World of Warships: Odin vs T10 [WIP]

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Odin against T10 ends up with a lot of HE spam and tanking. It works decently well in this case though. The Odin is still a WIP and subject to change.
This ship was given to me by Wargaming for review purposes.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Odin.


  1. HE HE HE HE HE HE, but where’s the SHE?

  2. Great video, as always!

  3. I rilly cant wait for the sovits and italiens for consle

  4. Z-23 , or how the Azur lane players call it – Nimi

  5. I wonder if she’ll get BC dispersion. 1 tier higher and cruisers have that same armament.

  6. the montana can have red shells from the one russian hockey player commander

  7. Do I feel sarcasam in this video? ?

  8. Just like any German, HE sucks and one should use AP more often. Yes, like any german it lacks pen but that’s literally German flavor in the game for some reason.

    • Sure, but overmatch is poor though. Also, against T10 BBs it doesn’t really work when they angle even a bit.

    • @Aerroon Scharny doesn’t care about it either, and Scharny can play decent enough even in T10. So i actually see nothing underperforming about 305. And this ship (i refuse to call it Odin, Wotan would be much more fitting name) has more tools to use unlike Scharny.

  9. Your german sounds pretty good, ever learned it? Z – Dreiundzwanzig would be right like you are saying it :D.

    • Yes, I have. I actually learned German from watching dubbed anime on TV as a kid. I could understand German way before I ever took my first lesson in English. I even won a translating competition in my city in high school. I just haven’t used my German in years and unfortunately this means that I simply cannot remember words when I want to speak or write it. Listening to German is no problem though. I sometimes tune into some German streams and I have no problem understanding all of it.

  10. Nobody:

    Aaerron: MASSIVE

  11. This went exactly the way I said it would in his other vid with the odin…
    The ship is undergunned, it’s “good” armor for T8 is of no help when getting yolo penned by US AP, overmatched by Yamas and Musashis or melted by UK point’n click boats.
    essentially, his team started with one “less” BB than the other team. And the only reason this ended with ~150k damage is due to enemy’s bad RNG and his good fire RNG, when he was down to 3k HP, this could’ve been over with one mediocore RNG’d enemy salvo.
    It has neither US like super heavy shells nor the soviet magic yet has to derp around with 30cm guns, cant overpen bows and will bounce unless hitting flat broadside or superstructure.
    Also, remember he used premium consumables, I wann see this play out with stock damage control and repair.
    So yes, usual german “meh” boat.

    • Well, everyone should use premium consumables in T8 ships. I mean literally everyone. The only consumable that you might use as non-premium is the scout plane. Everything else should always be premium on a T8 ship. ALWAYS.

  12. I thought the title said Odin vs Tio, and I was like…wtf is Tio?

  13. Sorry Aerroon, I’m just not feeling it. I’ll wait for buffs.

  14. 5:00 Aerroon begin aerroonic and using aerroony 😉

  15. Odin has a super structure split in the middle, and yet they put the torps way in the back. WG engineering 10/10

  16. 5min into this vid and the sarcasm is as thick as peanut butter.

  17. First review of it that reflects my personal thoughts on it. I am wondering why it´s getting hyped that much by some CCs. From what i´ve heard even a secondary built is not recommended because of the bad firing arc of the secondary guns.
    I guess if you like shooting anemic HE shells on higher tier enemies with questionable german dispersion on long range this ship is for you.

    And 9 fires out of 96 shell hits seems rigged to me again 🙂

    • I think the reason other CCs like her is the same reason they like the Scharnhorst. That is to say that I have no idea why they like them.

  18. is playing this like a Scharn an effective play style for the Odin? Thanks Aerroon.

  19. z 23 in german is pronounced tset 23

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