World of Warships – ODIN full construction + 10k Steel camos

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Since I have gold than I know what to do with and WG in all of their infinite wisdom have decided that you can get steel for doing missions if you whale Odin, here we go, I’m whaling it.

You get to see full Odin construction + special camos for Odin and Graf Spee and I’ll show you how all 3 steel camos look that cost 10k steel each, you can also do this yourself 😉

Enjoy and have watching 😉

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  1. Last time I came this early my wife was mad at me for the rest of the night.

  2. Odin the Whaler

  3. Image buying steel camo, play against flambass and get away without being killed by him because your camo make his head hurts.

  4. So a WD40 coated Des Memes.

  5. Yesterday I have noticed that I cannot do the first directive in a single ship class without the 2500k base xp mission … crap …

  6. Lmao those camos suck balls 😂😂😂 10k steel for a polished metal skin… next time 20k gold for a gold skin welcome to call of duty.. diamond skin next?

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Potato skin

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus man even a potato skin would have been better at least it would have looked special. This is an old NFS « top skin » or CoD style skins. It’s stupid and looks disgusting

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      @Underviv i ld like a flambino skin full make up 50k coal

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      That was excactly my thoughts looks a bit like that iced out diamond skin from CoD Black Ops 2
      except for the Diamond skins you had to grind a lot and it was a cool achivment

  7. “People want to kill you for being rich” – Flambass 2020

  8. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Did you see Graf Spee too? She’s there for a moment in the other doc. But only by the first time of the animation.
    Now i want the graphic of the game be like in this.

  9. All this signals in this camouflage, it is for maritim Events in Hab our, not for Battle… So historical it is useless..

  10. Slawomir Chmielewski

    She will sail eternal, shiny and chrome!

  11. LOL I experienced the hey it’s different let’s shoot at it Mantra with the Riga LOL

  12. I also have very sensitive eyes (to light) and my eyes and head started to hurt just after watching them for 2 minutes. I would not use them even if I’d get paid for it. The Odin, I’ll get it but the old fashioned way. I’m not rich 🙂 But for the steel camos: one permanent T10 camo is 5000 Doubloons. You paid now 29000 K Doubloons for 4500 Steel. (you can finish 18 phases only). So the 10000 Steel camo is > 60000 Doubloons. Crazy, isn’t it?

  13. I have seen so many Odins already.
    And it´s always “42%-and-below”- guys without a clan.
    Thanks for keeping the hamsters fed!

    • Glupi Medo how do you check their win rates?

    • @Colin Jordan
      Choose server (EU, NA etc) type in their names and there you see a lot of numbers

    • @Jozsef Toth it mostly is. I wouldn´t take a 42%-guy in our clan if he has several thousand battles already. A game should be fun; losing battles, being useless to his team and losing credits is not fun.

    • @Razvan that´s exactly what i said. Thank you for affirming my statement 🙂

    • @Maikel K then join a “for-fun-clan”. I was in such a clan for six months while being too sick to play consistently. No one expected anything from me, no one bothered me. I just played on and of, collected automatically oil for the clan while doing so, and got benefits. Completely anonymous and without any pressure.
      Why do some guys always act like a clan is a sect that forces you to pray for hours every day?

  14. I wasted my time watching this video

  15. The steel cammos shouldn’t look blindingly chrome

  16. soo is free 18 of 20 mission, u need pay for last 2?

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Basically yes. You can earn 18 stages for free if you play all the directives and complete all six stages plus the twelve tasks that give additional levels, and have to buy _any_ two. You could buy the first two stages and the 18 from directives would get you a completed Odin, or you could buy them in the middle or at the end. You just need to buy two stages at some point to get all 20 stages completed and get Odin.

  17. Calenelen Otso-Mau'

    Just a few minutes of lo0oking at the polished steel, and my eyes began to ache.

  18. Arktos der böse Schneemann

    The Steel camo reminds me of that iced out bling bling weapon skins from call of Duty

  19. Vulture_Grey: WOW

    Wow!! It looks so much like every other ship in the game! So beautiful.

  20. Ricky Breckenridge

    Des Moines: I’m blending in.

    I dare you Flambass to play in that camo for Des Moines. I so dare you! And the Shimakaze too! That goes for Yamato too!

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