World of Warships- Odin Vs. Tirpitz

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Hey guys today I discuss the Odin vs Tirpitz argument that has popped up recently, enjoy!

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  1. 1:28 385 I belive.. 15″… I’m not European…
    DUDE, the whole world except Liberia in Africa (and USA) is metric!

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings I know lel

    • @Mohenjo Daro just use burgers per football fields lol

    • To be fair, most countries first used systems similar to imperial, because it is simply based on things available, like feet, inch(thumb), gallon etc. I know here in the netherlands we definitely had it. We also still use mijl (mile, but a slightly different distance lol) in the nautical world. Most countries seem to have aggreed however, that a universal measuringing system would be benificial.

    • If the USA does not use metric the entire world should switch to our way of measurement. Why you may ask? because the entire fucking world owes us and should do everything our way. Be a better world if everyone just emulated the United States.

    • @Michael G the world owes the US nothing. The world might be worse if everyone acted like the US…that’s the point of having different countries. No single country has the right to control the entire planet

  2. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    Plz adjust the volume of the end music with your voice, all of a sudden it increases and creates a pain in the ears.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      It’s supposed to be lower but Shotcut apparently glitched out and didn’t apply the negative gain, I apologize.

  3. UltimaBasti - Ocean Spud

    There’s a high pitched buzz in your audio. I think it’s your microphone. The gain (or sensitivity) might be to high. It’s quite annoying.

  4. Their armor schemes are literally identical?…

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Close but not identical, Odins icebreaker completely wraps around the bow, and she has a 90mm stern wrapping as well

  5. I took out 2 x Tirpy’s and a Scharn in mine.

  6. Great video. Keep it up

  7. well in my opinion tirplitz was a blast to play now its not!!! and for several reasons, if u are thinking to buy a premium bb now go for macha or lenin

  8. Finally, someone that doesn’t express negativity because some CCs said the ship was bad. Keep up the great work Sea Lord

    • @J M Ya know, the Bismarck is better than both of them, right?!! 😛

    • CCs were saying Mainz was trash, now look at her. Ppl should try the ships out first before just taking other’s opinions as the truth

    • @Aijo Kallen the Mainz’s problem was that She’s a Hipper hull but just because it was a CL, they didn’t treat Hipper hull treatment. That’s why everyone was frowning over.

      In Odin, it was fun ship, rather a weak ship in today’s meta, but then WG took away a huge chunk of HP that made the ship anemic. That’s why people were frowning over, but then they nerfed the guns because… she’d cause powercreep… in a state that even Scharnhorst is better at T7. One of the oldest German ship added in the game, if not the oldest.

    • It is funny to me how even I, a mediocre player far from even good can perform well in the ship, find it fun and that it is quite good in fact (Yes I just whaled her for the steel I to get closer to Bourgogne) Her armour is really nice at mitigating at close and long range so her short HP pool isn’t really a factor. Her guns and generally supposedly weak nature means that enemies don’t tend to target you so you get free farming, good conceal even when full sec spec means you can make some nice plays even with a carrier involved, and her torps make her very forgiving in terms of damage. Her secs are not remarkable but there otherwise and they do get the hurt on DDs and cruisers and even BBs with some time

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, the background noise that some are noticing is the house next to mine undergoing renovation

  10. this ship with a full secondaries build plus concealment expert is very good. 12 km detection, that is tier 10 CA lv of concealment. Still I cannot understand the logic behind this ship having less HP than the T7 scharnhorst.

    • Because it has much(!) better armor than the scharnhorst, much better guns, better secondaries and gets torps. Isn’t it enough?

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      Still, it has less HP than a fucking Kongo. I would’ve given Odin, like… 60k. But we shall see. Maybe the ship is good anyway.

    • @Aijo Kallen The Scharnhorst has torps too, the better secondaries don´t bring any advantage against higher Tier Enemys, because of your low Health Pool and the better Armor is also questionable, because you can also angle in a Scharnhorst. Broadsides hurt both of them, but the Odin will get more Pain, because the Odin looses more HP percentagewhise and the “much better guns” are also questionable, because the Scharnhorst has less reloadtime and kills cruisers as easy as the Odin and both struggle against BBs :/
      Edit: The Scharnhorst even has more heavy secondaries lmao. The Odin has 6 x 2 128mm and 2 x 3 150mm. The Scharnhorst has 7 x 2 105mm (which have a better DPM than the 128mm of the Odin) and 4 x 2 + 4 x 1 150mm lol.

  11. If WG is kind to me and gives me CVs in less than 50% of the games I play until I finish the dockyard, I will buy this ship.

  12. Michał Woźniak

    Secondaries range for German BBS starting from Tier VIII is max 11,6 with sec. build. The range of sec. of Odin and Tirpitz/Bismarck is the same.

  13. 381 mm,,,Tirpitz is no more relevant in his own tier ,,in high tier well you must have many batlles to give valid verdict,,i have 1200 battle in Tirpitz..and i must say i was in love in that ship,,it was my second Premium ship first BB in game first was ATAGO,,i play from close beta,,,Tirpitz was fantastic,very tanki,guns can hit hard (in that time) secondary build was later gimic..torps for brawling,,and big money maker,,,now it is knight mare to play with Tirpitz,,it burns like paper,,to many HE spam ships,Brawling is just a dream you get killed so fast that even Secondarys cant do damage relevant for situation,,i could speak about that ship all day how good was and have bad now is,,but it have place in my heart!! Cheers!

    • Exactly. Brawlers are dead in this current meta. And everyone knows you are a brawler and will focus you for just that reason, since you don’t plan to evade but will go in for the fight.

  14. Fantastic review

  15. Marcelo Parreira

    How much for buy it?(ty)

  16. I take it as either ship compliments each other in one regard. Whether comparing the to is the best way to go about it I don’t know. But good players can make any ship work for them. It can be the worst ship period like a krasny Krynm and someone can make it work lol. Tirptiz might be better in the sense that its more forgiving and you can take more risks than in Odin. But I could see Odin a sneaky ambusher or flanker. at least on paper when top tier i could see Tirpitz just being a brawling powerhouse tanking damage while the Odin could make some very sneaky plays by capturing a base or capture a point or flank the enemy cruisers that could be he spamming the tirpitz player.

    I am not saying odin is the greatest either but I am willing to grind it out and give it chance. It may not be the most competitive ship or meta ship at its tier but in favourable situations with a competent Odin player I could see it running rampant in unchecked flank at least.
    I mean its easy to look at which of the 2 prem ships is better. But it comes down to what you want do want to be in the thick off it fighting multiple ships at once then maybe Tirpitz is the way to go. Do like being sneaky and possibly ambushing smaller prey maybe Odin is better.

    Or maybe in a big picture situation were you have both ships in a division it might make for more interesting and dynamic battles where Odin’s potential really shows in what it can achieve in battles. What I have learned is what one ship a player likes may not be one another likes or vice versa only you can make that decision.

    You can get a rough idea from what other people have said about the ship but only you will know if you like it. So I just say if you want to give it chance at least. I want to at least and besides get a tier 8 for like a tier 5 ship or not even I mean you can’t go to wrong by grinding it out. Its better spending 65 dollars on a ship and hating it lol.

    I am not here to say that I am right or that you should or shouldn’t get Odin but just take the reviews at face value.

  17. Fairly neutral review. Thanks

  18. The first morning Odin came out I took one down, neither of us got to usr Torps, proves nothing though, I’m no great player he could have been worse, it needs more health, just my opinion.

  19. Incredible World

    Very good video! Continue making nice content. I think you’ll like our content too. Would love to know what you think! 🙌

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