World of Warships – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

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HMS Icarus, upcoming tier 6 British , with that all-but useless RN DD Smoke Consumable. Not quite as useless as it may first appear…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles video uploaded 43 seconds ago – I get here and there are already 16 views. Are there actually people camping out here waiting for Jingles to upload?

  2. It’s that damn bloody boat game again!

  3. I would love to do the British event, but I have college starting tomorrow, and my parents have practically destroyed my privacy (they aren’t cruel, they are really good people that I love. They just expect too much of me), so I feel on edge practically all the time now. Worse, I have to take a class that I suck in, research writing. I already failed it once, and I cannot afford to fail again due to it being a core requirement class. I would appreciate it if you guys could wish me luck this quarter (esp Jingles, I could really use his encouragement).
    Edit: thanks Jingles, I feel a little more confident about this quarter already, as well as all of you guys for your support. If I am lucky, I will be able to squeeze some time in between classes and homework.

    • It’s ok if you don’t get ALL the things in WoWS (after all, how many free ships we’ve gotten do you still play? but that’s beside the point…). Go to your prof’s office hours (or something similar) for help, and nail down that work discipline. Also, if you do well and be diligent about your opportunities, you’ll land a job, and that way, you can pay for the premiums and premium time in WoWS :3

    • You got this

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      William Chamberlain haha, sounds like a plan 😀

    • As someone whoe was stuck in a similar situation about 8 years ago, I know how rough it can be to feel like you’re up against a wall. University is too often presented as just an extra school that you go through, which it really isn’t. So here’s a few things that I went through: maybe they’re of help to you.

      1) Your parents expect too much because they probably don’t know what to expect. My brother and I were in the first “generational layer” in our family to go to university. My parents were very supportive, but had never been in such a complex educational context, so it’s hard for them to understand if and why things are difficult for you. Them expecting much is probably because you are all in a stage of life where there are no longer any cast-iron answers to situations, so they revert to their default setting of “it will be allright if you just work really hard”. The irony is they may be right, but they may not necessarily be good at bringing it across in a positive and reinforcing manner. So don’t get too hung up on their words, but do take the message to heart. If you’re having real trouble with a class, ask around: chances are your teachers will be more will to help you understand things than they may be letting on.

      2) Academic education is partly a growing process; most people tend to forget to tell you that. In my first year or two I had real trouble adjusting to uni and things like research writing. It’s a different approach to understanding and writing about things compared to before and may therefore not feel intuitive. I graduated two years ago with a cum laude and during my Master’s I never had a grade below average. There’s an art to translating data and information into hypotheses and you may not necessarily get it on the first go, but learning to do so is key to your development. Not just in school, but surprisingly in life too. Think of them as the edge-pieces in a puzzle: it may be a bit boring and repetitive, but they will make the rest make more sense in the long run.

      3) Gaming is a wonderful comfort blanket; but don’t stay wrapped up in it forever. Because my first years in uni sucked, I spent a lot of my time gaming and using it to procrastinate to the point of messing up classes. I was used to getting away with that in high school, had some other stuff that I had to deal with as well and knew what to expect from games, so it was a comfortable place to be after I had failed a class too. It took me two years to do all my first-year’s coursework and I just about shy of dropped out and even moved back in with my parents because I could not afford to live on my own anymore and it no longer made sense (adding a four hour daily commute to classes did not improve matters). I followed classes off and on but never brought it anywhere until I rolled into a particular situation (in my case I was an art history student getting to do fieldwork at an excavation) where I found a perspective on why I did what I did again. From that point on, I used gaming as a reward for finishing coursework (or sections of it, if it was a large paper) rather than an escape from it and put in the legwork to get my Bachelor’s degree. I even moved back close to the uni to make it happen. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of learning the uni’s work and learning myself.

      4) Hindsight is 20-20 and you always wish you had that perspective back then. I began to dislike my parents for not ‘getting it’ when I just started off, even though at the core I still loved them. I used to feel that gaming was a bigger reward than studying, because it was understandable and gratification came more easily. I had to learn that acting stoic doesn’t make you immune to problems and anxiety. I had to learn that if discipline doesn’t come easy to you, you have to learn to be strict (not hard) on yourself. I had to learn to conquer shame and anxiety in talking to professors to admit I had trouble with things and ask for help or support (and I was lucky enough that the department was small enough that the teachers knew you by name anyway). This is where part 2 and 3 get rolled into one another: I spent the past 5-6 years training myself to stick with things; to overcome mental hurdles and do things that I did not want to do right then, because I could think of the long-term benefits. I had to teach myself to overcome anxiety and dare to tell someone that something was a problem and ask if they had ideas for a solution. That’s a level of growth I had never been able to imagine 8 years ago and I would not known how to deal with back then. I recently walked up to a professor I had not previously met and asked her if I could e-mail her with regards to doing a Ph.D. and it reminded me I’m still having to overcome these barriers every time I see them again, but it’s getting much easier with time.

      So the take-away from this is that it’s alright to feel on edge about your parents pushing you and to have classes that suck. It’s never easy to have to put the fun things in the world aside and feel like no-one quite gets what is going on with you. It’s especially rough because nobody can quite gauge what the outcome is going to be. Ironically, uni is not a time of certainty and you have to carve a path for yourself without a map, without a compass, without a foreman who knows what the hell is going on and with only the most basic understanding of how to use a pickaxe. So, you’ll have to learn as you go along. You’re bound to fall down a few times and when you do, remember that the only one that really knows how to pick yourself up is you. Perhaps this several-hundred word yarn is of no help to you either, because I’m missing some vital part of knowledge that is specific to your situation. So all I can really offer with certainty is my best wishes for the coming quarter, the advice to stick through it and know that there’s thing you will have to learn about yourself that nobody else can teach you. I have played considerably less World of Warships than I did a year ago, but I did get an article based on my MA thesis published in a print magazine: it’s a fairly easy guess which of those options means more to me in hindsight.

    • Chances are I will come back to this article you wrote. Quite some food for thought.

  4. 8 torps is pretty fearsome at T6, plus the relatively large health pool means you can solo one battleship easily, even over open water, imagine 3 of these divisioned up!

    • Even better then. Actually yeah it was the I Class that had a the monstrous 10 torpedo loadout wasn’t it, silly me.

    • 3 gallants in a div sounds like fun, but when they all stick together, go to A cap, and they are the only DDs on your team, it pretty much screws over the rest of the team at B and C. Had it happen one match. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience. That sort of thing basically forces the team to lemming train after the DDs.

    • Yeah that strategy isn’t suited to an objective map, but on Ocean, with no caps you could dick on top tier battleships and even aircraft carriers because if there’s 3 of you they can only really kill one before you’ve closed to range and sent 20 torpedoes right up their arse.

    • The Icarus has one of the lowest tier 6 dd health pools. The torps are on very long reload and have the shortest range apart from USSR and USA dds. Three of them divisioned would achieve nothing special and would be against 3 enemy dds with proper smoke. They are not bad just nothing awesome about them.

    • Well as you say what I said kinda goes for every 3 destroyer division, I honestly haven’t even played WOWS in like 18 months and I started back in the CBT, it isn’t really representative of real naval combat shall we say. But I’ve always thought it would be funny to try real WW2 tactics like Destroyer rushes because you could just select one person and delete them. Doesn’t matter if they are a Midway or Montana, a Yamato or a (whatever T10 Jap carrier is) on the open ocean those weird cloaking devices everyone has will let you get to 7km away and then its all over but the crying.

  5. I got nothing in the RN containers. NOTHING! I bought the Gallant and it was so bad to play I had to finish the missions in Co-Op! 🙂

    • Opened a total of 19 containers and did not get one mission to get a destroyer

    • I presume you bought the Gallant with the tokens from the boxes? The Gallant is alright, it can stealth torp, has normal smoke and the guns are ok, it’s a decent all rounder.

      I got the Jervis from the containers and it’s better than the tier 6, makes more sense as a gun boat.

    • The Gallant is a very good destroyer *if* you know how to use it as it’s high skill cap is what keeps it balanced. While the other nation’s DDs are a kinda rock-paper-scissors affair, the Gallant can do everything the others can do – if you don’t maintain your situational awareness to switch between play styles on the fly per engagement, you’ll suck.

    • tajj7  No, I actually paid cash. 🙁

    • Oh, well I did as well but originally, but its still a solid DD IMO, just a bit jack of all trades master of none.

  6. Nice game. If i can give some constructive critism i would left the Hood and assist the centre first. There is always a chance that chasing after a target leaves far out of position and unable to assist when your own team starts to throw it. But that just my opinion.

  7. Actually Jingles, you only hit him once with the torps.

  8. Did you just say ‘that royal Navy heal’. *cough* that was an Icarus *cough*

  9. It looked like the hood was trying to give some protection for their carrier rather than trying to run away [which he succeeded in doing], of course I could be simply seeing reason in madness.

    • I also think that was what he was doing. He turned to fight at the same time that the carrier would have hit the map edge. He forced Jingles to back away from the carrier. The only thing he did wrong was to play in a Hood, rather than a cruiser with Hydro.

      Anybody else notice the Queen Elizabeth “doing what battleships should do” and leading the charge in A, while a smoke equipped Fiji hid behind an island?

    • Yeah I was actually thinking that Hood did well. He was dodging torps, not taking significant damage, screening for the CV, and the whole time he was still engaging better targets until he was finally out of range. The Hood is not carrying the team or anything, but Jingles was the only DD left, he could have turned, left the Hood out in BFE and went to cap and torp less-aware targets.

  10. I love ya Jingles, but when you start talking about your team possibly throwing the game, and you are out chasing a BB in the NE corner while the enemy has no DD’s and one cap is open……..I rings a bit hollow.

    • Dave Quaschnick  That is a very good point about the 20-second firing bloom, I hadn’t considered that. I was however thinking more about three things:
      1. the short ranges of the ships at C, so that they are all in sight of each other anyway (since we’re talking cruisers and battleships)
      2. my experience in smoke is that, if you are seen and not moving/slow moving and then get shrouded, your attacker can simply keep firing at the place they last saw you, and regardless of having you on their scope are able to hit you.
      3. How for this smoke to be of use the player ship being shrouded by this smoke has to be headed directly away from their attacker at high speed and to stop firing entirely AND be out of sight of ALL the enemy ships — thus effectively removing them from the battle — for this to be effective.
      All in all, I see this smoke as breathing space only.
      As for the DD as a torp-detecting platform… I do especially love doing this in my HMCS Haida. So, I grant you this is more of a valid point… except that in this instance, there was only 1 cruiser on the enemy side, and their aircraft carrier. So, not much opportunity to spot torpedoes *in this case*.
      Granted there are other battles where this may indeed be the case, but at the time Jingles actually engaged the Hood, there was a minimal stealth torpedo threat.

    • Nøderak  What? We’re merely debating the merits of Jingles’ choices, and managing to be (mostly) civil while doing so. 😉

    • Kneecapper  Yes, because many DDs get blown ourt of the water or forced out of the caps early in the game, so *successfully* capping two circles and giving his team the advantage *when he is the only destroyer on his team* was definitely to be applauded as being the most team-spirited move he could make. It gave his team the early advantage which held until the end game.
      As for “lucky” torp hits on an inattentive BB, that’s what DD players play for! how many walls of skill do you see at the start — and all the way through — a match? They are looking for a lucky hit or kill, or going for area denial and forcing enemy ships to change course and perhaps open themselves up to fire from teammates.
      BBs that sit on the edge of the map are a different kettle of fish entirely. These two situations do not equate. You could argue that for all these Conqueror n00bs/scrubs who *do* sit at the edge of the map and farm fire damage instead of helping their team actually win *should* have a DD sent after them because they are all alone very far back and liable to be an easy kill, which helps the team by not using up their DamCons to deal with incessant fires.
      And Jingles himself admits that he *did* make these mistakes that could have cost the game, admitting that they are in fact mistakes not to repeat and not “Woo hoo! Got away with that again! Intense!”
      A for the bandwagon: it’s easier to flow with the mob and criticise. If you have genuine thought behind your criticism, well done. I do not intend to insult — but mob mentality is what leads to public lynchings, book burning, and other bad decisions. So, bandwagons are bad, M’kay?
      It is wonderful that you are such a fantastic player that you make less than 3 mistakes in every match you play. You must have incredible self- and situational-awareness, and I envy it.

    • Kneecapper
      Really now? If you’re such a skilled player lets see your stats. Also, the Icarus’s AA range is inside its detection by air range the last time I checked, so using AA guns while not in smoke isn’t exactly the reason he got detected.

      Not to mention he admitted to two of those mistakes himself, so he knows he screwed up on those two. I kinda feel like you might be an armchair captain.

    • I’m not trying to bash Jingles……and barring the comment about how the rest of his team was playing, I wouldn’t have even commented, but that whole “glass houses” thing kept gnawing at me.

  11. 13:11 Could’ve just pulled a Crazy Ivan, driven back through the smokescreen, and given him a face full of torpedoes at point-blank range.

    • Point-blank might not be the best decision, considering torps have a minimum arming distance.

    • “Point-blank” in this sense doesn’t mean scraping paint with the guy, it just means close enough that the Hood would have no chance to dodge, so maybe 2-3 km.

    • or he could have waited in smoke ealier, having hydro active and launch torp when BB came too close to avoid them.

    • Wolfeson28 Then Jingles would’ve been very, very dead. One salvo from the front guns would’ve killed him, possibly before he could’ve fired his torpedoes. A charging DD is an easy kill. A kiting DD is an annoying little bastard.

    • who talked about charging? hold in smoke, spot bb with hydro if invisible, launch torps and run

  12. Thing is Jingles, this was not a typical game.Only one ship firing at you? Now try it when you have more destroyers and cruisers in your local. One vs one is favourable, the Hood was getting shot at by multiple enemies.The Icarus is Meh, as is the Jervis, the Acasta is good. The Lightening has its moments. But why play the Icarus when you can play the Gallant with 8km torps?

  13. Royal Navy, Personal missions. No drop finished all i could and nothing. So had to buy 5 containers & the last one opened finally gave me a personal mission. Seems we are back to “Pay to Win”.

    • WG is doing a really poor job of letting folks know ( and people are buying crates instead). The 4 stage ed mission repeat weekly for 12 weeks. That is 4 stages with 3 crates per stage times 12 weeks so mid Dec you will have had 144 crates all with a chance of a brit dd in. This is also how you get the 1 per stage x 4 stages x 12 weeks for the 48 guineas out of 50 required for cossack in the Arsenal- the last 2 guineas are £0.75 each (or present in the paid crates?).
      I am annoyed that the so called community contributors like Jingles have done nothing to get the word out about this.

    • they shouldnt have to. theres the forums, the WoWs portal, and things like the daily bounce as well as twitter/facebook all of which had covered this event leading up to its start. If you’re even a little invested in the game you should at least be checking the portal a couple times a week. Or if you use the WG game center you will see the newest articles on the launcher before you fire up wows.

    • I got the Acasta on my 4th free crate I think. If it’s “pay to win” then assuming paying would give the customer a combat advantage, this is more pay to get early access, these are just tech tree ships that’ll come out in a month.

    • Well I finished all the missions and bought premium crates 40 dollars worth and haven’t gotten not 1 DD mission….🤬

    • you still have a chance with the other 3 weeks of directives 😀

  14. Must be nice getting all 4 destroyers from the containers… I’ve got bugger all

  15. The actual person who tried to throw the game, was you jingles hunting down a hood that whatsoever hadn’t a impact position. You easly got to be the defendeder if B-Cap against the blob with a pretty much undetectable ship at that moment and no destroyers against you….

  16. 22 royal navy crates = zero dd unlocks
    10 premium royal navy crates bought in the shop = all 4 dd unlocks

    • same here, but i refuse to spend real money for premium crates: i work and i have money to spent, but i know the real value of money

    • I unlocked the Tier 6 Icarus mission the first free crate I was awarded. I got the Tier 5 recently but it’s going to the glue factory the moment these gold ships get swapped for DD line versions.

    • Apparently Notser has opened 180+ RN crates and still no Lightning mission.

    • I got a V DD for completing what I could, but you need a VI, VII, VII to complete the rest of the missions… So, I don’t know how he is getting this stuff.. lol Paying for a random crate its nothing short of gambling in a pegi 7 game and that’s criminal and I’m sure illegal.

      Id rather just buy it.

    • I’m at zero DDs through 9 crates thus far. I’ll keep trying!

  17. Telling people there is always a chance of your team throwing the game and going with your DD for the CV. Im not sure about this.

  18. @1:06 So Jingles, DID you need to get Camera Minion Eddie’s help to upload or not?

  19. 13:59 what are you smoking, Jingles? It was a single torpedo hit. Not two.

  20. One could also argue that you jeopardised the win by going after a lone fleeing BB that was irrelevant for the outcome of the game being decided between B and C. You were the only DD left and would have been of much greater use in securing the win by joining the fight and perhaps even saving several teammates.

    • That Hood captain was skilled; if Jingles had ignored him and not gone after the carrier, the Hood could have zoomed back to C and dished out serious punishment to the rest of Jingles’ apparently well-matched team, and perhaps even have won the battle for the enemy.
      This is a game of many people. Just because one person did do one thing it does not mean that the other people would all have done exactly the same thing as they would do if he hadn’t done that one thing.

    • Jingles should have used his first smoke when the Hood closed in to wait for him and then rush him with all torps. Torping him from that range was a waste as not every player is an utter retard without wasd hacks.

    • Andrew Brown  He may be skilled in fighting DD’s in a BB but the whole thing started off with the Hood sailing straight away from the centre of the fight for no apparent reason not being targeted by anyone. And he kept that course for many minutes. He only turned around to deal with Jingles because he had hit the corner of the map and, as Jingles said, was forced to deal with him. I don’t see the skill in sailing away from the deciding area when you are neither targeted nor in any sort of immediate danger and with full health and can be a big influence on the match outcome if not disengaging.

    • BoFoenss  Well, the assumption (if not deduction) is that the Hood — never a manoeuvrable ship — was making sea room for himself, offering ranged supporting fire to the fleet in C, and screening the carrier and acting as an AA cruiser (Hood has that rocket-AA projectile gimmick). It obviously worked for him on all counts, as no one got near the enemy carrier, he obviously contributed to the turning of the tide in favour of his team at C, and Jingles’ carrier attacked him instead of the enemy carrier that was also in the area. Also, were it not for Jingles, the Hood would have been a full health fast battleship that could then hunt down the survivors on Jingles’ team.
      Anyway, that is my take on the strategies of the players whose tactics we see in action in this vid.

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