World of Warships- Of Course This Happens, AGAIN!

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Hello guys, today we have Shadowstep in the Tier VIII Japanese Destroyer Akizuki facing an all too familiar scenario! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418



  2. I find the HE on jap dds can get a bit fluffy, especially if you’re pushing pencils the whole game. If you’ve got the right commander build, though, you can switch to AP and just throw darts at the enemy team while they try and rush the JOAN. one thing to remember, though, is that the armour is a bit dirty so don’t try and cap slap if they’ve got 2 or more BJS in the base xx

  3. It was nice to see the ping jump happening to other people. It started to me about three days ago and happens a few times each match.

  4. Got my Akizuki today. Getting it down to 164HP will be my strategy now – thanks, SLM!

  5. What we learned today: Doesnt matter how many BB and tankness you have, you will sink to op torpedo damage and you cant do anything about it.

  6. “Fighting his own Internet”
    Oh that was brilliantly said ! We all know the feeling dont we ? 😉

  7. But the Ranger on his team, 51 shot down aircraft. That had alot to do with it i would say.

  8. Honestly, with a title like that and with what happened last time, I expected that U-69 to wipe out the rest of his team and win the enemy the game. lmao

  9. I don’t believe ever since they did the camera rework, did they ever recalibrate the reticle options to the new camera. I know if you position the reticle lines within the camera options selection the lines level , varies against a background, and if you use the dynamic reticles in mod station or aslains they are even more out of sync from where they used to be. Ok after a while you may re-adjust but there are calculations been thrown, that are an issue and not just down rng associated to their sigma dispersion algorithm.

  10. Fun vid. Very good play by Shadowstep and the Mogami

  11. When the doom music kicks in:

    *submarine ping appears right behind you*

  12. War duck did very well this match. Extra respect for staying alive in spite of the lag spikes.

  13. 4:58 aaah

    I thought he is over at this point, but he accomplished with alive. great.
    and his teammates did nice work too.

  14. Excellent comments both positive and negative about both sides! Questionable decisions made on both sides!

  15. Unfortunately, in order to have a good DD game one must rely upon the enemy CV to be incompetent. Shadow, literally, had zero plane damage until the last 60 seconds of the game. This means the enemy CV never spotted him, never harassed him, never did insane damage to him while being completely immune to dmg from the DD due to range. And we know the enemy CV was inept when he ignored Shadow on 160 hp of health to go after the Mogami. Even when being chased by the Graf Spee and Myoko the enemy CV couldn’t be bothered to drop a fighter squadron to help those two cruisers eliminate Shadow.

    TL;DR One can only have a good DD game if the enemy CV is incompetent.

  16. What a great battle. Well done to all and a BIG thumbs up.

  17. Wonderful commentary on a great game – that showcases several things about the correct way to play a destroyer in a multi-zone game.

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