World of Warships – Now I Have To Kill You All

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Well… they ain’t gonna sink themselves!

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  1. 😀 I knew staying up this late would be worth it

  2. Jingles is now my fav yt his sense of humor is just golden… 🙂

  3. Kill us all? Murdering obedient (salt mine) slave laborers now Jingles? It’s the colonies all over again

  4. Oh man, I didnt realize how much my blood-jingles level has fallen in the past weeks…

    Also… 1500 hits my fucking god…

    • Yeah, that’s what I keyed in on. I’m new to the game and lucky to get 100. Some games, my claim to fame is I spotted the 3 ships that blew me out of the water 😛

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      15 guns firing every 4 seconds (I think). It’s like walking auto cannon fire onto a target; once you get the range, you can drop 225 shells a minute once you get it tricked out. Combine that with a player who clearly knows how to play the ship, and this becomes possible.

    • @Scott Drone-Silvers Make that 16 guns with a BASE reload of 4 secs (can be further improved :))

    • @Daniel Hall My only warships knowledge is from Jingles, but iirc detonations only happen if you don’t have a flag equipped, and only noobs don’t equip detonation flags.

    • @Gus Tandberg In my experience that flag tends to trickle in, and the only reliable way to get it is to get detonated

  5. The balancing in this game is just legendarily poor…

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @dzello The only problem with your “reasoning” is that it is contradictory and wrong. If the world stats for the Smolensk are low because of the lame excuse you came up with how do you know it’s OP? I guess the Smolensk is axiomatically OP. We take it for granded and then we try to find idiotic arguments to justify why our axioms don’t conform with reality…You are the no brain idiot in this case, not me.

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας No, again, still you being a dumbass. You don’t need stats to tell a ship is overpowered at all. And you’ve been told that in this very thread. Stats need to be interpreted which you obviously suck at since you failed to understand them earlier.

      Here’s a proof of it:
      Imagine a ship with 30km gun range, 16×4 510mm guns and 40 knot speed. Do you need stats to tell you if it’s good or not? Nope.

      If you’re good at it, you can literally tell if a ship is overpowered in ship port. The example is evident so even you can see it, but it’s pretty easy to do for Smolensk as well. However, playing it is also good to figure out if you’re not a good theorician.

      Smolensk having such a high playrate even though it’s a coal ship is a consequence of it being good. It’s good, everyone knows it is and so bad players go for it. There is no category of player that will go for a strong ship more than bad players (since they need it, whereas good players will play what they enjoy much more).

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Still, pretty obvious by your comments that you’ll never get it so it’s kinda whatever. Plenty of people have explained it higher up and you didn’t get it then, doubtful you’ll get it now.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @dzello Yes, i do have trouble “geting” stupidity, i admit it. As for the “plenty of people” argument, the truth never had anything to do with the opinion of the majority.

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Well, too bad for you if you don’t get it then. Others will get it, you won’t, that’s all.

  6. Play in your T10 with a T9 and you’ll have guaranteed T8-T10 MM, if all are T10 there’s a very big chance it’s going to be T10 only MM.

    • I was just think the exact same thing. playing in a division with T9 means a lower caliber of ships to contend with, he was probably trying to break his own record.

  7. Unpopular opinion time: Smoke division cheese is just as toxic as carriers, if not more so.

    • @Christian Kapp I dunno, maybe it’s just me.
      CVs rarely ruin my games, unless I sail alone in a ship with crap AA. You don’t have to blob around with half the team, 2-3 ships together are usually enough to make the CV decide to strike something softer.

      These smoke+HE spam divs, or smoke+radar+RPF, or similar, are much stronger at winning flanks and turning the game in a route, and that is no fun whichever side you’re on.

      I once played 3 games late at night, solo, where I happened to have the same superunicum div on my team. I think one was supertesting a Plymouth. I was in a T9, possibly the Kitakaze.
      Well, it was such a stomp I had no time to do any meaningful damage. I wasted my time, I wasted a bunch of special flags, and it was just no fun for 21 out of 24 players. I could’ve been afk, it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest.

      I’m not against divs per se (I play with 2 friends fairly often: none of us is very good at high tiers though, and we chat a lot about stuff, which affects our concentration…), but at some point it becomes insane: bring that to Clan Battles, sure, but in Randoms it’s a bit impolite, imho.

    • @landochabod7 Fair enough. I find myself suffering from carriers far more than smoke divisions. Im sure it differs from player to player though. At the end of the day teamwork wins games and Divisions just make it far easier than just randomly q’ing.

      Definitely pro’s and con’s to the debate about carriers op or smoke division op. Happy to have an honestly very reasonable discussion. You have allowed me to see the other side. Thanks!

    • @Christian Kapp Cheers from Italy 🙂

    • Shoulda seen the cv match that had two dds with smoke escorting it through the map while it rained secondary fire on any ship in range

    • @landochabod7 nah, CVs rarely ruin your game because most CV captain are bad players or you’re sailing BBs which aren’t important targets

  8. If it wasnt because Jingles narrating this video I would’ve been bored to death

    • Watching it live was extremely fun because BFK and the people in the voice chat with him were flipping out and the chat went crazy.

    • Completely agree. World of Warships is incredibly boring to look at these days.

    • smoke up, pew pew pew pew, pause, smoke up, pew pew pew pew….

    • @Thomas Kositzki well I’m not saying he’s playing that ship wrong – that’s what you supposed to do in a smolensk. But yeah still a good bedtime story..

    • @Ibnu No, I didn’t mean to imply that he did wrong. How could I, he got 450k damage. 😀
      It’s just very campy to play. I am Brit CL fan, so I don’t blame him at all. 😉

  9. Oh, a Smolensk sitting in smoke, spamming away… yawns.

    • @SpeedyCM so your saying the only thing interesting way to play the game is to brawl in BBs and CAs? Do you also complain that cruisers camp islands too?

    • @Andrew Duan If it’s fun for you great, but it doesn’t make for an interesting or entertaining video.

    • @Andrew Duan admit it. You would rather watch a glorious GK/kleber/yolo emilio charge or hindenburg/yoshino/zao kites than this kind of gameplay. Not to say this player is wrong; he is absolutely correct in his way playing the smolensk.

    • @Ibnu sure it’s fun to watch brawling BBs. My most played ship in the game is Georgia/Massa full secondaries. But I’m just saying, kiting and island/smoke camping is how some ships, particularly CLs are designed to be played. You really can’t complain that someone plays them as such.

    • @The Hippy Griff sure, that is not fun but guess what? While my cruisers are doing actual meaningful damage and support DDs, that Smolensk is just an annoyance and nothing more, he only help his team to lose

  10. Exhibit A on why I stopped playing over a year ago as well as WG’s hypocrisy: “We can’t give British CLs smoke AND HE shells, as that would be ridiculous. We’re also going to remove the Belfast from sale because it’s clearly overpowered. Here, have a Russian Atlanta with smoke AND HE shells AND heal AND torpedoes AND hydro whilst also having paper-thin armour that guarantees overpens. But it’s okay, because it’s a ‘hard to earn’ premium that only the best players can get…”

    • cause you know what? UK CLs have 152mm, which allow them to get 32mm pen for their HE while Smolensk’s 130mm will only have pathetic 27mm pen, go figure which one is worst

    • @Marco Chen oh I know why, Smolensk is a farming machine. Ez. And combine with the top player? Sure

    • @LBHammers WoT =/= WoWS
      What Russian ship is OP beside the only 3 Sinop, Nicolai and Kutozov? Look at other nation, especially the USN, they have all kind of OP ships from all kind of tiers such as Thunderer, Ohio, Bourgogne, Daring, Smalland, Venezia, Hinden, Des Moines, etc

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας you can potato 🥔 anything, doesn’t mean an OP broken ship is going to work miracles.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @Morahman7vnNo2 You still haven’t answered me, none of you bad players, why the Smolensk is OP. I have shown to you that the Smolensk performs bad and you have come up with this totally absurd excuse that the Smolesnk is being used mainly by potatoes…

  11. bfk_fer1yfe: “None of you seem to understand… I’m not locked in here with you… YOU’RE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!”

  12. Impressive damage but a smoke division smolensk is kinda like watching a boxing match where one guy gets a fucking shotgun

  13. Seems to me the MVP’s were the Fletcher and the Ibuki. No way he would have done that damage without his pals smoke

    • And Honestly, that is the whole point of the video. This was about great teamwork, and working to each others strengths to win.

  14. The only rewarding part of this video is when the CV gets sunk.

  15. 24 fires set, easily killing battle ships – this is just wrong

  16. Stuff And Nonsense

    WG: We didn’t want to give the RN CLs HE shells in order to not promote HE spamming from within smoke
    also WG: Here is the new Russian premium ship, the Smolensk

    • That’s just par for the course, remember when AFT could affect the 152s? You could get 18km something range on the Cleveland (USN had flatter arcs back then) then along came the Kutezov and they removed AFT’s ability to affect larger calibers and increased the arcs and flight time.

    • cause you know what? UK CLs have 152mm, which allow them to get 32mm pen for their HE while Smolensk’s 130mm will only have pathetic 27mm pen, go figure which one is worst.

    • @John Ingle And than buffed kutuzovs range to compensate for the loss when they changed the skill. No other ship was buffed at the samw time this way.

    • @JTshark_ The problem is that firing blindly without a lock on results in shells flying all over the place (with a bb at least).

  17. It’s rare for me to disagree with you Jingles but this time other than manouvering out of sight of the two Alaskas this was just HE spam and less exciting than a CV video

  18. Ladies and gentleman, in the green corner, tonight fighting his 100th match, we have a heavyweight champion and his buddy with a baseball bat, and in the red corner we have this one armed guy we found behind a dumpster.

  19. This would be an impressive result of it were not a FUCKING SMOLENSK FIGHTING TIER 8 AND 9 SHIPS!!!

  20. “just look at it as a destroyer that has a citadel”

    You mean “… PRETENDS to have a citadel”? Not like its actually there where bbs are concerned

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