World of Warships – Nueve de Julio/Boise – You’ve Got Heals

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Boise’s/Nueve de Julio’s heal prolongs the life of this light in battle allowing her additional staying power. It also allows you the position her a bit more aggressively and play her more aggressively when needed.


  1. I’m enjoying Boise!

  2. The nueve is a great ship i like it and love it although im getting annoyed because i need 200k more xp for the bboise marathon

    Oh and thanks for doing this even with your swolen face

    And sharks for life

  3. nueve de julio <3

  4. I love the Nueve de Julio is great is very mogami <3

  5. charliedontsurf334


  6. Y hav the Nueve de Julio in the game? I’d prefer to hav the more infamous General Belgrano. This way we could also finally hav a ship with missiles ?

  7. How do these two ships compare to the Helena or the 152mm equipped Mogami?

    • Jacob Robert basically its a helena with a slightly slower reload, top speed, and 1km less gun range, but with a British “super heal”

  8. go sharks! )

  9. WG could’ve brought up the General Belgrano but no, they have to bring up the Nueve de Julio which was *a prison ship!*

  10. I won’t be buying this ship due to its non-naval history. Not ever. I will however, immediately target it whenever I see it in game, and continue shooting until it is dead.

  11. For all people talking about this ship and the prison!!! Enola Gay kill more people and no one say nothing. This is NOT to create a problem, just think is the people who do bad think with the weapons. Not the weapons fault, Sorry for my english. Good video IChase.

  12. God dam arches

  13. Please stream again..i donated close to $1k on giveaways. I am still subbed I think. We miss it, the live…IC, please give us a little love every now and then. I understand medical (teeth hurt), but damn nothing in 3 months and im stll subbed…

  14. G is silent in Gneisenau! 🙂

  15. For those complaining about the NDJ and her history. HMS Hood was involved in the attack on the anchored French navy in North Africa killing some 1300 French servicemen. This occurred about 2 weeks after the French helped evacuate British troops from Dunkirk. Yet I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

    You could argue that General Belgrano belonged to the terrible Argentinian Dictatorship and therefore equally had blood on its hands, but some of you poo-pooing the NDJ welcome it.

    At the end of the day it’s not the ships that do bad things, it’s the Governments who own them.

    Move on.

    • This ^. A 100 times this ^^^ I was sick of getting flak for loving German vehicles in WOT and protesting their imbalances to the point that I was even called a “Nazi lover” on occasions. I loved the Jagdtiger and loved German engineering; didn’t automatically make me a Nazi admirer. If you turned German tanks against the Nazis, believe you me, they would do the exact same damage. Same with this ship here. She was a ship in herself. Anything bad that happened around her was due to the people in whose hands she was in. Heck she was a rat infested mess way before they ever turned her into a prison. Her own navy betrayed her well being long before that debacle happened.

    • General Belgrano would’ve been a better choice simply because (unlike Nueve de Julio) she actually saw combat in Argentine service, and is also a much more famous ship. Even in Argentina, NdJ isn’t particularly well-remembered while Belgrano has taken on a legendary status. She’s basically to them what USS Arizona is to America or HMS Hood to Britain.

    • I feel the same way seeing people complaining about the ship. The ships that were built were tools of war to be used by man to wage war you can’t blame the ship for what man used it for and if you think about it the US did not think that when they sold the Boise that it was eventually going to be used as a prison ship at some point but you can’t control how other countries use their ships and other tools that will be used for war or any other bad things but that’s just my opinion might not agree with other people but that’s how i feel about the Boise/NDJ.

  16. Pay once and get 2 ships. Ok! At least it’s better than Abruzzi

  17. Join the Eagles!

  18. You are on #TeamSharks … a swollen face upon thee!
    #FlyEagles !!

  19. I’ve adopted a playstyle I call “The Barnacle”. Find an island. Attach to it and don’t let go until you’re either dead or there’s no more targets in range.

  20. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Only complaint I have on Boise is that REALLY low gun range.

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