World of Warships – October Revolution – Dah Tovarisch!

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You can earn the October Revolution for free by completing a series of missions over 3 weeks.
She’s a good ship, even if you are uptiered to tier 7.

All works by original creators, I take no credit for their work. Video is not monetized by me, although can be monetized by original creator of music.
Song: Ra Ra Rasputin by Boney M


  1. Melonic Randomizer


  2. Melonic Randomizer

    You should listen to Rasputin when you kill Rasputin in the halloween event!

  3. Stanisław Szczypuła

    +10 FOR MUSIC 🙂

  4. I came here expecting a through, in-depth and sober analysis of the ship and her positive and negative aspects. Instead, I get Boney M and CCCP propaganda.

    I did not leave disappointed. o7

    (And yes, I know there is a real review and have seen it. =P)

  5. The fact that symbols (Red Star, CCCP,…) of a nation that is responsible for 70.000.000 deaths of it’s own citizens isn’t censored in game but a Swastika, a 10.000 year old symbol of peace misused for 15 years by a similar regime is censored; Really grinds my gears.

  6. Da comrade, communist symbolism is totally cool…but we ban swastika. DA. What? We have double standards? *YOU GO GULAG*

  7. CCCP. Sickening reference to an ideology and regime that murdered millions.

  8. So for german reunification there is only a small sale in Wg’s store, but the Revolution where a Regime that would eventually kill millions of its own people comes to power is getting its own event, ship, camo and is being glorified? Really?

  9. That’s one fugly ass ship, and no i’m not talking about the camo…..

  10. mohamed okba benlabiod

    the music at the end is?

  11. Boney M but no Soviet March from red alert? xD great video as always

  12. What an awesome video! Perfect ship for October lol. Happy birthday to me hahaha

  13. 3:10 one fire on hud
    on ship two fires on separate superstructure
    Dah gud ship communism/10 would fool the faschist , imperialist, capitalist and fellow communist HE-scrubs that im going back to gulag “but in soviet russia they go back to gulag”

  14. I know it years ago and from its start, russian BBs will do well.
    The ful tree will be awesome, even the mighty Conq will bow down to its new master.
    And its only Tier 5 😀 😀 😀 😀
    The Tier ten will kick universes!!!

  15. Thank you for playing boney m

  16. This is the first time I hate Russian so much that I never successfully pronounce “Oktyabrskay Revolutsiya”

  17. Sorry not up to your usally standard Ichase. Entertaining? yes. Looking for Infos if its worth bying ? No

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