World of Warships – Ognevoi Impressions at Tier 8

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was moved from tier 6 to tier 8 with 0.6.2, I take it out to see how it fairs with the changes. I’m trying a torpedo build but on Land of Fire I don’t find much torpedo success. I’m trying my best to keep the team in the game, a enemy CV has me in their sights. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Ognevoi Replay


  1. Why does this youtuber always tells us who he isn’t instead of telling us who he is?

    He always says
    This is _Not_ Ser

    I’m sorry for that…twas awful…

  2. The stock Ogneivoy sucks, but still managed to get 111K in my second try of it with stock hull. But 2×3 torps on the stock hull is terrible and it also sucks you have to upgrade the guns before you can upgrade the hull and get the 2×5 torps.

    But it felt better than my Z-23 as the Ogneivoy got a better smoke and torp damage.

  3. I’m just watching these for Fletcher research.

  4. I have both Kiev an d Ognevo, I feel that Kiev is much stronger in denying enemy. I defended my bases and divert enemy fire a lot just by being a speed demon. I would like to have the 8km torp but since I’m still stock, it’s ok. She is still very good stock. Ognevoi, on the other hand, ehh

  5. I thought it was see how it fares? Description

  6. For ognevoi just prepare your capt for udaloi (for anyone who haven’t got it yet). It was crap at tier 6, it’s the same with tier 8. Better get speed boost rather than defensive fire, 37 knots isn’t enough.

  7. I liked the ship at tier 6 but at tier 8 the 10k torp range was welcome but i don’t think it’s enough to justify a tier 8 placement.

  8. A true nail biter.

  9. Now i know the hidden strenght of the Ognevoi. You can’t hit it with Mogamis or CV bombs, that’s so OP.

  10. With AFT and CE this ship really comes into it’s own. I have been having a lot of success in this ship. She’s a total gem.

  11. I was watching what your friendly DD was doing and frequently failing to work it out.

  12. notser i was the enemy mogami in that match. I didnt know it was even you you but i was getting really upset you was dodging all my shot. haha Awesome job!!!

  13. Notser use premium speed booster or Sierra mike and go for soviet way on ognevoi, get demolisher and AFT. Ognevoi turning circle good enough to not to force u  use vigilance. 12km range is not enough if you wanna perform well. use torpedoes similar way as khaba.

  14. Why didnt you shoot AP on The broadside Leander at beginning of your match? Your HE Citadels in the end could have been AP citadels too, you would have done quite a lot more dmg, and probably killed him in time

  15. personally i wouldve shot the higher tier ship too

  16. UnexpectedInquisition

    Hilarious video! Full-on brown alert.

  17. 4:56 Oh Notser, come on buddy, you were lower health, broadside and would be out of detection sooner. The “closest target” rule applies only to two equal opportunities and I know you’d have shot at you too! 🙂

  18. That game was awesome! I can’t believe you stayed alive. In any case, you did a great job maneuvering 90 degrees to those strikes.

  19. I think he shot you over the bly due to the angles of your ships. With bly showing a full stern shooting you with your angle would deal higher damage, plus your 130 guns is a bigger threat than bly smaller guns.

  20. CQC out gun by pretty much anything except Kagero and sometimes play smart used position to throw off Yugumo gun.
    Long range at 12km deal good damage with Stalinium shell against all target, with Stalin hand guided shell.
    Torpedo power is just about what everyone else get at tier 8 except IJN with “strong” torpedo.
    AA is not very strong but with DFAA could work sometimes. Still, I see using speed boost with the new speed boost module as a better choise.
    37 knots speed is better than 35/33, not Stalinium level speed but hey, at least you don’t get out run by cruiser/bb when try any kind of evasive maneuver.
    A decent ship, but not stalinium level glorious. Not specialized on one aspect but can do good on almost everything.

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