World of Warships – Odin the God of brawl?

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Odin is the new upcoming tier 8 premium German BB. It has 9x305mm guns 6km torps with 11,3 km secondaries and German 5km hydro.

It's mix of Bismarck, Tirpitz and Sharny or what you could expect to get after mixing those 3.

The only thing it lacks is HP. Tier 5 BBs have similar HP to this one. WG really nerfed it in HP pool because it was too .

It is unfortunate that you enter each battle handicapped so hard but if you can dose the fights nicely you can still do good.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This ship is like the TechnoViking of the sea

  2. Odin looks like a stretched Graf Spee with an extra main turret

    • Ник Ефремов

      I just can’t get rid of one thing in my mind – Bismark blew up Hood with her second salvo. Maybe it was luck (or bad luck for Hood) that Hood blew up, but the second salvo covered the target. It tells us that Bismark has very well trained crew, nice aiming systems and accurate guns. But in WoWs we have Bismark as a damn shotgun…

      Fine, WG’ can have this kind of penetration of shells. But where they took this kind of accuracy from? It’s just nonsence…

      Have fun, mate! It’s pitty that we can’t see each other in battle, it seems we play on a different servers. 😉

    • @LEX Maximaguy87 uh no, Odin were merely another Scharnhorst preliminary draft (like 40+ of them, various main armaments like 283mm, 305mm, 330mm and 350mm, 380mm doesn’t on discussion board at that time yet in 1934-35). Scharnhorst evolved from Panzerschiff D (larger improved Graf Spee) with same 283mm guns, but have heavier armor and slightly faster, D cancelled following French announced their battlecruisers which prompting a redesign for D, lengthening, increases displacement to 26k, extra 3rd turret and heavier armor, the projects begin to finalizing close to Scharnhorst we know.

      Odin is just WG depicting how a 305mm Scharnhorst looks like, the 305mm/56 data exist, but no data on secondaries, AA batteries, armor belt is correct (320mm), but unknown displacement, speed are various (but mostly 30 knots).

    • Ken Mrozak From what I’ve read It was a proposed design intended to counter the Dunkerque class. Eventually it evolved into the Scharnhorst class.

    • @Mattblaster 14 Initially German thought D was sufficient to counter Dunkerque because her 11.1″ guns have no problem to penetrate the armor, but criticizing D own armor (220mm belt) have no immunity zone against those 13″ guns, this was proposed to increases to 300mm or 320mm (variety thickness), which mean more displacement and they still suffered from treaty of versailles, long story short Hitler take power, got around and make deal with UK in their anglo treaty, this piss French (but who care about sensitive baguette, lol), he lift up the treaty, replace panzerschiff with Scharnhorst.

  3. 2:46 needs to play everytime he does no damage.

  4. German dispersion, meanwhile Russians have railguns.

    • @Azreal20 alsow increase chances to get hit by 10% (opposed to the cammo that reduces it by 4%). And as most crewmen just died and get thrown overboard the ship will rise further out of the water to allow for easyer citadels..

    • @Just a Comment jeah or something like that, funny tho…a friend said “what would be a better massage, if nobody would play german ships anymore ..or if everyone would only play soviet ships from now on” …honestly, I said “the first one…they dont care and the latter ,WG staff might die in a jerkoff frenzy”…

    • @Azreal20 seriously the player base should avoid the russian stuff like the plaque as they destroy the game further and further.
      But as people like the easy success ships like those will be everywhere….

    • @jocto pus You didn’t play WOWS alpha stage back then, there’s no range limitations but everyone goes sniping fest and make the game stale and boring, plunging fire was possible and Yamato absolute dominate everything cause she have longest range (23km).

      Also accuracy records meaning nothing in an arcade game, isn’t simulator.

    • Gun velocity has nothing to do with gun dispersion. USN ships usually have great accuracy, much better than any Soviet accuracy, while having poor gun velocity..

  5. And they destroyed the Agir which could be a good ships for germans

  6. oh look, how enjoyable a CV free game looks like.

  7. low AA and health, Cv’s best target. T8 with low health not a good one if u match withT10S

  8. Kraken in a KM BB? This’ll get nerfed.

  9. This thing has only 2k health more than the russian “light” cruiser? What a joke.

    • @ShadowClaw115 Don’t change the fucking subject or put words into my mouth. I did not speak anything about the any “Russians” that u are so obsessed with. I said that Germans have plenty of great ships in WoWS and most German ships were top of the line when they came out and nobody has nerfed them.

    • CloneD Anon really? Name one good German ship.

    • @ShadowClaw115 GK.

    • CloneD Anon It’s high HP is a relevant against fire because it does not have 60 mm deck light Kremlin does it secondaries are not useful because they only stretch up to 11 km when they need to stretch up to 13 km and the accuracy is pretty much shit

    • ​@ShadowClaw115 Err GK armor is just as fire resistant as Kremlin if not more due to having like 85% of its deck covered in 50mm plate while Kremlin has only 40-50% in its mid section covered in 60mm while rest is 32mm in its fore and aft. Not many HE rounds cross the 50mm treshold and usually when they do they also cross the 60mm treshold. Plus GK is WAY more resistant to citadels. In a close range fight my money would be always on a GK.
      Then there is the Tirptiz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, T-61 these are some of the best ships for their tier just off the top of my head.
      Even Z-46 and Z-52 were the best top tier DD’s when they came out and Hinden was amazing too when it came out and nobody has nerfed them.
      The top tier meta is about the HE spam and German ships are not good HE spammers (at least with their main guns) that is literally the only thing that is usually bad across all German ships is their main gun HE shells lacking damage, but even then the get they great HE pen though.

  10. Finaly named a ship after me…. if only it was a dutch instead of a german ship, you can t have it all

  11. As WG names every other German ship to some good of War from the norsk Mythologie (instead of an Army, General, Navy Admiral or High politican from Prussia) I do have a suggestion.

    So how about a new consumable, duration 60 seconds… Call it holy sacrifice…. It costs about 10% of your health everytime you activate and increases accuracy by 100% at ranges up to 10km.
    (dont worry twice nill.1 is still nex to nill)
    It could play nicely with adrenalin rush…

    And it would Account for the huge size of ships like the GK… All the lambs, prisoners to sacrifice before battle would need to be stored somewhere…

    What do you think?

  12. Id like to play the Odin or Ägir. However, i would always feel such a disadvantage towards WGs prefered soviet dreamboats…

    Getting two stregths, from which one even needs multiple captain perks to work for tons of severe weaknesses in return.

    For the soviet ships its the opposite, tons of fantastic strengths, which are stock (Railguns and amazing firing angles dont need captain perks) for A BAD TURNING RADUIS and AVERAGE RELOAD in return, poor things…

  13. *Against a Broadsiding Light Cruiser, RICHOCHETS are FAR more offensive!*
    I can understand a shell penning through and through without detonating, but BOUNCING 305mm AP from less than 15 km? Yeah…. Not realistic at all.

  14. “This side taken care of.”
    This is the part of battles where I look and see the other side of the map and my team is all dead.

  15. I just wish every German Ship would get GZ Secondary dispersion 😛 Imagine GK with it. That would be awesome 😀

  16. I want this ship!

    Even though, the 1st thing you lose in every match with a German BB with torps is your torp launcher. Even if you are charging bow first into the enemy.
    This version of the Odin feels nerfed from the previous version…

  17. looks fun in top tier matches. But I’m pretty sure this thing wont last a minute with that hp in t9/10 matches with HE spamming

  18. I can’t wait for this ship, she looks like fun.

  19. The Odin looks like the dream brawler I’ve always wanted 😀 Shame anything the Russians have and can magic up from thin air (“DD”s, bullshit-powered BBs and cruisers with flamethrowers for main guns) will always be better…. 😛

  20. When Flambass plays Tier VIII he gets lower tier ships. I take my Bismarck for a roll and bam, Yamato, Bajie, Venezia, Yoshino you name it.. all on the enemy team!
    Btw, 52K HP for a tier VIII ship is a joke.

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