World of Warships – Offer I must refuse xD

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match was intense but what made it funny for me was one of my teammates xD
Enjoy have fun watching 😉

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  1. here we go! this was what i’ve waiting for all day

  2. ВЕРНИ КАРТУ!! ))

  3. They should make a medal for you’re style of barely surviving: skin of your teeth, for surviving a battle with less than 5% health and getting at least 3 kills

  4. at 12:20 I think you were hitting the S key along with the d key

  5. smoke or radar if you mino in ranked?

    • Well it often happens that you are the only radar capable ship in mino so not having radar could be bad for your team

    • Not to mention, with the prevalence of enemy radar, often times your effective smoke use can be very limited for what it’s best at… getting close (7-10km) and unloading.

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    *Because of Stream-snipers* – Flambass you genius in putting your profile pic to cover the mini map.
    3:31 – “oh mah gawd look at dem jizzing all over me” ~ Flambass.

  7. She may have caught man-flu which, as we know, is lethal.

  8. Flambass, to the guy who offered the bj, after the… “performance” offer him from this vodka with 1/2 kgr pepper to… wash it down 😀

  9. You misspelled Commiefornia”

  10. I get covering the map for the stream, but if you could take it off for youtube, your videos would be more fun to watch. Not being able to see the mini map, your vids are no longer something we can learn from because we can’t see your strategy and reasons for doing what you do…

    • I can’t, what you see here is what was being streamed. When ranked season is over minimap is coming back.
      Hint hint there’s few more ranked vids and that’s it 😉

  11. This game at least your BBs have shot the radar cruisers. Countless times I’ll spot a Des Mo and dance that detection/radar gap and NOBODY shoots him!!

    • that is how i felt playing that dsm in that game vs flambass. Tho i was alrdy trigered duo perviuse lost games soo i played that dsm poorly. Most of bbs dont even push that hard even tho they could

  12. Can’t you use replays with the sound from the stream? This no mini-map thing is bs

  13. is it possible to remove the image from the minimap for youtube? i understand you for twitch but it’s so hard when watching youtube.

  14. Dunno how practical it is, but would be great if you could block the map when streaming but have the map visible on Youtube.

  15. Next time pls don’t place any picture which covers up the minimap.
    Without minimap view – there’s no any interest to see such videos!

    • Because of stream snipers. do you want his content to suffer because you cant handle a little sign that forces you away from the mini map?

  16. Yow Flambass, tho I understand why you feel the need to block your minimap during streams, I hate to tell you that your YT clips are unwatchable. I tried it on three consecutive clips, but couldnt be bothered to finish watching, as I had no idea what was happening. Nor did I feel any tension. It was just random moving pictures, with you talking and sometimes shooting a ship. The relevance or danger with shooting the ship was unknown. That one little picture in the corner of your screen has turned your channel from one I enjoyed most on YT to one that’s least interesting and most frustrating. Because again… I love what you do, loved the content, understand why you chose to do this, but unfortunately I will unsub because of it.

    Hope you will keep entertaining those who don’t care so much, and be assured that if you find any other means to deal with streamsnipers without ruining your YT clips, I will return and share many thumbs with you. Thanx for the good times, and good luck, mate.

    • My feelings exactly. I will not be watching any more of your YT videos that have the mini map covered up. Not ready to unsub, but, hoping you will find another way to defeat snipers.

  17. What is that about “legendary “, module?

    • Every tier 10 ship can have it’s on special module. After playing enough with each tier 10 you get that module and you can decide if you want to use it or not.

  18. Wish the Stream snipers were not an issue… I miss seeing the mini map, helps me better understand why you get so pissed at your teams bad strategies and tactics.

  19. Hey Flambass, i love your Vids and i learned a ton from you. But since you cover the minimap its missing a HUGE part =/ Is it possible to upload these without the covered minimap? They can snipe here all they want no? 😀 That would be so cool. Oh just saw some other people asked too – oh well…

  20. Challenge for Flambass, Take any ship you like and get 10 torp hits…but you have announce your torps in chat when you fire and who they’re aimed at! #6

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