World of Warships- Now That’s, Actually Surprising

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Hello guys, today we have a replay featuring everyone’s favorite T9 Premium American Cruiser Alaska! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I have not touched ranked since putting subs.

  2. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    NA or EU?
    If EU, we’ve reached a new level of potatoness

    • I’d probably say it was NA. Reason? There was communication instead of flaming in 6 different languages.

    • @Drimson it was EU, i was the georgia that got shitfaced by that sub xD

    • tho i did blew up full hp cruiser (buffalo/baltimore?) at start, and got some nice cits on agir and massa too xD, that zieten with full hp lost to a half dead massa basically… -.- but man, alaska pulled out amazing perfect play in the end 😀 love it when teammates know what they’re doing xD

  3. Comment down below

  4. Yea subs in ranked has been painful. Seems like every time I get a sub game, my team forgets how to use asw. Yesterday I had a game where a pommern just allowed a red sub to sit like 7km from him and literally kill half of our team…


    Nothing wrong with replay vids my friend

  6. Gotfryd z Bouillon

    They will back Alaska to store ?

    • Probably not. They can make more money of the community with those removed ships via gambling at Christmas.

      But you are in luck: Like Jean Bart, Alaska got a Black version before she got removed back in the day. This means you can pick the Alaska B up turing Black Friday.

  7. Normalize 2 replays a week.

  8. That was an extraordinary effort on Power’s part. Excellent replay.

  9. People complain about subs, but that sub player had no idea what he was doing. He should have been nowhere near that ping after sending it.

  10. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    What tech tree DD you are struggle?

  11. There was some big throwing from both side, but it was still an amazing play from today’s star.

  12. This Alaska is useless .

  13. epic throw @ the end by reds lol

  14. Subs are pathetic in ranked.

  15. Have you tried CL?

  16. just for clarification on the WOWS website Solo Warrior is under random battles and ranked so he should have got it

  17. its a charm point on your vids xD

  18. Quick note SL, you can get Solo Warrior in ranked. I managed it once in my Atlanta. And hell of a game in the Alaska.

  19. Alonso Ovando Chico

    The skill for battleships on fire you are unable to remember is called FURIOUS. You’ve failed to remember it in so many videos by now I figured you’d have had time to look it up already… XD

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