World of Warships – Notice Me, Virtual Senpai!

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In which Virtual_Senpai of the NA server goes alone against four enemy ships (and one friendly ship) at once and somehow doesn’t end up in a snotty heap at the bottom of the ocean.

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  1. Ah yes….


    • In all fairness, nothing in this match shows why Stalin is OP or how.
      Two idiots in Thunderers had no clue where to shoot bow-tanking Stalin from that range. They could easily nuke it through the upper nose at such close combat ranges. I’ve clapped numerous Stalins from this range while bow-on with my Montana for 40k a salvo.
      And the Worcester just decided to turn early and present broadside.

    • If a Stalingrad goes 1v2 against two ships that both individually hard counter it, the issue wasn’t the Stalingrad…

  2. So early my main battery hasn’t even finished loading.

  3. Jeez, last time I was this early….

    Well, I was never this early

  4. Last time I was this early Volgograd was called Stalingrad.

  5. You know…. I am as much a fan of anime style as the next weeb… but somehow it looks weird when an old gnome with gray hair does it…. which makes me dread my own eventual old age, actually…

  6. I have to say I like the reduced and reflected damage from ally fire. I’ve had team mates that decided it would be funny to team kill.

  7. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    Jingles, it’s 8 v 8 because it’s a ranked.

    oh the soft clicking of a shotgun reminds me of my shift in the saltmines just beginning. gtg

  8. My read on the game is a bit more charitable to that unfortunate Worcester. Those shots from the smoke at the start were from the Worcester, for whom the enemy Gearing had thoughtfully laid smoke. The Worcester didn’t radar because he’d already done so, which is why the friendly Gearing was hiding behind the island. And I think the Worcester was running his hydro, you can see him turn into the torp spread, but one clipped his nose anyway. When Senpai appeared on his flank, he was dead eventually if he kept sailing straight in, so he turned and hoped for overpens. No such luck.

  9. I’m not sure if I was as amused as you were, but I can’t say:
    “We are not amused.”

  10. Once took a few volleys from a “Friendly” cruises, because he did not like my positioning. I might have been aware of the team damage mechanic. I might have let the fires burn long enough to kill him before extinguishing. But I would never use a legal game mechanic to punish a misbehaving teammate. Never. Surely.

  11. He’s just enforcing the law, 4:12 sign clearly says no BB’s on this side

  12. Last time i was this early to a video we germans still thought we could celebrate christmas in Moscow

  13. *he’s forgotten the stalingrad is a radar cruiser* oh, I completely forgot it was even a cruiser because he was tanking 2 thunderers

    • Russian cruisers the only cruisers 18inch guns are about as effective as 6inch AP is against.

    • I’m not saying they are overpowered, im saying they are much easier to do well in than say a minotaur, and people play them by angling, sitting and shooting and if they catch a sniff of a dd they just delete them and continue. they are powercreep because they have similar strengths to other cruisers but lack the same amount of weaknesses as the rest of them. a russian cruiser cant brawl? name any cruiser that is able to go citadel hit against citadel hit vs a 3km bb and try telling me thats a weakness unique to the russians lmao. theyre weak to HE? those two thunderers sat and fed it like 6 salvos of HE and it barely dropped to half HP. I know those thunderers should have stayed angled and not shown broadside until they sail past our cruiser, but realistically if it was the majority of other cruisers in the game they would not have survived so much abuse from 2 thunderers at point blank, nor would they have been able to delete them with 6 citadels hit out of 6 shells fired. the ship lets people perform extremely well for mediocre actions, and that is what ruined the enjoyment for me. why should i have to try to do well when those people just park up and shoot and get such a crazy reward. my georgia, daring and midway cannot perform as well as the stalingrad and i have a 55% winrate so im not a complete potato if you wish to say that.

    • @Yan N Thunder is a coal ship. good chance these guys gather alot of coal and bought it without goign the tech tree line. Stallin ois also a super cruiser AKA BATTLECRUISER

    • Russian “medium” cruiser.

  14. “His stern was damage saturated” – Jingles 2020

  15. Almost half of his main gun hits were citadels.

  16. I want to see old gnome Jingles getting drawn as an anime character. I’ll gladly wait.


  17. Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

    It was…almost frightening how good Senpai looked dressed up as the Enty

  18. the Gearing probably thought, Oh he’s yolo against 2 thunderers? He will be dead before my torps make it there.

  19. Lord of the Noobies

    So there are two things, we can take from this:
    1. Sempai is a good player, not to be messed with, as he knows, what he is doing.
    2. ANY other heavy cruiser in the game would have been minced meat. Stalingrad alone is capable of going up against 4 and emerge victorious… bother to explain?

    • If you’re up against incompetent opposition, it doesn’t really matter what ship you’re in…

    • @Yashma And that is exactly what it was, two incompetent Thunderers and a Worcester out of position. If the Thunderers had fired AP at the upper part of the Stalingrads bow, he would’ve died and this replay wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good.

    • dumbass thunderers. if they were smart they would’ve pushed down either side of him at full speed so at least one of them would eventually get sides shots on him. also the enemy gearing was way too passive. with two thunderers as the main threat, he should’ve just used them as screens to yolo charge and torp.

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