World of Warships – Now That’s NOT A Lot Of Damage

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In todays’ video, Vapor04 tries to find out just how many kills he can get while doing the least possible amount of damage. The answer is “yes”.

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  1. Hey Jingles! Just wanted to say thank you for the video! Many best wishes to you Vice Admiral Jingles! Just accept the fact that you got a promotion coming and now you get to put people in the brig!

  2. Always a great way to start the day with a Jingles video.

  3. Remember Jingles, it’s “Up or Out!” (although being a Vice Admiral sounds like more and broader fun than just Rear Admiral)

  4. Kill stealing is when the torpedoes are about to hit the target, but someone shots it down just before.

    • @MrNicoJac he hates dds in general, regardless of their team. I kinda get how he feels, being a bb main myself, fighting those invisible little bastards in a huge and slow ship means dying without being able to do anything, it’s extremely frustrating

    • @fulviorsc
      Yeah, I get the frustration
      I guess that’s why Jingles always tells us to immediately target DDs when they get spotted, even if you’re dueling another BB…

    • @MrNicoJac well team damage was a thing for most of wows lifespan, think it was last year it was removed.

      When I started and you saw a pink dd with reload booster you were always happy to not spawn next to them.

      Saw a few kitas and harugamos torping out our own CV purely because they disliked CV payers.

  5. I thought the reason why Jingles is a Rearadmiral is because he would sail (in theory) at the back of the fleet and would be the farthest away from the enemy and he would be the one to lead the withdrawal

  6. “Hes clearly taken the artillery plotting room” Jingles let me stop you right their. That upgrade is ONLY AVALABILE to American Battleships. Also he has spotter plane.

  7. Geoffrey Richardson

    Vapor used his ship for what it was designed for, killing destroyers.

  8. “Screw submarines.”
    When it’s important, Jingles always gets it right.

    • @Piazzolla Luca Gordon I prefer Nude versions 😛

    • Piazzolla Luca Gordon

      @Jan Negrey That’s why, as an italian, I love english: it fits too 😀

    • The interesting part, since Submarines entered Early Access, I don’t think I’ve even been pinged by one. I’ve been playing DD most of the time.

      Yesterday, I got into a Double CV Random Battle while in a DD and ended up sinking one of the CVs, along with a DD, CL and doing a ton of damage to a BB (Kill Thieves! LOL) Just missed a Kraken!

      Again, I don’t know why so many players hate them. I currently not playing either and they really don’t have a major effect on my games.
      I realize that a really good CV player can have a major effect on the outcome, I just so rarely see that.

      Thanks for the video, Jingles. Have a great weekend.

    • @Piazzolla Luca Gordon As a Polish I do love it sometimes, though in Polish I could make that joke more polished by linking nudity with boredom, because they sound almost the same. But my English isn’t polished enough.

    • Piazzolla Luca Gordon

      @Jan Negrey Hahaha nice to know that, now I know how to piss off a Polish girl for sure, isn’t it? 😀

  9. As far as getting a good amount of kills with little total damage goes, I didn’t get as many kills, but I think I still set a record when I pulled off a kraken with about 15k damage. Was bottom tier in a low tier US BB and by the time I got into firing range, all the enemy ships I could shoot at were already really low on health.

  10. The Colarado is normally a carrier captain so they just expect the fire to be put out automatically.

  11. There’s a difference between killing an enemy ship low on health to benefit the team and waiting for someone else to do 90%-95% damage on an enemy ship then swooping in for the final shot.
    I’ve had it happen to me plenty of times and they’re like the sibling who can do no wrong while you do all of the hard work and not get credit for it!

  12. “I picked Rear Admiral for a reason. let’s not go into that.”

    Today Jingles outed himself as an Ass man. a man of culture.

  13. If a cruiser has to choose between defensive AA or hydroacoustic consumables, I always choose hydroacoustic. It’s going to be useful far more frequently than the defensive AA.

    • As Jingles put it “sometimes instead of never”. Although that’s not entirely true. Once in a blue moon the DAA might become useful too.

  14. 3:32 Blyskawica is pronounced something like “Blyska-witsa” and the most accurate translation would be thunderstorm. It’s actually not just a polish word – other slavic languages have it as well. In slovak we pronouce it more like “bleeskavitsa” (and the meaning stays the same, obviously).

    • @MrNicoJac There was a period when a lot of both Dutch and in other areas also Danish (mostly in naval language IIRC) languages had quite big linguistic impact on Polish and some other Slavic Languages. Thing is this root is probably Slavic in origin (I’m almost 100% certain of it). But a lot of Dutch people that influenced our language went back to their homes. So they might have brought it back with them. I mean German has a lot of Slavic language influences (almost to the same degree as Polish has German), so it wouldn’t surprise me if our languages mixed a bit between themselves. That’s often how languages evolve. You have a catchy name (Computer for example) and it is used by a generation and before you notice it becomes part of the normal language.

      Alternative could be coincidence, common root, transfer through other culture or 3rd party transfer that influenced us both.

    • @Jan Negrey I think I’ve heard “gromownica” in regards to the lightning protection rod before. In slovak it’s “hromozvod”. Not sure what we call the big candle ourselves to be honest 😀 I’ve been to Poland once or twice as a little kid, but I live near the border and I get to speak with polish people somewhat regularly at work (hence why I’m confident enough to comment on polish / slavic pronunciation).

  15. Appreciating the guy in chat claiming ‘some days you get no kills and two million damage’.

  16. The onyl reason DFAA is slotted is because someone at WeeGee thought that its a good idea to have this garbage as the default option and the captain forgot to switch it out on his new ship. Happens to me almost every time.

  17. Kitting a ship out for anti-air is a sure fire way for match making to put you in a match with no carriers.

  18. As a DD main, I can say that although not being shot at gets you easy damage and kill, it’s not very fun. What’s fun is dodging incoming fire and juking the enemy

  19. Паскал Балтаджиев

    I still feel bad for one kill stealing in WoW – it was back in 2016, there was only one ship remaining from the enemy team, a team mate had 4 kills and asked if we can lower the health of the last ship and let him kill it, so he can get Kraken Unleashed. Lets say that I helped him a little bit too much.

  20. Would have loved to have seen the base XP screen, I suspect even if you did the x2/3 calculation to get the true base XP he’d still have been top in the lobby.

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