World of Warships – Notser Becomes Pink

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So I have referenced in my latest video that I’ve recently become pink, I felt it was necessary to share the experience. I try to assist my team as we compensate for lack of support from the southeast side. I notice a enemy Bismarck is vulnerable to a attack, I just setup the torpedoes that leads to the event. Hope you enjoy my fail and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Replay


  1. Sorry, but that was your mistake.

  2. The guy calling you an idiot wasn’t even the guy who was hit

  3. “North Korea is too unstable with the leadership stuff going on.”
    *looks at Kim then Trump*
    Right. That was unusually political for a WoWs replay.

  4. How did that guy make it to Tier 10, good Lord…….

  5. Just my two cents :

    The Bismarck KNEW (or at least assumed) Notser launched torps to him so he made a play, notice how the Bismarck sailed relatively straight? The Montana, low on HP, was too afraid to turn because he’d be giving his broadside to the Bismarck. So the Bismarck baited the Montana into ramming him but cancels the ram on the last seconds, resulting the Montana ended up eating all Notser’s torps, effectively punished both of you.

    Whose fault was that? Both Notser and the Montana, but mainly it’s the Montana’s fault :

    1. Notser could’ve just tried to warn the Montana via chat that he just launched torps. The rest is up to the Montana

    2. Montana here clearly displays tunnel vision and lack of map awareness. He could’ve seen Notser’s position and his torps and could’ve just stopped then angle bow on to the Bismarck. Probably could’ve survived the entire duel too since that would force the Bismarck to turn and show broadside to the Montana

  6. Pretty bad torps tbh, the minimap showed the Bismark and the Montana were headed for a collision and you fired your torps pretty much exactly at the point where they would collide.

  7. Well, you simply don´t torp from the second line (It was painfully obvious what the Montana was going to do, so nice map awareness as well). That is basic knowledge in WoWs and also common sense… It was entirely your fault and you did not even apologize.
    You just got greedy and paid the price for it. Deal with it, but stop with the excuses and learn from your mistake for the future. Maybe you should focus less on some philosophical/political stuff during your streams and more on your actual gameplay.

  8. Well…. those torps you launched were VERY risky while the guy was understandably focused on his very close and very dangerous target. If he’d sailed away from your torps to avoid them, he would have exposed his sides (port or starboard) and since he was very low in HP it was a Hobson’s choice. At the moment you launched, you could see he was heading towards the spot you torped so actually I think it was a bigger fail on your part. If you look, you laid your torps exactly between both ships, a poor choice under most circumstances. He was naturally focused on the enemy ship which was very close to him so to expect him to also notice your drop and react relatively quickly is not fair and actually lays the responsibility for your poor judgment on his shoulders. I think an apology on your part was justified.

  9. Sorry, Notser. I’ve got to call careless drop on that one. We’ve all done it. Pink happens. The Montana was turning in when you fired. Was the Montana player stupid for not seeing your torps and moving to avoid? Yes, but we all know how tunnel vision happens. It’s never the other guy’s job to avoid.

  10. That was a nice block by the Montana….. It DOES looks to me like the Montana turns in AFTER the torps were out. Not enough attention is paid to the MiniMap.

  11. god, its like he torpedo shielded the enemy on purpose

  12. Montana, you are doing it wrong. That’s not how you kill steal.

  13. Will there be a civil war, no, Balkanization though is well underway.

  14. OK, couldn’t resist some stat whoring… Looks the Montana guy is a perfect example of “what’s wrong with WoWS”. He plays almost exclusively one ship line: US battleships (so far nothing wrong with it).
    The problem is, he SKIPPED low tiers – he played just 10 times T3 (9k average damage…), and then… zero games in T4 and T5. He obviously did not bother to learn anything, and his New Mex career can be summed up by 18k average dmg.

    Later it is just a continuous fall: T7 up – all potato-red numbers. He played more than a THOUSAND GAMES in T8-T10 battleships and all he achieved is ~40% WR and dmg at ~50% of the server average.

    I don’t get it, why it is possible to advance to T10 while not having a slightest idea how to play the game. And in addition to that being allowed just to PAY and skip the lower tiers. He most probably ruined most of this 1000 battles = hundreds of hours of many people’s game time because he was allowed to join higher tier battles without learning to play.

    Sure, not everybody should be some e-sportsman, but there should be a minimum skill threshold required for advancing each consecutive tier in a line. Not just brainless using free xp from WoT.

  15. Other guy is an idiot says mr TK.

  16. The exact same thing happened to me Notser. The dumbasses who pull that shot are the kinda of people irl who are insurance scammers.

  17. Oh lol this gonna be a good one

  18. In my professional opinion? Shit happens.

  19. @12:02
    Et tu Notser, et tu?

  20. Maybe WOWs should dedicate one of the function keys to issue torpedo launch warnings

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