World of Warships – Nueve de Julio Impression

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Checking out Nueve de Julio which is a Helena class with a improved heal. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Pan- Nueve de Julio Replay – Discord Server

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  1. Is this not the okayest ship you have ever seen? strong 6/10!
    Definetly maybe worth the money!

  2. I am from Argentina. I offer my voice for the localization. 🙂

  3. Meh, I was going to pick up this ship for my American cruiser commander, but not interested anymore. At least people that were wanting a ship from this region have an option.

  4. Hopefully it being an Argentinian ship it’ll be better than your average Argentinian player “jajajaja”

    • 368 True… i’m from Argentina… i love wows but i don’t have a lot of time (sadly school and other thigns)

  5. AtomicMan3 Gaming

    So why pan American? The Taiwanese ships are called pan Asian to avoid interfering with China’s attempts to rewright history concerning Taiwan. But to the best of my knowledge there is no such issues with Argentina so calling it pan American is just confusing. I have heard of the Argentina navy but not the “pan American” one.

    • General Cartman Lee

      RCN2820 Canadian ships are part of the Commonwealth tree, Haida was released yesterday and is the first Canadian ship in the game.
      marco fava The Gadjah Mada was built in Great Britain for the Royal Navy but while being built given to the Dutch Navy.

    • I reckon they’ll add different versions of existing designs. Such as the USS Steinaker that was sold to Mexico.

    • RCN, I expect that “Pan American” will really be mostly Pan *South* American. There were a few South American dreadnoughts in the first couple of decades of the 20th century, and I fully expect to see many of them added as premiums. Hey, I suppose that could have a truncated BB line, but it’d probably only have enough BBs for tiers 3, 4, and 5. And WG doesn’t seem to want to do partial lines in WoWS, sadly.

    • Not enough ships for just Argentina and you want to be able to move your commanders around between ships of the same “nation.” Now you can level up your Pan American and put him on a Brazilian BB (they had some) when the time comes.

    • People have already replied with the answer, but I want to add my 2 cents :3
      It’s because Pan American will feature South American ships from more than one country. Yes Pan-Asian is largely Taiwanese, but there is also Indonesian and Korean vessels.
      The Commonwealth Ships are similar in that, there’s 2 Australian vessels and 1 Canadian vessel.

      I’m happy that WG is adding more ships from lesser known Navies that don’t necessarily have enough to justify an entire ship line.

  6. Robert Pettigrew

    Found it funny Notser managed to fit in a moan about Radar even in a situation without any 🙂 about the dd in smoke .

  7. Just tried Worcester today,it’s just amazing

  8. Alfred Conqueror

    Notser time to review the Grozovoi! Please

  9. Stop giving the british heal tp ships from other nations .

  10. Actually this is a Brooklyn Class Cruisers which is a diffent Class than the Helena as she is a St. Louis Class Cruiser.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Some people say the St. Louis class is a sub class of the Brooklyn class because the ships are nearly identical (the most visible difference being the twin 12.7 cm turrets on the St. Louis class).

    • I believe Helena has an improved AA, and 1km range on her main guns.
      13.6 km range makes her short ranged like and AFT Atlanta. Health is a good trade, she will need it 😉

  11. so “Pan American” = South American?

  12. Nonono, please don’t offer 10pt commanders in the shop. Commanders are the last remnant of achievement this game has, especially since you can swap them around with premiums. And complaining about it ‘being the first ship’ in the branch…really? So you didn’t enjoy leveling your first German commander? Or British? You want to be able to buy yourself a top ship and commander instantly? I am disappointed in you, Notser.

  13. “They forget that they say these things.” Like how the Missouri is always going to be available.

  14. Heal will always be useful in every battle, radar is situational it’s not always useful. So heal is the stronger consumable for sure. CL’s with heal tons of guns and fast reload is pretty strong.

  15. Argentina got knocked out by the French

  16. maximino morgado

    Argentino soy! Im totally gonna mod a voice for this.

  17. William Wallace

    Disappointing! Why Pan-American? Why not premium actual nation? I hate WG’s obsession with full tier trees. Please give us actual nations even if its going to be the only one! The Błyskawica is great! No one is demanding a full Polish line. I want more nations not pretend nations!

  18. William Wallace

    Why won’t they make Spanish or Austrian ships? Nations who had real naval battles?

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      William Wallace Well considering they even removed the Spanish EU support, news and forum, I bet we are not going to get a Spanish ship soon And as for Austrian, a Teghetoff would be awesome

    • I don’t understand who is running WG and why they ignore players. I feel confident that the audience for WG are history lovers. There are plenty of cat-brained shoot at the moving object games out there. WG was making historical games but they are now ruin them! WOT: Sweden’s tank history? What war??? Israel has a significant tank battle history. Don’t hold your breath for that line. WOW is edging toward to WOT model. Fake ship and fake national histories. I want real historical ships. I am willing to bet most players do. I don’t care about tech trees. I would happily play all premium ships that are connected to history. Austria, Ottoman (Turks) Spain, Netherlands all had historical significant ships. None of them will ever have a tech-tree. Pan America? What battles do these ship represent? I have no problem with them building up a lager player base based on national identity, but there must be Dutch and Austrian players?

  19. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Well I’m kind of hyped for this panAmerican tree but I still can’t forgive WG for removing Spanish EU support (they only left the premium shop *hint hint*) and forum Still, congrats to our Hispanic brethren for receiving one ship Can’t wait for Italian tree also

  20. Getting sick of these reskins there is so much they can do but they chose to put this in the game… I hope it takes more damg from British ships as it’s Argentina ship

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