he could have done a turn and made his situation
    better while heading to help. Those still watching the battle asked “what
    he was doing?”…”I can’t show my sides to them” He was sunk shortly later
    just as help got near him. Sure showing your sides is a risk but you can
    also benefit too…1-you can bring more turrets to bear and 2)-you have to
    weight the risks and often turning away will save you while you show your
    sides some as you improve your situation. The game is little broken, with
    too strong of bows that make BBs point their bows and use only forward
    turrets and sure warships did not angle their ships to bounce rounds like
    you do in game, making wows to much like wot but nether the less this is a
    warship game where you have to move and turn at times…don’t be paranoid
    about showing your sides when you need too, you may get sunk regardless

  34. And still haven’t gotten this thing on the NA server

  35. is world of warships still in beta?

  36. Yuke is fucking retarded xD

  37. Syrup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Jingles… The title. You couldn’t sea that there was a pun to be made?

  38. Cleveland doesn’t have 16+ km range any more

  39. New bed? Did you break the old one? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  40. soviet stronk.

    laser guns. effing accurate as hell.

  41. The best way to start your day. Having breakfast while watching jingles is good

  42. Another Great video!

  43. Sorry but don’t play WOT or WOW any more.

    1. WOW, no Brittish ships…just boring Russian who none care about
    2. WOT, Cos of” Stalin syndrome” and RU who team kill.

  44. Where’s mah soviet cruiser video Jingles

  45. Wow, another OP Soviet/Russian ship. Wonder why I stopped playing WoWS?

  46. Be quiet comrade! Royal Navy was never powerful navy! Best, stronkest navy
    to ever sail sea’s is russssssian naaaavyyyyy ._.

  47. BOAT VIDEO! woo!

  48. I thought Cleveland only have 14.5km

  49. i wish i could make 875k and 8.7k exp in WOT :(

  50. at Bovington tank museum can i go inside the tanks?

  51. A new bed, Jingles? May I ask what happened to your old one? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  52. Kv-2 of this game?

  53. Guillermo Fischer

    Please Jingles be more in touch with the game! Try to get a line to T8 at
    least so you can explain the game better and dont make wrong statements.
    Just my 2¢ =D
    PS: dont do the USN CA line, is baaaaad.

  54. I agree. Always in chat there some guy just yelling about how everyone
    sucks but yet there the one whos DEAD!
    In a country where you can be anything, out of the thousands of
    possibilities of things that one could choose to become when they grow up,
    they choose to be an asshole!!!

  55. Jingles please do yourself a favor and start playing this game again, so
    you can get up to date with whats actually going in the game in regards to
    stats and maps and ships and shit. The past few vids you posted show you
    haven’t kept yourself up to date.

  56. Jingles the guns on the cleveland are slightly more accurate, with a
    dispersion angle of 0.43 degrees vs 0.46 degrees on the MK. Of course
    dispersion isn’t everything, higher shell velocity also makes it easier to
    hit a moving target.

  57. Kutuzov is tier 8 Cleveland? Ha. Cleveland has shortest range out of his
    peer. Kutuzov has longest range cruiser in the game. They are completely
    different ships. One of them is completely overpowered. Guess which one is

  58. Jingleeeeeees stop teasing me.

  59. actually… the Big K is less accurate per Km than the cleveland… so…

  60. AIMBOT!!! Look at this vid at 16:20. See how the aim is bouncing forward
    and back? Tell me that is not an aimbot locked on target for the citadel.

  61. didnt that cruiser with 40 torpedoes from the closed beta have a
    smokescreen aswell

  62. What? No history lesson on the ship? I’m disapointed!

  63. 7:00 man… I know we are watching this nice fight at C, but all I can
    think while it’s going on is “why is the entire force of capital ships on
    my team giving up A and B so readily”. It’s, like, every game of mine ever

  64. how do u get 16 km range on cleveland? :(

  65. how do I turn on visible tank recoil in war thunder tanks

  66. Well yeah jingles, but I reckon only 1% of Cleveland captains have ever
    deliberately fired armor piercing , I know this from experience, to be
    honest, I think that that NASA should make the ships that cruisers fire at;
    Martian reference? you get the gist

  67. Please do a video on German cruisers.

  68. What mods do you use? There is automatic line of fire and no dark scope?

  69. Merchant Ivory (filmstudent)

    Ug i just want subs

  70. Actually Jingles, the Cleveland has only 14.6 km range.

  71. Twice, I’ve sunk the Mikihail Kutzov twice with a single salvo from my


  73. nothing to sea here*
    missed opportunity ;)

  74. Jingles for some reason after I signed in it moved me to a different video
    and I didn’t check. Anyway, Love the video and your the only one I watch
    (my age is showing) and try Spybot S&D. Should take care of your browser.

  75. I want smoke screen on my Kongo =)

  76. Darryn Roopnarine

    Uh, actually Jingles, the kitakami-oh wait…

  77. Jingles, tell us how exactly how you managed to break your old

  78. that ship has a stupidly high chance of fire for how fast it shoots

  79. Typical Soviet WoWs bias.

  80. I would really like to know if he was rammed in a game after this vid..

  81. Not really impressive considering the type of ship this.

  82. World of snoreships. yes

  83. kevin shaughnessy

    what about the kitakami

  84. Cleveland doesn’t have 16.5 km range, it’s got 14.6km range. ;)

  85. ummm i dont think the Cleveland can reach that 16.5 km range anymore

  86. How do you get good graphics and high fps?

  87. How do you get those countdown timers on the damaged modules? Ive only got
    those tiny circle things on mine.

  88. I’m going to assume that when you said people thought the Kutuzov was a HE
    spammer you meant the EU server, since you guys have it available to you
    now. I could’ve sworn it was well known on the NA server that the Kutuzov’s
    AP is very formidable.

  89. Just watching the video while playing wot …. and getting a glorious match
    in the t26e4 super P. and blocking a grand total of 5.670dmg and dealing
    2.300 k dmg xD just had to tell someone right now ^^

  90. Kitakami also has smoke.

  91. Now tell me Jingles how is everybody supposed to know which freaking
    cruiser got torpedoes, I mean like really, there aren’t any markers that
    say ˝watch out he’s go torpedoes˝ now are there.

  92. If my calculations are correct and the dispersion is proportional the
    Mikhail Kutuzov actually ought to have a dispersion of 132m at 16,5Km.

  93. I want an ammo choice at the torpedoes.

  94. A cruiser with smoke and viable torpedoes? thats just cheating.


  95. Jingles have you tried playing steel ocean ? It’s got submarines as well

  96. Beaver did a good job.

  97. AlbanianAssassin29

    Nice vid Jingles! More WOWS please, a high tier game would be nice.

  98. And we’re trusting you to tell us how to play smart??? J/K … hope you got
    it fixed. BR

  99. great gameplay, by someone else…..

  100. A new bed? For you and rita?

  101. Jingles i have a little advice for you, if you want to google how to get
    rid of an browserhighjacker, use your phone. I had a couple myself even one
    that blocked my laptop so i just used my phone, works perfectly fine. Great
    video btw keep the work up and let us be entertained by us

  102. jeova0sanctus0unus

    the fuck? He can penetrate that amagi with his 150 mm´s ? If i try that
    with my Mogamis 203´s i only make it like… almost never… the fuck?

  103. apparently YouTube unsubscribed me from you Jingles. No idea how, but it
    has been corrected. I am now subscribed…..again.

  104. sees “Nothing to see here, Folks!”
    ok see you tomorrow :P

  105. Well TMJ good one again !

  106. idk why people don’t use AP more in cruisers…
    High RoF + Plunging fire = So many Dead battleships.

  107. Do you think battle ships should get a buff vs fires? Not a buff reducing
    the chance of a fire, but a flat buff vs damage and burn time. These ships
    have a substantially larger crew who would be able to more quickly control
    and extinguish a fire compared to the other ship class’s. Thoughts?

  108. 15:43 I want to defend the Battleship driver because it”s not exactly
    obvious which Cruisers in the gamr (Besides the Japanese) has Torps or not,
    even still I need to remind myself if he zig zagged to avoid incoming fire
    he would’ve threw off the torp spread even if only by a little.

    Still, this cruiser seems pretty ridiculous with everything that it can do,
    I’m sure if the New O had it’s own smoke it would’ve been a bigger bitch to
    kill. Meh, wont get anywhere whining though.

  109. please disperse!

  110. It’s that bloody boat game again…

  111. Hey Jingles, you should play Panzermadels

  112. thank you jingles 🙂 a wows video. still miss your ship reveiw videos but
    for now my faith has been restored and i am content ;)

  113. I want one…..

  114. Ashame the Kutuzov isn’t on sale on NA in time for the new ships.

    run it and it will get rid of your hijacker
    its free

    alternatively you can open task manager and find the offending process,
    open it’s file location so you know where it is, then boot into safe mode
    so it dont start up then delete it

    next time

  116. wait wait wait………did he just say “the NEW land of fire map” ?!?!?

  117. 12:33 – Dead guys in games complain the most because they have the most
    time to type….

  118. 127mm of armour on the new Orleans, just throw a couple of mauses in

  119. Nothing new in the WG greedy WOW universe, premium ships are far better
    than regular line ships. Soon ppl will get tierd of playin a BUY TO WIN
    GAME. wich is really sad.

  120. pfff i did 185000 damage and 7 kills in a minekaze and wasnt top tier and
    got 25% of the cash that guy got for his lame duck shooting with no real
    skill needed…

  121. 19:34 So that’s why everyone is shooting at me! >:(

  122. jingles, do some reviews on German ships!

  123. That was a hoot….

  124. was it a real browser hijacker or ransomware? A browser hijacker is easy
    enough to get rid of with HJT, ransomware is not.

  125. If this is nothing, WTF is something??? :D

  126. Alika Ostermiller

    very smart play. the stalin is strong with this one

  127. Yay that bloody boat game again

  128. this is the only cruiser that escaped the great cruiser nerf.
    wows screwed with the fire range/rate of 155 mm guns. however, wows buffed
    the mikael by making the higher range / rate standard. that means the
    player can use captain skills for other options. THIS IS A FANTASTIC SHIP!

  129. “I had to put a new bed together”….because we broke the old one last
    night! alright! gigidy :P

  130. i need to reinstall my WOWS it is such fun

  131. God damn it wargaming the russian navy was the worst navy of ww2. Why do
    you have to make them so OP?

  132. Russian bias holyshit wargaming really?

  133. Shreidder got banned lol finally 

  134. Thor God of Thunder

    Dat Citadel against the Amagi! That was hilarious!

  135. Talk about a rock and a hard place

  136. Periodic reminder that WG needs to implement a light cruiser line for the
    US as quickly as possible. Kutusov is just Cleveland as it was introduced
    and at the tier it belongs. Cleveland should be replaced at tier 6 by
    Brooklyn and by Helena (to avoid confusion with the earlier St. Louis) at
    tier 7, and then followed by Fargo at tier 9 and then Worcester at tier 10.
    Worcester is a big Atlanta with 6×2 fully automatic 6in like the fully
    automatic 8in on the Des Moins but trades shell size for the ability to
    shoot at aircraft.They might be reluctant to do this because only the US
    has a full line of both heavy and light cruisers. Most other navies you
    have to combine the two types to provide a full ten tiers of cruisers. Only
    the USN kept building both armored and un/light armored cruisers through
    the end of WWII. Trivia:The last US CL was the nuclear powered missile
    cruiser USS Long Beach originally CLGN-160. She had a heavily modified
    Worcester hull design and took the name and hull number of a cancelled

  137. Where’s the British ships?

  138. oh and 7.5 rpm

  139. Cleveland max range now is 14.6km since captain skill change.

  140. I would like to posit that the reason it’s always the dead guys yelling is
    due to a plethora of spare time during which to type, rather than
    sail/aim/fire, etc.

  141. Quinton Dombrowski

    Only in a WarGaming product would velocity and distance of a projectile be
    completely independent quantities. They don’t even try to physics.

  142. I have a very important question that must be settled! Which is better the
    Sherman jumbo or the Sherman firefly? thank you for letting us out of the
    salt mines and reading my dilemma that must be solved for science…..
    (:Lenin cat approved:)

  143. Still don’t understand why cruisers can have such long range but still
    remain so accurate when bbs have similar range and pretty much twice the
    dispersion.. And fire 10x slower

  144. Do you know if it is coming to the NA server?

  145. Jingles, your drunk, please fact check, your Cleveland stats :P

  146. Seriously Jingles, everyone who knows ANYTHING about the Kutuzov will tell
    you that if you want to spam HE, the Kutuzov is NOT a good ship for you!
    Its HE is not bad, but it isn’t great either, but its AP – it is fantastic!

    If you would RATHER spam HE in a Heavy Cruiser, buy the Atago. Sure the
    Atago also benefits from the use of AP at the proper times, but UNLIKE the
    Kutuzov, the Atago has strong enough HE that even without using AP you can
    still easily score good damage.

    That said, I will say that I LOVE having Demolition Expert on my Kutuzov.
    Because while AP is certainly my ammo of choice, there are times when HE is
    just the better option, and while the Kutuzov does not do particularly good
    HE damage versus some Battleships – if you have Demolition Expert, that is
    a 15% fire chance with a high rate of fire and 12 guns!

    though I use Demolition Expert on my Atago captain as well, because 20%
    fire chance with all IJN 203s til the Zao, and then 22% fire chance with
    the Zao, is AWESOME!

    But that further says that if you want to spam HE, get the Atago over the

    Also the Kutuzov is NOT AT ALL like the Cleveland! That ship is a brawler,
    much harder to take citadel damage! Where the Kutuzov, at close range – it
    dies in an INSTANT to citadel damage!

    There is a reason that a large part of the EU community calls the Mikhail
    Kutuzov “Citadelovich”

  147. Fun ship, worth a price if you want a T8 ship that is fun to level RU
    captains with. I have one, rarely scared by them in my CAs or DDs or
    battlecruisers. I’m not a legit BB guy yet. All or most ships are
    formidable with good commanders. The funniest part, as with Atago, is that
    a good portion of commanders bought more ship than they have skill.

  148. Also, jingles, Amagi, though a tier 8, has worse armor than the Nagato

  149. 10:46 anyone who knows anything about World of Warships and the Mikhail
    Kutuzov in particular have NOT been saying it is an HE spam machine. They
    have been saying that it is an AP focused Mogami.

    As it is often more profitable for a Kutuzov to fire AP at the broadside of
    a battleship than it is to fire HE!

  150. This would be a well balanced cruiser if it weren’t for the smokescreen.

    But soviet bias even in naval warfare where its shitty paper fleet did fuck
    all throughout the war, and WG went full potato.

  151. Kitakami has smoke aswell :)

  152. How good do you think mighty jingles HMS Belfast was as a cruiser.

  153. Jingles, you do know that there is also a third cruiser in the game at tier
    8 with 152mm guns called the Mogami?

  154. Jesus jingles you get a LOT wrong! The Cleveland has 7.5 round per minute
    with its UPGRADED guns, and it has a MAX RANGE of 14.6 not 16.5 km ffs! Do
    you even keep track of the games you talk about anymore?

    Also historically the Kutuzov had that velocity, on its AP arounds anyway,
    which were 950 meters/sec (historically the HE were 800, but in game they
    are 950 as well)

  155. Sooo, is it OP?

  156. Uhh, yeahhh a LOT higher velocity! Mikhail Kutuzov 152mm L57 have a muzzle
    velocity of 950 meters/sec compared to the Cleveland’s 152mm L47 which have
    a muzzle velocity of just 752 meters/sec and a MUCH steeper trajectory!

  157. If you sail broadside unto any torpedo spread, that’s a paddlin’

  158. 0:25 a…king-size bed ?

  159. Yes! That the bloody boat game again!

  160. The Mighty Jingles I would live to see you play arma 3 epoch, Arma 3
    (Default) or arma 3 Dayz I know it’s a bit weird for your channel but it’s
    a Great War game,

  161. Saw one of these completely own a Colorado in a recent match. Then he went
    on to give me in my New Mexico a world of hurt. Nothing like a few OP tier
    8 premiums in the game to make people stop enjoying the game. Nice job

  162. Oh Jingles is so kindhearted. He still thinks giving torpedo help in a T 8
    game will help. ^^

  163. How do I get the quick chat, u know, the thank u and Google luck and fair
    seas thing?

  164. Is it just me or does the atago sorta look similar in outline to a
    Ticonderoga class cruiser?

  165. World of Burning Ships and OP Torps

  166. Tanks! Where’s the bloody tanks!

  167. Actually Jingles, the Cleveland has only 14.6 km range. and it’s 17.2 back
    when AFT could be applied to its guns. You’re thinking of Nurn/Konigsberg
    ranges there

  168. Make more OP thing Aha… Wargming you never chang…And World of Warship
    Esport lol just look at WOT Esport

  169. The Cleveland is one of the most devastating ships for it’s tier at close
    range with AP. At 5KM I have made several 12 citadel salvos against
    Furutakas and Myokos

  170. 12:46 : Exactly what I say to every chat retard like this. Thank you,

  171. Daniel “Danspy501st” Jensen

    “Please DD’s learn how to trop”
    Yeah right, like you can do it better. It is hard to aim and hit with
    trops, and it doesnt really help when you nearly get killed and under fire
    from anyone

  172. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Amagi got penned at his citadel by 152mm AP round, lol what a trash bb :DDD
    i know it’s got amazing damage potential, but still in wows one of the
    primary task for a BB is dmg shield.

  173. I think the internet would be a kind safer place if all your game accounts
    had your name,face and location information. Alot of these ragers would
    think twice before going off in chat.

    Did you buy an IKEA bed Jingles?

  174. When did Cleveland get Nurnberg’s range?

    I thought Cleveland shot out to 14.7km or so, not 16.5km.

  175. You missed a golden opportunity for a sea based pun in the episode title.

  176. Look a Tier 8 St. Louis.

  177. did you get the surfvox browser hijacker? I somehow got the same one!

  178. +themightyjingles you need to log into world of warships you have got all
    the wrong stats on the Cleveland…. And land of fire is not a new map that
    came in several patches ago.

  179. Kitikami does

  180. BTW just and FYI this is a Russian POST WAR vessel, the cruiser the US has
    from post war is the Tier 10 Des Moise , War thunder all over again

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    Hey, hey look

    Man, I get seasick even watchin’ it on the TV!

    They want you, they want you in the navy

    Oh my goodness.

    What am I gonna do in a submarine?

    They want you, they want you in the navy

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    Can’t you see we need a hand

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    In the navy

    Come on be bold and make a stand

  182. The good old Joke in the beginning… I always laugh my ass off haha

  183. Jingles the butcher… poor Kutuzov.

  184. Nice NEW intro Jingles.

  185. Jingles do you have access to the new Soviet cruisers yet and are you going
    to make preview videos on them.

  186. To be fair, Amagi has the worst armour of any battleship in the game aside
    from Isazuchi. Its worse than the kongo’s, worse than south Carolina for
    gods sake.

  187. Doesn’t the kitakami get a smokescreen? The one with 40 torps? And to those
    crying about the kutuzov, keep in mind that all CLs at tier 7 except the
    Atlanta get 203 mm guns, and everything else at tier 8 gets much bigger
    guns. It really affects performance, the small guns do like 1/2 the damage
    to BBs

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    this program on your pc and you will never get viruses or any other kind of
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    malware for free here is the name of the program that i use everyday
    “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware”

  189. “The problem with a browser hijacker is that whenever you Google how to get
    rid of the hijacker, it hijacks your browser”
    Certainly funny, but I’m guessing nobody ever told Jingles about modern
    smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other means of Googling that doesn’t
    require the use of a hijacked desktop.

  190. I was growing more and more disgusted with this ship and WOWS as the video
    went on. As soon as I saw the smoke generator, I noped out and remembered
    how happy I am that I don’t play that stupidly unbalanced game anymore.

  191. Actually Jingles, the Cleveland’s upgraded guns get a rof of 7.5, equally
    the kutuzov 😛 just depends if people want that extra 1.5 rounds per minute
    with the 10s increase in turret rotation time.

  192. Ship seems balanced.

  193. Not that bloody watertank game again.

  194. Gareth Fairclough

    Btw, doesn’t the kitakami have smoke? I know we can’t get that boat
    anymore, but I think it might still be in the files so you might still be
    able to use it if you had it already…
    I think?

  195. Wolf of the Aurora

    Actually, Jingles, the Atago, a Takao-class cruiser, is also heavy cruiser.

    This is also evident by her *ahem* large fuel tanks.

  196. ACTUALLY jingles the clevelands maximum range is 14.7km
    I know because I have to put up with that shit in tier 8 games all the time.
    still great ship though

  197. it’s like an Atlanta with bigger range

  198. Battleship drivers just remember, where there’s smoke there’s torpedoes.

  199. Oh… it is that bloody boat game again…

  200. Gareth Fairclough

    Jingles pc gets Internet aids, I suffer a bout of D&V and then as soon as
    it ends…. I put my back out . Fun week!

  201. WoT Patch 9.14 will be released between 12 A.M and 5:30 A.M on 3/10/16.
    Update: It has been posted on the game launcher now. 9.14

  202. jingles next time u have a browser problem use ADWcleaner from bleeping
    computer, it works like a charm

  203. Is this ship really as OP as people say. I don´t want to miss another Type
    59 :p

  204. 186,975 damage done eh? Not bad for a “HE spammer” ;)

  205. Battleships sailing in straight lines? That deserves a paddlin;)

  206. Jingles, you could have used your phone to Google how to remove a browser

  207. Kutuzov gets all the package. RoF, smoke, torp, range.

    No bias here, move along.

  208. Time for me to be salty again but… Very nice Wargaming, any news on the
    Royal Navy?

  209. Wow, this actually seems like a pretty flexible, versatile ship, or does
    Yuki just make it look that easy?

  210. Very good game by him but it just makes me think that WG are not even
    pretending what is their most important audience 🙂 Ship looks OP (very
    good torps, guns and a smoke screen) coupled with the order of release of
    nations :). Honestly given up waiting for Royal Navy so not bothered with
    WoWs until port sale and RN ships (before you all moan my choice and I have
    a lot of other very good games to play at the moment xcom2 , Masters of
    Orion, AW etc).

  211. CynicallyObnoxious

    Never understood the level of salt of ppl in this game ffs I dont even see
    some of this shit in LoL or Smite

  212. Kitakami has smoke as well

  213. go and try looking up some of the soviet cruisers that are coming into the
    game. They’re navy is a paper navy because most of the ships are designs
    and prototypes, plus they’ve been hidden in secrecy. Lets just say its a
    hard task

  214. tsk!, blatantly missed a pun! nothing to see,…..nothing

    I’m here all week folks!!
    tip your Stokers!

  215. go and try looking up some of the soviet cruisers that are coming into the
    game. They’re navy is a paper navy because most of the ships are designs
    and prototypes, plus they’ve been hidden in secrecy.

  216. When i saw him racking up the dmg and citadels against other cruiser,
    putting full health battleship out of their misery with torps, smokescreen,
    mobility, dpm, accuracy and getting citadels on them… what is the point
    behind playing a battleship?

  217. Really can’t decide if I want a Kutuzov or a Tirpitz

  218. You’re the best, Jingles. Much love ❤❤❤!!!

  219. First 2:00 min summed up. Russian op ship

  220. Stalinium Shell TOO STRONK

  221. ethan micah Bench

    If you are looking for some epic damage videos, check out Dez’s short list:

  222. how I love this thing its just so unbalanced

  223. In a game advertising for World War 2 naval warfare, here we see a cold-war
    era crusier placed on tier 8, and:
    (1) have smoke generator that other cruiser in same tier does not have
    (2) 152mm gun fires more than 19km with good shell arc and rapid firing
    rate per minute
    (3) good anti-air craft firepower and torpedo for close combat.
    (4) No armor, but if considering the fact that other same tier crusier’s
    armor really doesn’t mean too much when facing BB this tier would

    Guess the only “balance” is that this ship cost real money.

  224. Sekrit dokuments say soviet ship is best in world. Must honor great soviet
    navy in game that is of ships. Soviet navy why mother Russia win in war
    that is of 2 world’s

  225. I keep sonar on my Mikhal and use superintendent. I sail into smoke and
    hunt dds or torpedoes

  226. review the North Carolina please! I like in north carolina and I’m also
    interested in how it works

  227. talk about a pay to win ship. ofc its a Russian ship in game.

  228. A Hungarian Strafe

    that was an extreme misplay at the end of the match. I am disappoint,

  229. I wish I had more time for World of Warships……it’s all KanColle all the
    time now tho……..

  230. Yay, I can’t even play WoWs anymore. Why? Because the WoWs client doesn’t
    have the MOST BASIC FUNCTION YOU CAN IMAGINE for a game with a launcher
    (and one that literally every other launcher game I have EVER played has) –
    a repair function. Yes, if your WoWs client gets damaged you can spend
    hours of re-downloading the whole damn game client again. GG Wargaming,
    that’s one way to fend off players.

  231. Are Iowa and Yamato in the game yet? if yes I’ll play it. if no this game

  232. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    glorious Russian Stalinium cruisers will soon be crushing tiny japanies and
    murikan ships!!

  233. Tomorow its my birthday

  234. My Aoba is still stuck in the ceiling fan from your last video. Jingles i
    need your help..

  235. that fires do as much as he shells Isnt unsual. On my zao i once got 124k
    fire dmg and 80+ he shells.

  236. Jingles: there are three cruisers in the game that have smoke. The mikhail,
    the Iwake Alpha, AND the Kitakame. Remember that ship from closed beta that
    can launch 40 torpedoes without reloading? It is still in the game;
    supertesters and those who finished rank 1 in the first season of ranked
    battles still have the ship(at least on NA).

  237. MORE XCOM

  238. Really well played, esp the ammo selection, it really seems worth to use AP
    even against BBs of the same tier….never sure when it comes to that about
    Soviet ships, in the DDs I went by the rule AP for BBs one tier lower but
    recently I started to believe even a Tashkent s guns are better to be used
    with AP in general (unless the enemy is well angled)

  239. lmao I WISH my Cleveland had a 16 km range… what are you smoking Jingles?

  240. Nothing to see here? NEW INTRO!

  241. That was some strange shooting. I think it was a bot.

  242. DAMN! Yukikaze and that ship, what beasts! Well done sir! o7

  243. If 180,000 damage is a lot for a tier 8 cruiser, I did 176,000 damage in a
    kuma, tier 4 crusier but replay was not enabled so couldn’t send it in.
    Goddammit world of warships

  244. Jingles, is the replay sistem in WOWS the same as it is in WOT, because I
    cannot find the replay file?

  245. I make joke

    World of Warships e-sport

  246. Daniel Jakubčík

    hey thats my replay 😀 😀 😀 (don´t focus me 😀 )

  247. finally back with WoWs :D

  248. kitakami has smoke as well. Its been disabled tho even For the ppl that got
    in ranked.

  249. The Reason why you can get Citadel hits on an Amagi with 152mm guns…
    Because the Amagi is a Battlecruiser (in real life) and it has CRAP armor

  250. Oh Jingles… how I truly do wish the Cleveland still had a 16.5km range…
    it’s 14.5 now. :(

  251. And thus sailed the Type 59 of World of Warships.

  252. Still say that HE should hust be removed.

  253. Absolutely disgusting ship. It’s just like WG purposely made the ship OP as
    they could just because it’s a soviet cruiser. I can imagine the meeting
    where they balanced that thing:
    – Riiiight here is the Michail Kutuzov, what do we do with it?
    – Well it’s a soviet ship we best give it the best guns we can.
    – But what about the range than, surely something that fires that fast and
    it’s fairly accurate can’t have good range?
    – Nonsense! Make it out gun most of the battleships.
    – Well oh so the ship has good guns surely that’s enough.
    – What? Do you want to get fired, give this ship some torpedoes as well and
    better make sure they’re decent!
    – All right all right already. So good gun and good torpedoes, but we have
    to put it in line with other cruisers as well.
    – Oh yes i nearly forgot, give it the good AA as well and don’t forget the
    cool down on the AA crews.
    – Ok but suurely that’s enough.
    – Enough? Surely not, give the ship a smoke screen generator as well, just
    for shits and giggles.
    In true WG fashion the Soviet troll machines are back into yet another

  254. I’ve actually quit WoW, due to all this russian bias bullshit, will never
    touch a russian made game again.

  255. Gah, more advertizing for the most over-buffed ship in the game – it should
    have been treated exactly the same as the Mogami.

  256. Actually jingles, the Kitakami is also a cruiser that has a

  257. Ehh jingles one quick note, the stock cleveland has 6.5 rounds per minute,
    and good turret rotation but the top turrets of the cleveland have 7.5
    rounds per minute so that is the same with the kutjezov.

  258. Great game Yuki! Kutuzov is a amazing ship! Which cruisers are considered
    Heavy cruisers in the game? Just so i know which ones i dont shoot AP at.

  259. Jingles, I am sure I have yet to seen all your content on youtube and maybe
    you have covered this question already, but I am curious are you a rear
    admiral ?

  260. Oh, and the kitikami gets a smoke generator! Man Ooyi is gonna be pissed
    that you forgot her sister

  261. I bet he was google Tank porn and ran into some malware

  262. Norwegian Septiceye

    What was jingles rank in the navy?

  263. +The Mighty Jingles
    Actually we want to hear more about this bed of yours, specially what its
    used for.

  264. Liam the dark angel.

    Where’s the British ships? apart from the warspite that tech tree is as
    bare as poundland after a 50% off sale.

  265. “The new land of fire map?”
    Jingles it’s been too long since you have played WoWs if this is a new map

  266. Kitakami should have also a smoke generator. Atleast I remember that they
    gave it to her in one patch.

  267. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    Browser Hijacker?

    Get a good internet security software.

    Kaspersky is great.
    Better safe than sorry.

  268. Damn I hate HE spamming Fags, Love this guy as he shows that AP is there
    for a reason so make use or it.
    HE is just the lazy mans ammo no brains just aim and fire, even worse when
    you see a damn BB using it your just wanna face palm.

  269. Jingles,
    How do you get the Cleveland to reach 16.5 km like you say at 02.16? Mine
    reach just 14.6 km. Is it some captain skills I’ve missed or something or
    did you use numbers from before how Advanced Firing Training now affects
    139 and lower caliber primary guns in 0.5.3 instead of the earlier up to
    155 mm?

  270. Now, the million pound question: Why would Mr. Jingles need a new bed?
    A: For 2
    B: The old one broke
    C: The old one squeaks
    D: All of the above

  271. actually uncle jangles, the Cleveland has a 14.5 km range :p

  272. Jingles the Kutusov in this vid has the pre update AFT skill of the
    captain..thats why it has 19 KM range 🙂
    BTW i like ur vids alot i watch them everyday :)

  273. Wow, thatw as some nice play 😀 this guy apperently knows what he is doing

  274. Never mind all that!

  275. Where’s the Royal Navy ships ?.As far as I’m aware the Soviet navy was
    pretty non existent in WW2.Unlike the Royal Navy in which my Granda played
    his part on various ships including the carrier HMS Indefatigable.

  276. God dammit Jingles. The Cleveland has a 14,6km range

  277. browser hijacker hey? Stop watching porn on weird sites mate, brazzers is
    the shit!

  278. ze noble Kraken knight

    Jingles, what’s the name of the elevator music you often play in your



  280. Jingles please review the new Soviet cruiser line! I am sure you get a test
    account with early access.

  281. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Damn…nice job.

  282. Helly, Emperor of YouTube, The Mighty Jingles, Saw this reply and thought
    that I should give it a try and send you one of my decent, puppy
    slaughtering CV replays (and a highlight of the changes that happened in
    the CV gameplay with the last update: New fire power of the Langley and
    better fighters for Hosho). Can you please take a look at it?

  283. War thunder please jingles

  284. jeffrey schreuder

    and you need a new pc because you jumped on your pc

  285. lol … i wish the Cleveland had an 16.5km range ! That’s the pre-nerf
    Cleveland with the 156s, not the one we have!

  286. xXLordYggdrasillXx

    I am not surprised anymore that WG is selling these OP russian premium
    ships. Compare this to the Mogami and you will see, that the MK is better
    in nearly every respect. Let’s hope that the other russian cruisers are not
    as OP as the MK, but russian bias is stronk.

  287. Rain Diamondheart

    Jingles, little question. I’ve seen a fair number of warships with two-gun
    and three-gun turrets, but have there ever been any with four or more guns
    in one turret? Or is that one of those design ideas that doesn’t float?

  288. <'o'> HOMO! :D

  289. Jingles, it’s Ku-Tu-Zov. stress on the second syllable, not the last one,
    Kutuzov was not French, in fact he kicked Napoleons’s ass.

  290. Actually Jingles, the Cleveland with upgraded guns also has a rate of fire
    of 7,5 rounds/min

  291. great even in this game
    Russian are OP
    good speed good turning radius
    good gun good turret traverse good rate of fire excellent range good torps
    good camo and smoke screen
    the only nation in WWII that doesnt even have any sea power comes into game
    before the great britian overpowered

  292. They buffed this ship to such ridiculous levels, it is a joke.

    “Well, we nerfed the captain skills for everyone except DDs…well, lets
    just buff the only Russian ship that suffers from those nerfs, so it
    doesn’t change a bit and can now take other captain skills. Oh and of
    course we do nothing for the Mogami, she now has 15 km range as a T8

  293. It’s that bloody boat game again…

  294. I liked the new intro Jingles, Nice one :)

  295. Clevland’s max range is now 14,4 Jingles, they changed the perks.

  296. jingles when is the atago review coming?

  297. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    us BB rivers need to sail in straight lines occasionally to bring batteries
    to bear, and to get anywhere with any speed because turning reduces
    progress to a crawl, Not making excuses, and sometimes we should have
    better situational awareness, but sometimes as a BB captain there is not
    much you can do as torp warning is danger close and if you turn all the
    time you will:
    a) constantly be presenting broadside to enemy BB – need to stay angled vs
    them and that means sailing in straight lines toward or away from enemy BBs
    b) not be going anywhere, when BBs need to be moving to caps etc. to get
    shots in etc. etc.

    so I argue for a better balance vs torps – better detection range is all we
    need as BB drivers so we dont get torped all the time and are helpless to
    fight it against invisible DDs right off your bow and smokescreened
    invisi-firing DDs and cruisers.

  298. Although the kutuzov have low caliber guns, it has a lot of them, which
    allows consistent over penetration damage when shooting at battleships(of
    course, did not mention it can set them on fire first very easily)

    It even have smoke

    It’s not even fair

    Nvm, big citadel, noob customers

  299. highly recommend malwarebytes. It picks up stuff your antivirus misses. And
    the free version works well. I like free.

  300. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  301. In this video: Jingles discovers the potential of offensive smoking.

  302. Can’t find it on in the shop?

  303. AP master race
    Sovyet Str0nk
    Cold-War era ships deserve a chance too, comrades!
    Ah, delicious red whine.

  304. 6″ AP rounds do full damage on a BB? Yeah, right, what a complete load of
    This game..the less you know of naval combat in this period, the more
    likely you are to enjoy it.

  305. I have genuinely been getting some big results lately but I am not really
    PC aware and have no idea how to record……

  306. Holy boxy vocal reverb Batman. Sounds like your mic needs some dampening
    behind it.

  307. Jingles did they buffed the cleveland range?? i thought it was 14.7 km not

  308. thanks Jingles for another great video, Greetings from the Canadian west

  309. Joel Chapple (ChappyTurtle)

    The Japanese Kitakami is the other cruiser that has a smoke screen

  310. i can finally have breakfast

  311. elliott van neste

    and this shows aigan if your looking to do lots of dammage cruisers >

    cause at the moment what battleships are is as follows : a gaint “Shoot at
    me” sign that tanks dammage. and its guns are derp cannons with a very slim
    chance of them actualy derping on someone.

  312. Ah, another glorious Warship video. So much more interesting than those
    rusty old tanks beating about.

  313. 7th viewer blitz is getting a update today 2.7

  314. Mikhail Kutuzov, a cold war russian ship that did absolutely nothing,
    presented by WG as a naval legend, nice. I don’t know what to think
    anymore, is WoWs dangerously entering into the P2W scheme? Smoke or
    repair/health in premium VIII cruisers, torpedos in premium BBs, sometimes
    more range, sometimes more guns, better AA… Some of these 40€ filthy
    boats are not longer inferior to their regular counterparts like in WoT.
    And this month russian fake cruisers are comming, so prepare yourself.

  315. at the maximum range i presume the mikhail can´t be seen even while
    shooting. Its got longer range and with some paint better stealth…,
    doesn´t shooting increse the range seen about 4 KM ?

  316. I’m early, time for a nice joke…. WoWs in ESport XD

  317. I am early let’t not make a joke …

  318. I love how JIngles never really changes his comedic style or commentary.
    Same style, but god damn its funny every time.

  319. Damnit Jingles, stop making me buy ships!

  320. ErikandAlexander Harris

    Not many Xbox 360 world of tanks youtubers I could play with ?

  321. And a guy with Yukikaze name, humm I wonder if it is related to the anime
    Sentou Yousei Yukikaze?

  322. Maverick Raphael H. Sebastian

    The Mikhail Kutzekov (I hope I spelled that right) was known for its
    support in the defense of Lenningrad. From the cover of a smokescreen the
    ship would engage targets on shore with its guns and dissappear back into
    it’s smoke. rhat is why it has a smoke discharger in the game.

  323. pornhub is a safer place to find you entertainment. stops you from
    downloading all the malware :P

  324. A Premium ship that’s better than normal ships? Welcome to the large family
    of OP Premiums Kutuzov. Have fun in Team Battles with the other P2W ships
    with superpowers. “E-SPORTS”!

  325. Gilian Rüsterholz

    i’m joke, let’s make an early.

    battleship accuracy

  326. This is ‘probably’ or ‘probably’ not a video to help you decide to purchase
    this ship. Jingles and his vague comparisons.

  327. when you were talking abt the amagies or whatever the plural of amagi is i
    just thought, ‘never underestimate the power of teamwork, it gives the
    enemy something else to shoot at’ memes and burst out laughing

  328. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    ADW cleaner jingles use it

  329. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Jingles, the Atago is a Takao class cruiser. The only Atago class is a
    modern guided missile destroyer.

  330. Another perfectly balanced Russian ship!

  331. I really wish people would listen to you, and me and cease the pointless
    unhelpful bitch whining when they lose.

  332. Wow, a T8 **Russian** Cruiser with a smokescreen? Why am I not surprised.

  333. how are you doing jingels

  334. Ugh. I know the feeling about those browser hijackers, they suck. Suck even
    more if Google Chrome is on.

  335. Howdy Jingles!! Thanks for the video.

  336. Do the MYOGI

  337. Tank Driving Brony


  338. The Mad NI Project

    How can the Russians make a ship fire 152mm that quick but they couldn’t do
    it with the KV2

  339. Lets make a joke…

    Console gaming

  340. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    I’m early better make joke…

    KV-2 with AP….

  341. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian

    I was about to sleep Jingles

  342. It’s that bloody boa- *crashes*


  343. New Jingles video?


  344. Bloody not that ship war again game.

  345. YES!! That bloody ship game again!!

  346. A new bed Jingles you say, like a bed for two maybe?

  347. Wow, under 240 views, what I have I done to earn this?? Humm nothing…
    move along! lol


  349. Video came out 3 mins ago,video is 20 mins long.
    Already one dislike…I don’t understand these people,they didn’t even saw
    the entire video,how can they judge already

  350. We know. But still we keep coming back, and back, and back … to watch
    more of it :)

  351. A new Bed eh ? Hope it was a Memory foam – ohhh those are so nice

  352. Damn! Never first!

  353. lol so many guys already watched… :D

  354. Joke time…

    My PC

  355. I’m early, better make a joke
    World of warplanes

  356. Nicolai “Umbray” C

    Oh not it’s that bloody boat game again! /s

  357. 13.16 UK time. Less than a minute and it has 68 views!!!!!

  358. 42nd Regiment Of Foot Cav Detachment


  359. wow I’m early


  361. *8 seconds ago* And still 2 views already.

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