World of Warships – Nuclear Fallout Levels of Flying Toxicity

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You take a broken ship, you give it to monkey and you watch the server burn while he’s laughing his ass off.

If Monkey enjoy a ship too much and it has anything to do with flying, it might just be a bit broken xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Monkeys do seem to be happiest when flinging poop So….

  2. Oh I saw that one live. “Somebody” had waaaay too much fun there.

  3. Did you really say Monkeys is def off medication? When did he start taking them?

  4. MyopicAutisticMetal

    if you want more toxic than Monkey, play at any hour on NA on the weekend. I am willing to bet you will find at least 20 more toxic ppl than Monkey per hour. My black list is so full of toxic people that every random I join there are at least 2 in every match already black listed by me. Some times two on each team.

  5. I was half expecting Flambass to report Monkey for unsporting conduct at the end XD

  6. Imagine Monkey playing Artillery….

  7. Monkey appears to have found his niche. He is funny, and manages to stay alive the entire match. He should perhaps specialize in CV play.

  8. Need to nerf FDR because it makes Monkey happy……lol

  9. When your detectability is so good that you’re _accidentally_ torpedoed.

  10. “I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside” That’s called gas..

  11. I look forward to the time when Monkey manages to reach puberty.

  12. iChase was right: CV players are soulless people!

  13. Oh, this can’t be good, Monkey’s got a carrier….

  14. Someone needs to attach an anchor to Monkeys ego, to stop it from flying too high. xD

  15. Underground Music - Shaftesbury Ltd

    Monkey using the phrase ‘dog’s b*ll*cks’ made me laugh out loud. He has clearly learned at the feet of a 10th Dan Swearing Master of the Wethefukawi Temple.

  16. Monkey’s commentary in this game had me rolling, lmfao and Flambass’s facial expressions priceless!!

  17. WG promotes toxicity the same way some businesses promote toxic arguments between their workers so that they never have a common opinion against them. WG is basically a trash casino where you never make money, disguised as a “game”.

  18. FDR is so stupid. Never should have been put in the game.

  19. “GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT.” That make me laugh pretty hard. Yep..the DD took one for the team.

  20. You _know_ he was touching himself. Like, *a lot.*

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