World of Warships – Oh buddy, that’s not how you do it

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First battle of the day in the early morning.

Queued up with my Des Moines and what do my eyes see…2 brothers

Oh my oh my, this is truly gonna be a fantastic day 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Butter is a loaf of milk.

  2. Richard Setya Budi

    WG : hahaha waste more money
    RNG : hahaha ez money brrr brrrrr

  3. Dustin McCrindle

    Yo Flam, are those glasses for blue light reduction or for seeing?

    Thanks for the vids, they give us a little bit of sanity.

    Much love from South Africa. 😎

    • that blue light does eye damage is a myth, btw. Only UV can do that, and ALL glasses block enough low level UV to protect you from any emissions from monitors, to be sure. don’t spend money on blue light coatings. waste of cash.

    • Dustin McCrindle

      @Thomas Neal thanks man.

      Appreciate the info.

  4. CatOfSchroedinger

    The Hsienyang player was really very helpful. I just LOVE players who understand the game and how to combine forces.

    • It’s all fun and games when you smoke up Flambass, If I smoke up a random des moines he sailes broadside out of my smoke while not even radaring -.-

    • Timothy Marchant

      A shame that kind of behaviour is the rare exception rather than the rule these days.

    • TheWildcard4542000

      Yeah, I’m so tired of players trying to farm BBs 15 or 20kms away. Completely ignoring the DD or CL 10km away torp’ing or burning them to death. Then getting on chat and blaming the team for their stupidity.

  5. Watching Flambass NOT going for the middle in Two Brothers had my mind blown. Up is down, water isn’t wet anymore, 1+1= whatever… 🤔

  6. That Venezia was: “I have torpedoes, must get torpedoes away, I MUST!!!!!!”

  7. Victory Aircraft CV

    Venizia was too dumb. If Venizia is going to shoot a torpedo, Venizia just has to head in and shoot, but why did Venizia show the citadel…

  8. Anyone get the Z35? I smell a German DD split, there’s still some historical ones they can do, they might do them in this style…

  9. can we get a +1 fro that dd at the start smoking up flambass.

  10. The guy complaining about spending money in free ships. Amazing

  11. Destroyer Inazuma

    with the way things are had the map been named two sister there’d be 1000 percent more jokes and gijinka fanart and shipping

  12. Evanescence 1580

    I wouldn’t call you crazy, just really annoying when you do that stuff.

  13. The moment akizuki appears on the minimap, you try to ping the square with it and realize that you are watching youtube video not actually playing the game. 🙂

  14. You’ve seen Greyhound, right? I have an idea. Since AA guns aren’t used to shoot down planes anymore, what if Wargaming made them able to fire on hostile warships as well? Eh?

  15. At first, when I read that title and saw the Two Brothers map, I thought the enemy CV was going to utterly fail at long distance rocketeering. 😉

  16. i’m just grinding the v-170 waiting for German carriers to be on the tech tree

  17. “Pretending that the people on the other side are not just imaginary friends…”

    Who are you talking about. We are not real. I am not real. You are not on Twitch or Youtube. You are just talking to a blank screen everyday.
    Search your feelings, you KNOW it to be true

  18. “going to the middle doesn’t make much sense either at the moment”. When has that ever stopped you?

  19. I see Des Moines, I watch, I enjoy and I like.

  20. If Flambass EVER does a ‘two brothers’ map and does NOT ‘go middle’…I swear I will stop watching Flambass wows videos…😁

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