World of Warships- Oh Neptune

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Hey guys, today we take a look at a replay featuring Super, Explode, and RNGeebus from TSIOF in a very close and thrilling match, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Don’t get why so many dislike Neptune. I think it’s one of the better T9 ships to grind with the great dpm and torpedo firepower. Especially after the Edinburgh that back in the day felt like a downgrade to the Fiji. It has the superheal, but trades it for a much larger hull and way worse turret angles with the same reload.

  2. currently trying to grind past neptune, its pure hell

  3. Neptune is a decent ship imo, just people don’t use her to her full extent, or just sit in smoke broadside for everything and expect to not get citideled lol. And also cool being fourth

    • Secondaries are surprisingly good, too.

    • Mackenzie Ouellette

      @RS2Russ if you’re within secondary range in a Neptune you’ve either Yolo torped or are about to explode.

    • Stephen Goodman

      @Mackenzie Ouellette I’ve gotten CQE against DDs and subs in Nep and survived. Maybe not so wise against heavier ships. Also have die-hard from a sub ram.

  4. FunBirds AdiTYa

    I have YAMATO but don’t have Creadit to play so I Grinding for North Carolina so can you make a video on that

  5. Well played to those guys

  6. Radar only, use islands as impenetrable smoke, I’ve had some of the hardest carries in it. Yes it is a floating citadel but it makes you a better player as you need supercharge your map and situational awareness. So satisfying to melt DDs or anyone broadsiding in a cruiser.

    • Radar-only works like a dream but is really heavily relying on the map AND your team not doing bullshit moves. Smoke on the other hand allows you to be super cheeky with your movement 90% of the time (map awareness is key here) and surprise a lot of cruisers and DDs…hell, even BBs tend to melt if caught broadside in close-mid range (if not, torps do the job just fine). Neptune and Minotaur are some of the easiest ships to score kraken if you go full-on Mad Max with them (which is like a joke, due to them having citadel-based armour scheme 😀 ).

  7. Pretty average play, The amount of mistakes and poor aiming, This Neptune should have been dead in the first 5 minutes if it wasn’t for the enemy potato team.

  8. Nothing wrong with Neptune. It’s a strong ship if played properly.

  9. Stephen Goodman

    Neptune can be really fun and can wreck enemy light ships to win the game. I think liking and playing well in the Neptune is a primer for the Mino. I tend to win more in Nep than in most other ships, and I’m mindful of my own mortality in her more than in any other ship. The AA on Nep is also really nice to have and something that is barely mentioned. Also, seeing that sub reminds me of how much I hate subs in this game. Also, got my first-ever die hard from a sub ram in Neptune.

  10. I love my Neptune because she is a very underestimated ship. Yes, she is made almost entirely of citadels and explodium, and hard punishes even the slightest mistake, but she can dish out a massive amount of damage very quickly if she is played well.
    I still think the British Light Cruisers is one of the hardest lines in the game because of the lack of HE and how hard mistakes are punished, but they can be such fun to play, be it nuking DDs, sending Smolensk’s back to port in tears or dealing death-by-a-thousand-cuts to BBs.

  11. I had a great time in the Neptune, especially after the Edinburgh. Absolutely hated the Edinburgh

    • How strange, i preferred the edinburgh by a huge amount, smaller, better camo, similar firepower, neptune felt like a serious downgrade…

  12. the great book of grudges

    I love my radar Neptune

  13. Love the neptune tho

  14. Well the Hipper might been doing the set fire task for cruisers for the dockyard

  15. Sardauker Legion

    My first cruiser lines were the 2 light cruisers, now i’m playing only heavy cruisers.
    Not happy about those slow bullets, makes aiming more difficult.

  16. “I did a video on Slava, basically a Kremlin, but with smaller guns, better accuracy, horrible armor”
    So basically the exact opposite of the Kremlin

  17. I’m suspicious since WG counts fighters towards the avg planes downed number that they use it to justify the current state of AA being “sufficient”. As for ASW I’ve found the british DDs to do it best, they have good enough turning circles and hydro plus their depth charges do the most damage and they get decent amounts of them. I run the extra charge module so once I get close enough I just start doing a spiral if I can and have been getting a outright depthcharge kills. For ASW aircraft I recommend withstanding the urge to drop both charges when you have them and instead treat it like drawing out the damage control on a BB. Sure subs have that quick reload damage con but it has limited number. So try to get one drop, get the flooding, oil slick or fire wait them out and if they damage con hit em again. That way you either get a longer lasting DoT or you draw out their limited damage controls so eventually they have to suffer the full length. IJN DDs also make good sub hunters because they have lower detection than the subs. Also the advantage of ASW planes is that you can cause those oil slicks while not damaging they can help your DDs vector in on submarines and kill them more efficiently.

  18. Neptune is the poster child for tier IX being the bottomless Free XP sink

  19. It’s so rare nowadays to see someone settle for winning instead of risking losing just to cram in that little bit more damage or just one more kill.

  20. Neptune and Montana are the only ships I’ve ever hit 300k in, love em both

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