World of Warships- Of Course This Happens, YET AGAIN!!

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Hello guys, today we have Red in the TIX American Destroyer Fletcher with quite the game! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. red’s the reason they won, but the kearserge’s airstrike swung around to the south of the colorado to turn him back north into the torps, watch that replay again. had kearserge struck from the north, the colorado would have turned south. it’s an amazing bit of situational awareness.

  2. Red_Falcon_82 here, thanks Sea Lord for featuring my replay! It was a fun one for sure.

    About my map thing at the end, I was trying to type into chat and forgot to hit enter beforehand, and somehow got stuck on the map screen and couldn’t get back. It was a totally potato move, glad I was able to get it sorted out in time.

    Props to the Kearsarge player for also having a 2100 base XP game. By flying his planes to the far side of the Colorado, he forced the CO to turn back toward me and my torps at the end.

    Thanks again!

  3. wonderful game. enjoyed red’s vision of what may unfold.

  4. I like these “play by play” vids. Pleasant change of pace.

  5. Wow! What a come back!!!
    It would be nice, for those of us that are still learning, to know the Captain’s build and ship’s configuration.

    • Affiliate, ask and you shall receive! I have a 17 pt captain on the Fletcher: Preventative maintenance, last stand, survivability expert, concealment, RPF, and adrenaline rush. For my final 4 points I would probably go with torp reload and increased flooding chance. Fletcher and Gearing are decent hybrid DDs that are balanced between guns and torps. Cheers!

    • @PizzaTree  good game, mate. The best comeback I’ve seen, pal.

    • @UKshaky Thank you!!

  6. The spirit of the Johnston activated!

  7. Great DD play there.

    And I find the replay videos fun to watch. It’s a nice change from listening to the updates on how Wargaming is cramming more gimmicks into the game instead of designing real content.

  8. Never underestimate a Fletcher. She is old, her guns are “meh” at best but she is small, nimble, has very good concealment and her torps are propably overall the best torps in the game (high damage, almost no reaction time, good chance to cause floodings). She is a real workhorse and i love her for the overall rock solid package Fletcher provides.

  9. Hey, Im a retired Tank commander from the U.S. Army and I love playing World of Warships better than World of tanks. I can apply my training and playstyle to the game and have a blast

  10. Reaction videos are good to see. One can learn stuff from those who are good. It is also a chance to recognize great game play. Keep it up. Red, Fantastic game there.

  11. I think it is cool the diversity of players in this game. We come from all walks of life to join together in sailing on beautiful maps just to get pinged to death by a hidden menace and focused by a CV on a mission to ruin our lives. Just beautiful really. 😊

  12. Well played Red! Really well done!

  13. Live reaction definitely brings more entertainment value!
    That fletcher capt. showed how knowledge of the game is very powerful and lack of it is likewise detrimental!

  14. Ask the Japanese at Samar about what you can do with some planes and a couple of Fletchers.

  15. Never say Die! I’ve been through one in particular like this. “”It’s a joyous win!”” Congratulations!

  16. Great video, awesome comeback indeed. And watching Mr Big Mouth in the Delaware getting nuked was pure gold.

  17. Excellent game!! Way to go “Red” and show us how to play DD’s!

  18. I love these types of videos, please keep making them along your other great content 🎉

  19. The Fletcher is a great DD. Solid all around.

  20. Great win! Love the Fletcher! One of my better DD’s. Guns are great!

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