World of Warships – Ochakov NEW Russian cruiser

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As if this game needed any more Russian xD

Here we have 1 of PLENTY new upcoming , the Ochakov. Tier 8 light curiser with 152mm guns and only 30k HP. I honestly did not expect to be able to do anything with this ship but I was surprised. I do think I got very lucky as well and youR;ll see why but here is the 1st game I ever played in this thing.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yay! Flambass wrote the ship name in the title, we’re getting somewhere! 😀

  2. Meh. Just go play the chapy.

  3. Sorry Flambino, but I couldn’t stop laughing after hearing you cursing about that CV xD Anyway, Ochakov seems like first russian ship of new line that is not broken.

    • They made ochakov so that they can reason out that Soviet Ships are not OP, its just a front

    • It’s still very good. Worse AA than Cleveland, but better guns (albeit less of them), worse radar, better maneuverability, better speed, and comparable armor.
      It’s a better Chapayev (and I’d say the Chappy is pretty good) with worse radar and less (but better) guns.
      It’s a very strong ship, but I agree. It’s not broken.

    • @James Serrano Potyomkin village 😛

  4. When did the Russians make time to think of all these paper ships?

    • The US made over 30 designs of Montana just with the ingame armament when you include all the other armament options which ranged from 14 – 18 inch guns there are over 80 of them.

      The thing is a rough early design (which most paper designs are) takes a single person a couple of hours. Since the early design is just dimensions, speed and armament.

    • Well, they weren’t actually building anything, so their navy didn’t have much else to do.

    • Soviet engineers had a lot of free time waiting in breadlines 😂

    • The Russians made SO FUCKING MANY deigns. I kid you not, Project 23 was revived more than 7 times after being laid down. Damn near matched the Montanas in sheer preliminary designs. And that’s just one Battleship.

  5. Can some of the other nations get some ships too?

  6. at beginning: hitting Hipper with AP quote “overpens?”
    all the ppl watching your streams: oh shit here we go again

    • Hipper doesn’t have good broadside armor and is very thin. And these are russian railguns. I can see these overpenning a hipper.

  7. Looks like Wargaming released a balanced ship for once.

  8. Smolensk
    Alexander Nevsky- Bigensk
    Ochakov- mediumensk?

    • Next one – Putinsk, with paper rockets and non-penetrable-secret-armor from Skolkovo. And captain can serve unlimited times because he is Tsar, beach.

  9. Patrick Joergensen

    How many ruski ships are we expecting at the moment?
    Instead of yet another cruiser, I for one would love to see an Italian BB line being released before anymore make-belief ships from a navy that never really made an impact on anything…

    • @Ushio01 Yeah, but the Soviet Navy during Cold War never had such designs active. Most soviet navy vessels were Subs, destroyers fregates and some lonely cruisers….Also. Not the navy was feared, but the ICBMs. Get that right 🙂
      Edit: Also, as someother pointed out: Its a game primarily focusing on WW1 and WW2, not on Cold War. I dont think excluding 50s design is the way to go. Just because its more modern doesnt mean it automatically outclasses older ships. I agree and support that. Post-War/Korean-War-era ships and designs can work and are balanced. But if we talk about WW2, the russians had *no* impact on the Seas. The only notable thing they did was sinking a german Red-Cross ship (Wilhelm Gustloff) leaving East Prussia in ´45. And again. Cold War-era Soviet navy only was feared because of their subs and ICBMs (and other nuclear weapons) on their competent Sub-Flottila. Their Surface fleet was always inferior and they never couldve supported a feasible surface fleet to begin with. Land and Air-War was just much more important. 🙂

    • The Italian navy is in the works. Its a lot easier to access archives of russian designs, and a lot easier to implement when they dont have to live up to other nations expectations and their fans understanding of completed and serviced vessels. Keep in mind this is a russian based company, and its going to take more time to prepare lines from other nations than it would their own.

    • @Somarik Green At least the Italian’s had an actual navy. Are you actually so stupid that you think the Soviets did anything with a navy within the last 100 years?

    • TheReal RedWolfofDeath

      @Ushio01 Gearing Launched Feb 18, 1945
      Des Moines Ordered May 28, 1945 Launched at the end of the month of WWII ending
      Worcestor Laid down Jan 29, 1945

      The American line is STILL WWII. Don’t include the American line with the OP fake european ships.

    • @darrenjpeters Sheeet blyat ! XD

  10. Well, I really think this one isn’t overpowered. Compared to the Chapayev it has less dpm, less hp, shorter gun gange, shorter radar. Chapayev also uptiers much better, while I think this one will be a pain to play in T10. Ochakov’s advantages are longer torp range, a little higher top speed, and the possibility of having dfaa and sonar at the same time.
    Chapayev is my second most played ship, and I know it would have been better during most of this game

    • You forgot to mentioned its has 10km radar range with 9.1 km concelment. Imagine playing Dd and get radar by something that doesnt even show up on the map

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      gui Lestor And you’re forgetting that Chapayev has 12km radar and 10.4km detection with a full stealth build and more DPM to kill destroyers even quicker as they have longer to run away

  11. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    Keep up the good work!! I was commanding Chapayev… what’s gonna be when new update came?? :/

  12. If an asteroid or nuclear bomb showed up, I’d think April came early!

  13. This ship seems balanced and in a good state for release

  14. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Funny cause I was just thinking… we need more Russian ships in this game.

  15. it almost seemed as if you were jsut struggling in a Soviet ship?!

  16. This ship seems balanced. Maybe a small buff to the health and It will be a good tier 8 cruiser.

  17. When your own “X donated Y” sound startles you silly

  18. I want a third type of ammo that yields negative damage so you can heal teammates by firing on them.

  19. Reads description: Tier 8 Light Curiser

    Me: Now that’s some good terminology there; but Imma have to say no.

  20. That Warspite was too busy telling everyone what to do to get stuck in.

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