World of Warships- Novorossiysk First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier VI Premium Soviet Battleship, Novorossiysk. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Just picked up the Novorossiysk yesterday!

  2. still working on getting this one, just two missions to complete, thanks for the review, i have heard negative comments about the ship but i heard the same about the nelson and i found it to be better than some players said she was

    • I always thought the Nelson was a great boat, good guns, a little squishy but the zombie heal mostly makes up for it

    • Nelson can be a lot of fun. But this ship is simply a nerfed GC at a higher tier, it’s nice that it’s free and it’s a usable ship but it’s nothing compared to the original GC at tier 5. But it’s guns still actually hit what your looking at which is a rare ability for a tier 6bb

  3. Feels a bit like the Belfast ’43. Take an overpowered ship and move it one tier up, then relize it’s still overpowered, and make it worse as well!😅 An alrigth ship to get for free at least, but not exactly amazing!😊

  4. About the armor, we should check if there still is the hidden internal 85 mm prow GC has that prevents nose-in citadels.
    Also Giulio Cesare was built before WW1, she survived both world wars and dueled Warspite. All of this, just to be blown up to pieces because some Soviet dude in charge didn’t issue seabed recon. Ironic.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      From what I’ve seen the armor is literally copy-paste from the GC except for the bow and stern thickness

    • I checked in the armor viewer and it isn’t there. Unless they have hidden it from the viewer they removed it. I know it was visible on the GC at one point.

    • @Mattblaster 14 GC still has it, but it is not visible in the viewer. Devs admitted it on the forums.

  5. This thing has NOTHING on Giulio Cesare, but that is to be expected of course, I’m glad I was able to pick her up last year 🙂

  6. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Forgot to include my number rating
    Overall Rating: 6/10

    Battlecruiser Dispersion
    Same Guns as GC
    Good maneuverability
    Decent AA
    Good HE

    1.4 Sigma
    16mm bow and stern
    Weak in Tier VIII games

  7. Thanks for the review, SLM. Of course, you play the Novo so well you make it look like a GC.

  8. At least the grind for the Nov is comparatively tied in with dockyard missions so there’s the slight bonus as you’re completing one there’s the high chance your also contributing to the other (as you knock off tasks) unlike some grinds where there’s often been a slight twist to the criteria and it feels like everything had its own individual time sink. Its a free Russian premium so its never going to be bad. and the camo on it is a rather nice steel effect so another Art dept. win. and the name on the side contains the ultimate POGG

    • It’s an easy grind in my opinion. Like you said, I agree with the knocking of the tasks working in parallell with the missions for this ship.

      Still, it’s a fairly easy feat to accomplish. I just got it suddenly one day just by playing the game.

  9. It’s a nerfed GC at a higher tier simple as that.

    It’s free grab it. There are plenty worse ships at tier 6 that are much worse than this ship. There’s nothing to complain about since it’s free currently . My only actual complaint is when the event is over and ppl start paying money for this ship in the store thinking there getting the GC just at tier 6 in a different nation

    But it’s still just a nerfed GC. With a 16mm bow , slower turning turrets , lower damage AP with 1.4 sigma…… and the worst crime of all they took away that beautiful Italian paint and made it look ugly

  10. When top tier not bad, haven’t played against T8 in it yet. First match was a 6 kill, kraken, high cal, confed, double strike, dev strike match. Love thr 9 sec rudder shift, she is very maneuverable

  11. i remember when this channel only had 14k subs and it has grown alot over the past year well done

  12. I’ll say this, she’s the nicest looking Russian battleship at Tier VI ;P
    But in all fairness, she’s a good ship, although she’ll struggle against Tier VIIIs obvi.

  13. Those guns were built for T-5 ships. I play it as a close-in brawler and it’s very effective in ranges less than 10 km. At range, I found damage to drop off unless shooting soft targets like CVs or light cruisers.

  14. this is going to be fun trying against tier 8’s. I mean the GC can bully some tier 7 BBs, you just need to remember which ones to do it on. Still in the GC the NY’s give me the biggest problem.

  15. Its a great boat for those of us that will never get the GC. It is a respectable T6!

  16. Played 1 game in it got top tier and did 110k damage it’s pretty good although that 16 mm bow will be pretty bad when most bbs shoot you

  17. As someone who owns her and the GC… She’s good, not great, but nowhere near the GC. The GC’s sigma and one tier lower make a huge difference. 1.9 vs 1.4 sigma and not fighting T8 are huge.

  18. It turned up in port yesterday, I got over 4,000,000 credits for it, I’m just sick of WG’s dopey ideas, 40,000HP and crappy armour, no thanks, a fair reveiw as usual SL 👍👍

  19. First impression [compared to the Gulio Ceasar]: 1 tier higher, 16 mm of bow and stern plate, 10% less HP, 1-1.5 km more range.
    To be fair: 1st game, 13-14 km range, a triple citadel on a Hipper [but the hipper got away with it with 2-3K HP].
    And now on to the show!

  20. Just got it and played my first game with it. Was fun. I was actually surprised with the accuracy of the guns.

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