World of Warships- Nottingham First Impressions: Not Worth The Pixels Its Printed On

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new British Tier VIII Premium heavy Cruiser Nottingham! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
3:32 Economy & Camo
4:08 Ship Armor
5:39 Ship Stats
8:43 Consumables
9:43 Commander & Module Build
13:07 Gameplay Review


  1. Not-anotherNelsonHam
    No heal at T8 , thats rough

  2. The Nottingham looks like a ship that I will enjoy!

  3. During testing it had a heal, making it more like an Atago, but WG said “nah, let’s make it shit”.

  4. Andrasek Máté

    I will enjoy scoring citadels to this thing like a lot 😊

  5. Pentagram666mar

    Wasn’t it front turret layout a design to shorten needed citadel?

    • Moon Cricket Stinks

      Yes. The point of the Nelson style turret layout was to shorten needed citadel armor to meet weight restriction under naval treaty.

    • Pentagram666mar

      @Moon Cricket Stinks yeah I know, it was irony to Nittingham citadel lenght

  6. Thanks, helpful analysis 🙂

  7. Moon Cricket Stinks

    Another ship to pass on. Whales gonna whale, but normal folks should just get atago if they want a ship worth its price.

  8. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    Clearly a ship that needs to be played mainly from smoke, also that citadel is very futuristic

    • very very true, bought it and i keep playin it inside smoke and using high concealment setup, and aye iam a noob.

  9. kingoftheroad40

    And I thought the German battleship anhalt was rarely seen once this goes off sale it’ll be designated like several explodium ships operations only shall ye be seen. 😂

  10. What I find more interesting about this event are the selection of ships they’re selling and some of the bonuses you can get. Like really? Nottingham, Indomitable, and Cossack? I think the best choice there is the DD honestly but I sure wish they were selling other RN ships like iunno Warspite and/or Hood. And then there’s the coupon for sale. Honestly I think everyone’s better off getting the 25% and 20% off coupons (which are like 5 Nottingham tokens compared to the hundreds for the other ships) and _maybe_ passively getting enough for the Cossack.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Cossack is definitely the best choice. Hood I swapped a bunch of coal for because I had close to 800,000K coal in storage, and Warspite I just went ahead and bought outright for my birthday to get the value back in doubloons to spend later (usually on a discounted Black Friday ship in my case). But yeah I have no interest in this thing and not much more in Indomitable.

  11. Sea Lord would you do a video about all those upgrade one ship ( and also captain skill) that are not used and try to find a fun ship/ build that work? like magasin mod1, torpedo look out, ship consumable , or stuff for deep charge and ASW.

  12. Stevie mightdoit

    As a bb player, I’m glad this ship is in game and can’t wait to shoot at it lol

  13. TheCatintheFedora

    Personally, I’m very excited to see the Nottingham in battle, preferably on the enemy team

  14. I was looking at this and thinking “No way this is T8” If it was a T6 I would understand, but what an extremely odd descion from WG.

  15. With a speed of 34 kts and 8 torps per side she might be good if you’re grinding torp missions in co op. Otherwise, this one is a hard pass for me.

  16. I saw 2 Nottingham’s appear very briefly in a convoy game I played this morning, the fact I only got to see them very briefly totally sums them up!!!

  17. So basically it’s a tr-8 Pensacola. Is just made of citidals

  18. I would still prefer Rochester over this ship.

  19. As a Nottingham owner I fully echo Sealord’s accessment. IMHO this ship is only viable as a coop ship: all guns forward = 100% firepower at all times for jousting incoming bots, numerous short range torps great for coop engagements. In any other modes she is an absolute bummer. Avoid.

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