World of Warships- Novorossiysk: The Return Of Giulio Cesare

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Hey guys! Today we have some interesting news out of the DevBlog, having to deal with the return of an old legend; The Giulio Cesare. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I’ll assume we’ll also see the Arkangelski put in at some point instead of giving the UK an R class Battleship they’ll go with the one we gave to the Soviets to shut them up as they were demanding Italian ships right away.

    • And when the Soviets returned her, she was in such terrible shape that the British scrapped her practically as soon as Germany was defeated.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is going to be new highest tier REAL Soviet BB in game, taking that title away from October Revolution

  3. I have julio and is op for the tier, pretty sure i will get this one to train my soviet commanders like i did with julio with the italians

  4. I love the Giulio Cesare i got mine in a super container and she is so fun to play

  5. WG adding real ships. Unbelivable

  6. I just received the actual R.M.Giulio Cesare in a random free crate that WG threw at me at login. Sweet ship!

    • R.N. Giulio Cesare.
      It stands for Regia Nave Giulio Cesare, meaning: Royal Ship Giulio Cesare.

      R.M. stands for Regia Marina, meaning Royal Navy.

      It’s like the difference between HMS and RN. The Warspite name is Her Majesty Sail (HMS) Warspite, not Royal Navy (RN) Warspite, and so it’s not Royal Navy (RM) Giulio Cesare, but Royal Ship (RN) Giulio Cesare.

    • @Alberto Repetto – Alberto, thank you for clarifying that for me! Always nice to learn something new. Fair winds and calm seas!

    • @Nuala Shields happy to be useful! Fair winds to you!

  7. Still would prefer Giulio Cesare…. 😞

  8. Lets be honest when WG tried to put GC to t6 they didnt change anything about her – they tried that without changing range and so on…

  9. I got the BB Giulio Caesar in a Santa container a few years ago when I bought I think I few big crates I got very lucky it’s a good ship in my opinion fairly fun.

    • I got mine Christmas 2017 (?) when on half price special, back when I still spent a little money , for 2,600 doubloons. Best money I ever spent on this game

  10. An R class coming soon? With turrets rusted in place? With do do liberally applied on the deck, and everywhere but the heads?

  11. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    The guys I play with love to take three GCs out in a division. Lots of fun at tier 5.

  12. Honestly, I called this as soon as the initial proposal for a T6 GC ended up being so poorly recieved by the community.

  13. As being someone who owns a GC, ain’t gonna get the T6 as it’s better off to get a GC if she comes around for full on purchase

  14. Can’t wait to see the nuclear missile sub Red October in the American tech tree. 😎

  15. 8 real refits and it gets the refit it never actually received, typical Wargaming.

  16. You forgot one thing: it may have a smaller dispersion ellipse, but it gets a 1.4 sigma instead of the OG GC’s 1.9. Thus, shells will land in a tighter area, but basically all over the place inside of said area.

    Supertest GC once featured a similar concept (138m dispersion and 1.5 sigma), but it was quickly changed because it was completely overtuned.

  17. USS Prinze Eugen and USS Nagato next?

  18. The CG is my go to tier 5 (yay right) ship. I can flat out maul other tier 5’s, bully tier 6’s and give tier 7s a run for their money.

  19. Nurnburg and Makarov are essentially the same ship, the first, a German Cruiser, and the Makarov the Soviet rebuild of Nurnburg as a Soviet Cruiser. Historically accurate.

  20. The original GC had bow torps, but neither of these versions will have them

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