World of Warships- Of Course THIS Happens

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Hello guys, today we have Shadowstep in the Tier VII Premium German Battleship Scharnhorst facing an all too familiar scenario! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Finally a good game, that was worth watching. Thanks for sharing.
    Usually there are only “damage farming” games on YouTube from players who think they are amazing, just because the enemy team sucked monkey balls during the battle. This was different. Thank you.

    The Scharnhorst is a nice ship and I probably should play it a bit more. T9-T11 games are completely degraded to HE spam and CV BS with no use for secondary builds anymore (reskilled everything to long range, AA builds), while everything upto T8 is still enjoyable, even with secondary builds.

    • Schlieffen can still be fun at t10-11 🙂

    • @SHADOWSTEP Rupprecht is better, because it works. In my Schlieffen, as soon as I pop up, I’m target #1 no matter if other ships clother to the enemy. 1.4m potential damage average on the Scjlieffen vs. 1m for the Rupprecht says it all. Also you can watch every game where a Schlieffen is on your or the enemy side… it’s one of the first sunken ships… usually (not always)

    • @Zag Areth idk i have good luck with it, then again I haven’t played it an insane amount of times either so my data could be wrong

    • @SHADOWSTEP I got already 400+ games with it and in the current meta, it’s quite a hard time with secondaries. It can work, but it requires patience and positioning… not the 2 things I’m good in…

  2. I like this “reaction” format. We can listen to your unrehearsed thought process as the match proceeds and pick up some valuable insight and strategy.

  3. Keep it up bro ! Very good content !

  4. Most interestingly, on another subject but in a similar vein, in the current brawl with one on one T8 BBs, I find that the Ziethen really, really shines. Five out of six brawls won, primarily against Tirpitzes. Lead’em into a tail chase, set the secondary roast on high and use the stern turrets to good effect. And, with the torp angles so good, make sure to torp the hell out of the opposition. And don’t worry about capping, I routinely get 80-90 defended ribbons in those plays.

  5. Holy cow. Just last night, I got, in one match, A Solo Warrior, Dreadnought, Confederate, Kraken Unleashed, and High Caliber, using a Normandie. Idk what happened, I killed a cruiser with a broadside, moved up to cap their base, and the rest of my team died, leaving me to fight four reds. Best match I ever had, was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    • @Da ChickenMan u was certainly surprised! I honestly was surprised to see I was the last man standing with 4 of theirs up, and just thought I’d take as many out as I could before loss. Turns out, I won! Lmao

  6. Welcome to the game, cruisers are the best class to start with as they prepare you a bit for BB and dd classes, and teach you to watch your broadsides. try not to rush up to the high tiers, tier 9 and ten kinda suck these days anyway. Mostly just have fun.

  7. Great video, I like these replays with commentary and a little thought process. Thanks for doing this.

  8. What a great game and a heartbreaker that ended the way that it did. He can definitely hold his head high for decimating six ships in one game. I’m looking forward to getting that ship in the future.

  9. I like your live commentary Mountbatten. Its a good format to hear your reaction to the events unfolding. Unlucky Shadowstep. That’s another game ruined by a Submarine. Maybe if he hadn’t been hit by those Sub torps at the end. He may have pulled a win out of it.

  10. You can do some crazy stuff in the Scharnhorst! Very versatile ship

  11. Love the video and the commentary. Well done. More please.

  12. I struggle with the scharnhorst in randoms. I want to play it but I end up just choosing Eugen or Tirpitz when I’m training commanders

  13. I love my Shiny Horse! I reset her to a main guns build and she’s a beast.

  14. First cv game after coming home for Christmas. Hope everyone else has a fantastic holiday.

  15. I like this type of video and hope to see more like this in the future. Always things to learn from watching others play the game.

  16. Great videos. Keep them coming

  17. Was so willing him to get the Oct. Revolutsiya but rng sure screwed him over. Tough break on the loss after carrying the team.

  18. @Maelstrom 25 hey thanks so much guys hope to see you out on the waters!

  19. That loss hurt! Well played by the Scharnhorst

  20. That’s why we love submarines so much. Never have so few spoiled so much for so many for so little.

  21. This game has basically monopolized the entire WWII naval FPS game market. (Can you name another game of this type other than WOWS?) The lack of competitors is the main reason why they ignore their playerbase’ s opinion and run amok on the game’s operation. Because they know that whenever how they mess with the game, the players will also stick with them because they can’t yet find another game like WOWS on the market that can compete with it.

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